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The Absolute Promise | Chapter 4

alt Sara was very confused and she did not know what to do and how to respond. Again she thought maybe he might say something totally different. Rishi’s statements disturbed Sara again. She was thinking alone to figure everything out. Sara was totally in a dream world.

Saaaaaaaraaaaaaaaa.. Her mother came into the room and said

How long I am calling you, you are daydreaming here. Very nice, go!! Do your exams like this, you will get good grades.

Sara was looking at her mom from the corner of her eye.

Mom came to the room and closed the windows and just banged the door loudly and went away. Phew!! Sara said, Sigh! I was lost for a second; I don’t need to eat now, where did she ask me to go. Eh.! Whatever! She took her phone and just read the messages Mazz sent her during the past few months. Each and every of them had some internal meaning, Sara thought. Common Sara, You are just finding reasons to make up things. Those were just messages. Leave it. Suddenly she ran to the computer and switched it on to check the last year birthday party pictures of Rishi. She did not have a single clue to even guess because she did not know Zaky too. She dialed the number of Rishi, and the rings were going again she cut the line suddenly because if she asks that Rishi would laugh at her. Sara just checked the pictures. She can remember the group picture taken and she was zooming it and checking each and everyone and she did not want to guess.

Suddenly the phone is ringing. Sara was excited she answered Hi, Mazz…

Mazz… what the hell are you talking? Who’s Mazz??? And Rishi laughed out loud. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA…

Sara was speechless for a moment. Sigh! What has happened to me? I am always getting caught to this Rishi. I should not dream this much.

Hey Sara, Are you there?

Sara said; Yes, now why you called me?

I must ask that question from you, got a missed call from your number? What’s up Sara? Did he ask you out or something and again Rishi laughed out loud.

Stop it Rishi, I have gone crazy here and you are just trying to play the fool. I don’t know. I am expecting too much and I am scared. Just leave me alone.

She disconnected the line and fell on to the bed. Within few seconds the phone is ringing again and she did not care to answer. She just checked the screen but this time it is Mazz. She answered with a depressed voice.

Yes Mazz…

Mazz did not like the way she answered the call, he was bit worried and he asked are you okay Sara?

alt Yes! Sara replied and she just showed that she does not care him. Mazz was bit worried and he thought may be Zaky and Rishi told her everything in advance and spoiled the moment.

Mazz said, Sara, hope you know everything… What? Sara asked.

Did Rishi, or Zaky tell you anything? Mazz was curious a bit.

Sara said, No… I couldn’t talk to Rishi and you know I have never talked to Zaky.

Thank god!! Mazz praised. Sara I have to talk to you something very serious, Can I talk to you now?

Sara said, Yeah okay… no problem…

Sara… Mazz said I am very serious about you; I want to spend my entire life with you. I just need you in my every moment. Will you be mine?

Sara was frozen, she was speechless… The words she heard were so clear and straight. It was so gentle. She never felt this way ever. She did not say anything to Mazz.

Mazz continued, it’s really nice to spend my time with you, I really enjoy what you say and you are my dream and I will be happy forever if you are mine. I have planned my entire life with you.

Sara did not say a single word.

Again he said, tomorrow I will talk to my sister about you, and if you don’t mind I can talk to your parents too.

Sara screamed… NO!!!

Mazz was shocked,

eh… Sara said, No no… I mean no need to talk to my parents… It will be a mess for sure… Please… My parents trust me a lot, they want me to study, they have many dreams about me, please don’t do that… please… and… we don’t know each other much in person to take this type of serious decisions.

Mazz said, Sara… I have seen many girls, the prettiest and the ugliest and you know how much I have to deal with people when I work, I travel a lot around the world, and I interact with many people. But you think why I need you in my life, because that is called the fate. I am so deeply in love and I can’t ignore the truth. Even though we don’t know each other in person, we were very truthful to each other you know everything, every single second of my life and I know about you too. Anyway you think and decide.

Sara said, okay… I got to go right now, my mom is calling me. Talk to you later. Goodnight.

Sara never say goodnight this early to Mazz, but she did because she wanted to spend some time alone. Sara knew what Mazz saying is very clear and it is the truth. He can flirt with anyone and ask out anyone but why he selected me and his words were so touching. He knew what he really wants and it’s me. I want to see him, for sure I know him, because I talked to everyone was invited last year and he knows me too. I must ask Rishi to arrange something to see him without introducing myself. Sara called back Rishi, hi Rishi, you must do me a favor, you must arrange something because I need to see him, I will come but will not join you guys.

Rishi asked, hey did he say something?

Sara said, eh… yes… he proposed and I feel he is very serious about me.

Rishi said, Yes he is, he is gonna talk to his sister I guess, Zaky told me.

Yeah I know, he told me everything, but as I said earlier I’m so … I don’t know, please arrange something this weekend, and invite Mazz too. Tell him I am coming but last minute I’ll call and say I can’t make it.

Rishi said, you exactly know how to lie perfectly.

Rishi spoke to Zaky and Mazz to come for a mini get-together and she mentioned Sara will join too. When she was talking to Mazz she said, then you can get to know about her more, so please come. Mazz and Zaky agreed to come.

Mazz was thinking what to buy for Sara on their first meeting after the proposal, he was really excited. He just wanted to give something to her but he did not know what to give exactly. He is very clear about everything. He trusts Sara a lot and he always been the real him, no fake accents, no lies, no made up things, nothing and that made him perfect.

Rishi called Sara and said, okay, this Saturday around 3.00 pm come to Excel world.

Sara said yes okay I will come with Fazy and sit few tables ahead.

Rishi laughed, this is gonna be interesting, hahahahaaaa. You have his picture Sara, just go …

altSTOP!!!!!! Sara screamed, I want to see him in person, keep the suspense, please…

Rishi said, okay! I know you love surprises, must ask him to wear his braces and round thick glasses… hahahahaaa Rishi, laughed out loud again. Sara what???? Rishi, disconnected the phone.

Braces and thick round glasses!!!! Again she ran to the computer to check the pictures but no one was there with spectacles and braces. I will kill Rishi one day.

Sara recalled the words he said, those words were so caring, he loves me truly, I am lucky to have him in my life and he is changing my life little by little, I am happy for no reason it’s all because of him. But I am not so strong like him to say yes and accept everything as it is.I know everything will be fine and I really like him, I need to love him but something says just wait.
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