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The Absolute Promise | Chapter 5

alt Trrr… Trrr… Trr… It’s Saturday and the alarm is buzzing loudly and Sara is still sleeping. Sara can hear the buzz of her phone and she slowly opened her eyes and within a second she remembered something and suddenly got up and sat on the bed. She checked the time and its still 6.00 am. She never wakes up this early but she set the alarm to wake up at 6.00 am on this Saturday. Her straight hair is falling down but the drowsy face says still she is sleepy but she does not want to go to bed again.

She straight away went to her almirah to take out her clothes for the gathering evening. She wanted to wear a blue colour dress since many have told her that blue looks perfect on her. She never gussies up much but today she wanted at least to put on some gloss on her lips. Sara checked the time again on her phone and its still 6.15 am. Sigh! Why the time is not flying today…? She saw a new message notification on her phone and she checked and it was Rishi.

Oi! Come on time, Sharp at 3… Rish!
And the other message is from Mazz, Good Morning Sara, Shall I pick you today?

Sara laughed and said, hahaha, you want to pick me eh? In dreams…Who’s gonna meet you today? hahahaaa… She replied to Mazz, Good Morning Mazz, I’ll be coming with Rishi, anyways Thank you.

She switched off the phone and she left the phone on the bed. She had her breakfast and she checked the time frequently to get ready. She confirmed again the presence of Fazy and she said okay too.

Mazz was excited more than Sara and sharp at 3 pm Zaky and Mazz went to the location and were staring at the cricket match going on the TV. Mazz was rolling his eyes around once in a while to see the appearance of Rishi and obviously another girl who is his dream girl. Rishi has no punctuality where she went there around 3.30 pm. Mazz and Zaky didn’t notice Rishi until she comes near to them and say hello. Hiii Zaky, it’s been while we’ve gathered right, so nice to see both of you today, how are you guys?

Hey Rishi, what’s up, you have no timing, and you are late half an hour. Zaky said.

I’m sorry, I had to wait until Sara get ready and suddenly she asked me to go and she’ll come around 4.

Mazz did not show the disappointment but he asked, is she all right, shall I call and see?

Rishi said, eh… no she’s fine; she’ll come here soon as possible and for sure she is very excited to see you today.

Mazz again wanted to know more but he did not ask a single question but hey guys, shall we have an Ice cream?

Rishi and Zaky said, YES together. Mazz went away to buy ice cream for all and he is looking for Sara around always. He checked the time frequently and finally he decided to call and see. He dialed her number but her phone was switched off from morning. Now Mazz is totally disappointed. But he bought the ice cream and went to their table.

Sara and Fazy went to the place Sara searched for Rishi for a while and she saw her sitting and two guys sitting in front of her and they all are eating something. She passed the table and sat exactly 2 tables ahead facing the two guys.

alt Suddenly Fazy asked now who is Mazz?

Then Sara, Shhhh…. Just keep quiet. Even I don’t know. But I know both of them. Wait, will text and see.

Sara took her phone off and typed in super fast. Oi, Rishi, Now I can remember both of them but who is Mazz? Sara looked up and now she sees one guy is staring at her. She acted as if she didn’t notice and she took her books out and start chatting with her friend Fazy. Sara said, Faz, listen you gotta check that side frequently because I’m not that good in acting, one guy saw us, the one who is in blue shirt,

Faz just turned and said, yeah he is still staring… and now he is checking his phone.

Sara now sees on her display “Mazz Calling” Oh sigh! He’s calling, maybe he recognized me but why he didn’t come and talk. Oh My God!!! Eh!! I need some oxygen. I can’t breathe.

Mazz asked Rishi, did Sara call you? Why is she late? Oh yea let me check.

Rishi saw the text and she replied, the one in blue shirt. Now he is asking me where you are. What I should say???? Reply ASAP.

Sara received the text and she replied, tell him I had to go to the hospital with my grandma. Sara passed the message to Mazz and now he looks confused.

Mazz said, eh… which hospital, is she alright? But Mazz didn’t expect or care the answer of Rishi, he is totally confused and disappointed. Rishi felt really sorry for Mazz because she knew he was eagerly waiting to talk to her and even though he didn’t express he is not in a good mood. Rishi just sent a message only with this icon :@.

Sara looked at Mazz once in a while. He is the one who was at the party in a green T-shirt spiked hair, but he was bit fat at that time but now he looks so handsome and athlete. Even Sara can see the disappointment on his face and she felt so guilty. But for sure he didn’t recognize or maybe he is confused because of me but I know he saw me.

Mazz checked the time and said, hey guys nice to see you all today, will catch up soon I gotta go now, Gotta complete some work.

Rishi, said okay, even I gotta go, see you guys later, thanks for coming, but missed Sara.

alt Yeah, Mazz said, and he could not keep quiet anymore. Eh… That’s okay, I’ll talk to her later. See you all soon.

Zaky asked Rishi, hey shall we drop you? How will you go?

Rishi said, oh that’s okay, I will go to my brother’s office nearby and I can go with him. Now its 4.30 right, so I can catch him.

Mazz looked at Sara’s table again and asked shall we drop you to your brother’s office???

Rishi said, oh thank you but it’s not nice you know, so I can take a walk. Thanks… Mazz and Zaky went near to the entrance and waved Rishi again and left. She walked to the entrance and saw the vehicle is moving out of the place.

She ran back to Sara, Hofff!!!! This is the hardest role I’ve ever played.

Sara and Fazy was laughing,

Fazzy said, you know what, I think he recognized Sara, HELL yeah, Rishi screamed, He always kept an eye on this table.

Yeah!! I know, Sara said, but why he didn’t ask you about us or come and talk?

Common!!! Fazzy said how can he come and ask like that if Rishi says you are at the hospital. Yeah that’s true, Rishi added.

Anyway he looks so handsome Sara, He’s smart, Oh my lucky girl… Fazy complimented.

Sara was blushing and her eyes were dazzling. Rishi and Faz were bugging her like nothing. Sara didn’t say a single word and she just accepted everything and sometimes she didn’t care what they said. She is happy, she is really happy and finally she saw him first and recognized before Mazz.

After few minutes a guy from the restaurant came near to Sara and gave her a little cover in pink. The guy said this is for you, the person who gave this to pass you just asked me to hand over this cover to you and he left the table.

Sara looked at Rishi’s face. Faz and Rish both of them were staring at the cover.

Suddenly Faz said, what is that? Who gave it? Is it another love proposal? Hahahahaaa… Stop it Faz, and Sara slowly opened the cover. She was curious to know what’s inside. It was a card with a bunch of flowers and on the front cover it was written “To Rihana”
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Written by Zashgal (Creative Writer at Xtream Youth)

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