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The Absolute Promise | Chapter 6

alt Sara, Rishi, and Faz were staring at the cover. Sara slowly opened the card. It was written,

I’m gonna spend rest of my life with you and you think you won, is it? My cute little girl, that was a sweet plan, I Love you, and you are my everything. –Mazz

Sara is speechless now, Rishi and Faz were looking at each other and Rishi said, phew!! I knew he knew the plan, So now he calls you from your real name Rihana, Hahaha… common, maybe he might be following you all the time. If he hasn’t seen you before how can he write this kind of a note? Haha…

Sara got a text message, it is Mazz, and it’s a simple text saying “you are beautiful my little flower, thanks for coming”.

Faz is laughing out loud now and Rishi is bugging Sara too.

Sara said, Its embarrassing, how can I talk to him now? Sara is sweating harder.

Rishi said, if he is angry he might have sent some other text, but he is in love so deeply and for sure he is too romantic.

Sara raised her eyebrows and smiled from the corner of her lips. They had a juice and took a walk to Rishi’s brother’s office and he dropped them all home.

Sara straight away ran to her bedroom and she is staring at the mirror. She laughed at her and again she read the note Mazz left on the card. She recalled the words Rishi said, he is too Romantic, again she smiled at her. Now she wants to talk to Mazz but she could not dial the number. The day is super fabulous and unforgettable. Sara really wanted to know how Mazz exactly got to know that I was sitting there. Got so many things to ask but she decided to wait until Mazz calls her.

Mazz and Zaky straight away went to Zaky’s office and both of them were laughing at this stupid mission Rishi and Sara executed.

Zaky said, Haha Mazz that’s why I always say, girls are stupid, Mazz laughing too. Anyways… Zaky continued, she is beautiful and brave, she did not want to come and talk to you directly but it’s a cool plan you know, I must try it too.

Mazz didn’t say a single word to that and he said, okay Zaky, I got to go now, let’s meet later.

Mazz left his office and he wanted to talk to his sister. He called his sister but he could not get her online.

alt Sara is recalling every single moment of the day and she really could not sleep. Suddenly she saw a message on her screen. She took the phone and checked who it was. “How’s your grandma feeling now??” –Mazz

Sara smiled and replied, she is all right now. Just after few second Mazz called her back. Sara was bit nerves to answer the call but she managed to click the answer icon on her phone. Mazz’s voice was very delightful to hear and Sara felt he was very happy.

Hey Sara, how are you? Couldn’t talk to you all day… and… I must say… you have too cute plans.

Sara is blushing and she does not know how to respond. She asked, cute plans? I didn’t get you. Mazz replied, I never knew you are good in acting, I feel like you are an all a rounder and he laughed. Sara simply loves his gentle voice. Mazz again said, but Sara you have to work hard on acting because you were bit nerves.

Errrrrrrrrr!!! Mazz can you please stop bugging me. Tell me, how you got to know everything?

Mazz laughed again and said, do you think I am just playing around? I know every single bit of you since the first day I got to know you. I am brave enough to come and see you without getting caught but my little girl couldn’t do it. Haha…

Eh… when did you see me? Sara asked.

Mazz said, almost everywhere and I am loving you day by day more and more. I have no life without you. Sara did not respond again.

Again Mazz said, Sara… will you be mine? Sara could not say anything, she suddenly said, you should have come and talked to me when you came to see me.

Mazz said, Sara… I asked you a question… again he said, if I come and talk I wouldn’t be able to make you happy like this with your cute plan Rihana…

Haha why all of a sudden Rihana, Sara asked,

Mazz said, Well, I like that name too, you got two super cute names now. Why did you lie to me at the beginning with this fake name Sara?

Sara really does not know why did she say like that and how did that name come to her mind. She said, I don’t know, it just came into my mind, I didn’t even think of a name.

Mazz and Sara were talking that day hours and hours, Mazz really wanted to know what Sara really thinks about him. Since Sara is very cunning she never made him to feel at least a bit that she really likes him. Sara didn’t even compliment his appearance. But Sara is just at the top of the world because he is so smart and handsome.

alt Sara asked Mazz about how he arranged the card to be given after Mazz and Zaky leave the place. Mazz said, I recognized you when you were passing our table, and Rishi was like a jammed computer for a while. I knew you have come to see me but not to talk. So I gave you a chance, because your happiness is mine.

Sara smiled and whispered, sweet!! Eh… what did you say?

Mazz asked, No!! nothing Sara managed.

Sara had loads of stories to share with her notorious gang at school, all of her friends were very happy to hear these romantic stories. Most of them asked her to introduce him. Sara’s only reply was, common even I haven’t gone on a proper date with him how can I introduce you all, but I have told him each and everything of us. Then some of them asked for a picture. Even though Sara had the group picture of the party she didn’t want to show them but she said, yes as soon as I meet him again I will definitely take a picture to show you guys.
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