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The Absolute Promise | Chapter 7

alt Sara is constantly updating her diary with day to day memories. She loves to read her own diary once in a while to recall her wonderful days with her family friends and especially about her life. She had loads of funny, adventurous, painful, happy moments in her memory but for the first time she started writing a romantic chapter of her life in her diary. She really enjoyed recalling each and every moment about Mazz and she wrote everything about him. Sometimes she thought Mazz might be doing the same thing. Her pages are filled with Mazz and how really good he is. It’s all about her dreams and her future. Sometimes she really thought she has gone crazy to think so deeply about him. But day to day Mazz changed her life by making her cute dreams come true.

One day Mazz requested Sara, Hey Sara can I see you again?

Sara replied, you are very good in sneaky peak yea, so you might have seen me many times and she laughed.

Mazz said, No Sara, I need to talk to you; I just need to spend some time with you. You know, I am so deeply in love.

Sara did not respond, she knew the tone of seriousness and what he really means. She just put up a fake smile, hehe… even now you are talking to me right. Mazz did not respond to it. Sara again said, Okay let’s meet.

Mazz asked, where should I pick you up?

Sara did not want him to pick her, she said, I will tell you the location tonight and Mazz I got to go now, got some homework, Bye Mazz. As soon as she disconnected the line she received a message, Sara, I love you, but still you did not respond me.

Sara just realized, why am I so bothering about him, why I write everything about him, and for sure if someone reads it they might think I am so deeply in love. Sara staring at the mirror and she is talking to herself. Why don’t you tell him, if you love him truly? Silence for a moment. Again she replied to herself, I’m scared to be in a relationship and I love the way we are now. Silence for a moment again. She asked again, you are giving him hopes, don’t you? Sara replied back, yeah true, but I don’t want to let him go. So you love him isn’t it? Sara continued her deep convocation with her reflection but she really couldn’t come to a conclusion. She finally decided. I will just continue this thingy as it is and will face to anything as it is. DONE! Now Sara wanted to select a place to see him and how to ignore the picking up invitation. She got an idea. In the evening she called Mazz and said, Hey Mazz you pick me up sharp at 10 am this Saturday from Flower road and Mazz confirmed. Sara knew he will never find this is a plan and she laughed.

alt On that Saturday morning Sara called Mazz around 7.30 am and said, Hey Mazz I will be going to my school convent to meet our class teacher so u can come nearby and pick me there.

Mazz asked her why all of a sudden Sara wanted to meet her teacher.

Sara told him that to hand over some books and her teacher wanted them to make some notes blah blah. Sharp at 10 Sara directly went to the restaurant right behind the convent and she ordered food and waited until Mazz call her. She was there until 10.15 and Mazz called her.

Hey Sara where are you? Are you still at the convent?

Sara replied, Well Mazz I left the convent around 9.30 and no place to go so I came to this restaurant behind the convent. You have to come to the roundabout and turn to the next road you will see the arrow to the restaurant. Can you come here?

Mazz said okay, I know that place, I’ll be there in a minute.

Sara giggled alone and she said, Mission Accomplished! She is having her food while looking at the door of the restaurant. Within a minute Mazz came in. Sara acted as she didn’t notice him. Mazz directly went to the wash room even without saying Hi to Sara. Sara was confused. Why didn’t he come and say Hi. Didn’t he see me or is he in a hurry to pee? Or… He didn’t recognize me. What the hell is happening? She took her phone out and now she is about to call Rishi to kill time and when she look up she saw Mazz is sitting in front of her.

Ooh … You are here. Sara smiled at Mazz.

Are you okay? You look bit confused? Mazz asked.

Sara looked at him and said yea I am okay. Why?

Hahahaa.. Mazz laughed, it was so gentle and Sara loved the way he laughs.

Sara… I just wanted to confuse a bit without coming to you directly. I saw the way you got confused. Oh my little girl, I’m sorry.

Sara didn’t care but she was so heartbroken for a while but she is happy she had a plan too and she won.

Sara felt Mazz’s love and his eyes were filled with love and affection. She just wanted to stay looking at his eyes and sometimes Mazz had to wake her up from her dreamy world. Sara… What are you thinking? Sara just escaped from that question saying nothing. Sara’s loud tone has been reduced in front of him and her notorious deeds have been vanished. It was the most wonderful time she ever spent with a guy. It was more and more special because she got such a wonderful guy who loves her more than everything. More than everything Sara had a great trust on him. She felt the true happiness when she smiles.

Suddenly she remembered something; she wanted to share some pictures of Mazz with her friend Sam. Fortunately she got a camera phone and she took some pictures of Mazz when he was looking away but he got to know that she was taking pictures but he didn't embarrass her. Mazz was happy because he got to know Sara at least took a picture of him and she will say that she loves him very soon.

The resturant they went is a very beautiful one located in a very nice place where they can walk around. While walking Mazz took the very first picture of Sara and he really loved it a lot. But Sara has mastered the photography skills and she laughed when Mazz is taking the picture.

Mazz asked Sara, why are you laughing?

Sara said, you are taking the picture from the wrong direction. Check your picture it is dark for sure.

Mazz laughed looking at the picture and he took another one too while Sara was looking away. They were happy together and Sara said, I need to go now, see you on another day. Thank you for coming.

Haha Sara, I must say thanks to you. It was my request. Okay let me drop you home.

Sara could not refuse this now and she did not want to spoil the moment. While driving home Mazz talked to his best friend Manori and said, next time I want you to meet Sara and she is a very good girl.

Sara laughed alone; I’m a good girl, hahahaaaa! That’s a big joke. Well, but …. I’m good I know.

When Sara is getting off, Mazz touched her shoulder and said, see you soon Sara. I’ll call you. Take care. Sara smiled at him and waved him.

altPhew! Mission impossible she said it to herself. While walking in her lane to home she checked the pictures of Mazz.
There we go, I gotcha!

Mazz is having a great personality which is a gift of god. Sara liked him not only because he loves her, she liked his attitude of being a real man. Mazz does not have fake babyish ideas. But he exactly knew what romance is. Each and every word Mazz talked had the deepest meaning of love. Sara always noted that Mazz is so concern about her and also about his family. He always said each and every act of us make colorful or dark of the lives of our families. Mazz wanted to give the best life to Sara. Sometimes Mazz said, Sara you are really lucky, because I do everything for you since I met you and you remember I have planned my entire life with you.

And now the adventure begins…
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Written by Zashgal (Creative Writer at Xtream Youth)

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