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The Absolute Promise | Chapter 8

The days are passing and the bond between these two lovely people grows continuously. After the very first meeting Mazz really wanted to spend more time with the love of his life. After the first meeting alone, he invited her out two three times, but Sara really couldn’t make it because of her studies and final exams. Mazz was very disappointed and sometimes it made his eyes water and Sara really didn’t understand his situation sometimes because she is a target oriented personality and her studies were more important to her at that moment. But she cared Mazz and talked to him as possible on her busy schedule. They couldn’t meet for 5 weeks exactly and Mazz was so worried. Everyday Sara used to watch TV series with her mother and she used to use the headset just to listen what Mazz says since she couldn’t talk in front of her mother or miss the series because her mother would ask so many questions etc. End of the day Mazz never forgets to send a lovely message to her and it really made Sara’s day.

Sara wrote her final term tests and her family and relatives were planning to go on a pilgrimage to a religious location in the southern coast. Sara said to herself, WOW! That’s great!! I like the coastal areas and specially Galle. Well… The Fort… exactly… And she winked…

It was a very important occasion therefore Sara went there with her family and relatives. As usual Mazz never left Sara alone on her way he used to talk her until she reach the place always. Since Mazz knew the location and he is a master of all the destinations down south, he decided to go there in the evening since Sara and her family was there. Sara only knew that they were passing Galle and around 6.30 Mazz was getting ready to come. Then he asked around where you guys are now, Sara straight away replied; "now we are passing Galle". Mazz was confused because the place Sara told him in the morning not was the place that they have gone. ha ha Mazz said, Sara I think you have gone to the place which is in Galle, but the place I was talking about is in Kaluthara, then Sara was worried, she said, oh god if you came out early you had to waste your time and go back home. I'm so sorry" Sara apologized.

Mazz was laughing out loud and he was terribly bugging Sara. Sara really worried but Mazz said okay darling let me come to see you tomorrow to Galle, No worries. Sara said "NO" Don't come, I don't want to trouble you, she rejected the idea, because it was not practical just coming to Galle only for few minutes. As usual Mazz said, I will come there to see you and that's my decision and... You know Sara; I didn’t see you since last we met… Sara said, "Okay your wish"

alt Sara spoke with her cousin brother and she said that Mazz is going to come tomorrow morning to Galle. Then he laughed and said, "ha ha, then you are going to play hide and seek" Sara laughed too and said "yea kind of” Finally they both planned to play hide and seek. Sara decided this because she just love to do thrilling things and just want to see the comments of her family.

Her cousin brother asked about his features so Sara explained every single bit of Mazz and at the end her cousin brother was staring at her for a while, and he said, I think you are in love… Sara blushed, she turned around and took a deep breath up and said, Yes…!!! Her cousin brother replied, well, I knew it from the way you explained his features. Sara just wanted to change the topic and she said, anyways… now you know how he looks… and rest is up to you, see you tomorrow, goodnight! And she went to the hotel room.

Next day early morning Sara woke up and dressed with the best one she brought. She was pretty much excited and she replayed the plan to her cousin brother.

Her cousin brother talked to his farther and asked them to take to Galle Fort to have lunch and one of his friends is living there. His dad agreed and they went to Galle Fort to have lunch. Sara was scared a bit but she just loved the feeling of excitement. When Mazz was 200 meters away, she clued her cousin brother and he recognized Mazz. Sara’s cousin brother gave a sign back with his eye to Sara saying he recognized Mazz.

Finally Mazz came to the place where they were and as a very well known person Sara's cousin brother went to him and hugged him, it was a too smart act of Sara’s cousin brother. Mazz did not give up and he did the same better than Sara's cousin. Sara was surprised, OMG!! They are like, BFFs 100 years. Oh my… this is funny!!!

Sara's cousin took Mazz to his mom and introduced, this is Mazz one of my best friends... She greeted, Hello, and my mom was there, and again he said, this is my mom's younger sister, and this is her daughter and pointed Sara. Sara also did not give up, she performed her part very well, she said HI...!! to Mazz as they never knew each other.

Mazz wanted to impress Sara's family and he said, let’s go and have a drink at my friend's cafe nearby, which is one of the famous cafes in Gall Fort. No one really rejected this polite invitation since it was an invitation from a friend of Sara's cousin brother.

The cafe was designed according to the old interiors and it represented the Galle Fort Dutch Culture. Everyone was seated, and got the menu card. Sara's aunt really wanted to have strawberry milk shake and she ordered it. Everyone ordered the same but Sara's uncle wanted to have an Ice coffee.

Sara sent more than 20 messages to Mazz asking why did he invite everyone to have a drink and it’s a big trouble for him etc. But Mazz's intention was to impress others. He had chats with everyone even with Sara's mother. That’s brilliant.

The bravest question was raised by Sara's mom, she asked, Son, how do you know Fero? Fero is the cousin brother of Sara. Did you go to the same school or what? Mazz was trapped since he already told he went to school in Galle. Well… Aunty… Fero jumped into the conversation and we were together at the rugby team playing for the same club in Colombo. Mazz added few more imaginary friendships and finally they convinced Sara's mom.

Once in a while Mazz was staring at Sara and it made Sara uncomfortable, she just tried not to notice his romantic looks. No one really noticed this sweet romance between Sara and Mazz except Fero since he knew everything. Sara’s aunt was talking business with him and Sara’s uncle who loves histories and antiques was talking about old stories with Mazz. Since Galle Fort is his hometown he just impressed Sara’s uncle with his wide knowledge. Few friends of Mazz came to the café to see Sara, and they just gave a smile to her. It was a thrilling day out with Sara’s family and Mazz just loved it. In the evening Mazz asked Sara’s uncle, let’s go to Unawatuna to spend the evening and it’ll be fun. Fero gave a look to Sara, and he said, Yea… That’s a good idea… Sara replied, yeah!! I love beaches…

Sara’s uncle said, yeah… after a very long time we are visiting the southern coast, it’s great to hang-out with everyone. Let’s go and he signed everyone to get into the vehicle. Mazz was seated near to the door and he was guiding the driver.

Await for the Next Chapter.
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