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The Absolute Promise | Chapter 3

alt The days were passing and the days were beautiful, life is adorable and Sara is still talking to the smart man the miraculous stranger of her life. Sara knew he teaches many things to Sara day by day. Sara started to look at things in a very positive way. Mazz always said, he never gives up on things, he said he always wants to win and he is very much interested and worked hard on hisprofession. But he always had time for Sara. He never let Sara down, motivated her to be happy always. This magical approach made Sara to be the happiest on earth. She smiled always, she looked at things in a different way, and she knew what is right and what is wrong just looking at the situation because Mazz is a man with loads of experience, a man who achieved many things in his life and shared them with Sara.

Mazz is the youngest of his family and he got 4 elder sisters who love him a lot. His father was passed 6 months before he got to know Sara. He lives with his mother and his elder sister who is already married. Mazz got many friends and he never lied to Sara about anything from the day one. Mazz did not take any special initiations to impress Sara even Sara did not feel that he was flirting or trying to say something special. But his life style and the trustworthiness gave him the perfect gentle profile. Sara truly did not flirt with him or gave any impression to make this unnamed relationship over the phone to convert it to a friendship, affection, crush, or love. She just wanted to talk to him. At the beginning she just treated him as a friend but later she did not know what was really going on. Sara really respected this man, and Mazz did the same too. Mazz never joked Sara with typical boyish jokes but he made her happy, he knew what real fun is and real happiness. Mazz just knows how to make her day beautiful.

One day Sara had a surprise. Her cousin Rishi called and said,

"Sara he loves you..!!"

That was a surprise and Sara was shivering, it was an obvious moment which she never expected. The only few words came to her lips were "why does he loves me..? ” and she did not have any other single word to talk with Rishi. She just disconnected the line. Her feet did not let her to stand anymore, she fell on to the couch near and she was sweating so harder. Many thoughts and imaginations came into her mind. Her heartbeat was just playing techno strikes and it was just too much for her to take at that moment. She was breathing harder and she just ran to the refrigerator to have some water. Okay! She said, just calm down Sara, you are just behaving like a stupid girl. She took a deep breath and suddenly she felt that she was not the person for him. Because her imagination and the image she built up for him was a great picture and she knew only god can create such a great person. Sara felt she was an infant in front of his knowledge and the greatness.

Mazz is just few years elder than her, but she felt if she start up a relationship with this stranger he would take care of her like a little flower all the time because even he had this amazing care even in his voice. Again Sara thought what if this is just a dream and no person exists like him on earth but she knew one thing this is so real and up to now that truth she was experiencing is real. She really wanted this; she just wanted this to happen one day though she did not accept the truth of her feelings. She wanted to be with him always, but some sort of a fear never let her to express it and the respect she has towards Mazz is the main factor.

alt What the hell are you thinking Sara??? She looked at the mirror and asked. What are you dreaming? May be Rishi was just kidding you because of you both were just talking over the phone, call her back and ask. Grr!! Sara covered her face with her hands and said, sigh!! I’m such a fool to believe Rishi, now she might be laughing at me alone, she knew I was so excited to hear that. Grr!! I’m just a [email protected]#$%^&*(*&^%$#!!!!!!!

But why I was so excited to hear that? Am I in love?? Do I really want him? I haven’t seen him too. But why I trust him this much, why I want to talk to him all the time, why he keeps on calling? Why why why??? Whenever he says my name, whenever he talks to me I just want to hear it and it makes my day. I expect his call each and every moment.

Suddenly the rings of her mobile phone disturbed her thoughts and she just shocked for a while since her ringing tone was a hip pop beat of 50 cents. She went to the phone and she saw

“Mazz Calling”.

Now again she was stuck in her thoughts and she just want to ignore the call. But she answered.

Mazz said; Hello Sara,

It was not the usual way he talks. Sara replied him in his usual way because she did not want to show him that she was lost for a while.

She said Hey Mazz, How are you doing today? Had your tea?

He said, Yes Sara, Well, I want to talk to you

Sara was frozen, now is he gonna say the thing Rishi told her earlier.

Yes Mazz, you can talk to me any time, eh.. what’s up? She asked that in a very low voice.

"Not now, I’ll talk to you later because I'm on my way to home" Mazz said and again he said talk to you soon.

On that time Zara didn't talk much as usual and she just replied "hmmm... Okay"

Sara called Rishi back, hey Rishi, tell me the truth, how do you know that he loves me? How you got to know about it huh?

Rish said, well Zaky told me that he is so deeply in love with you, he is just know everything about you and he loves you. Zaky says he is really happy after meeting you and ... Rishi whispered, he has told that you have changed his life.

Hummph!! Sara said, I’m scared Rishi, r u seriously kidding me? I don’t know how to respond.

Rishi asked; Sara I’m telling you he is a very good one, I know him and Zaky knows him too. Do you really like him?

Sara was speechless, it is the hardest question ever, I don’t know Rishi, I just don’t know. But I know one thing, he is different, he impressed me in a different way, I really like the way he cares me and treat me, but I am just scared, I don’t know why. I just don’t know.

Well, Rishi said, I am telling you not only he is good, his family is good, and your parents will like him too because he is settled and you do not have to worry about anything. Best part is he loves you even without seeing you.

Sara said, yes I haven’t seen him, that is a problem for me, I trust his words and you know him and your friend knows him but I haven’t seen him.

Rishi said again, ah ha, so you want to know how he looks alike. HAHAHAHAHAAA she laughed out loud. Okay let me tell about his features and Rishi began.

Sara said, wai wai wait wait wait!! And she paused and giggled. This man is changed her life totally, now she is using this sweet words of him.

Rishi screamed Saaaaaaraaaaaaaaaaa... are you there?????? ..

Awww yes!! I’m here Sara replied and asked where were we??

Rishi laughed louder this time, awwwwwww!!! You’ve lost in love now. Hahahahahahahahaaa.

Stop it Rishi, Where were we?

Rishi said, okay you said wait wait wait.

altSara giggled again. Okay I don’t want to know his features. You know what, this is interesting to be like this. Will see what he is going to say tonight.

Rishi laughed and said, mark the time... Hahahahaaaa...

Sara said; Get Lost and she disconnected the line.

She just worked on her home work. She hates accounts but she had to do the home work because next day she had to go to school. It was a huge company account which was never going to balance. She wanted to do all the workings properly but she was curious about the thing going to happen in the evening. She is waiting for the call but she does not want to accept the truth. She had her dinner while doing the sum and the phone is dancing to the beat of 50 cents and it was “Mazz calling”
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Written by Zashgal (Creative Writer at Xtream Youth)

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