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The Absolute Promise | Chapter 1

alt When we meet our friends through other people we use to say oh god what a small world! So this amazing story begins in such a way..!

On 14th April 2007, it was the Sinhala Hindu New year and Sara was at her auntie’s place, her cousin sister was with her and they had a very nice time celebrating their vacation. Sara is a nice girl with a very nice heart, who is a day dreamer, who had many dreams, very sensitive, and a person who loves everyone. Her dream is to rule the world as all other girls wish too. Since she is a dreamer she always wanted the perfect life ever. She is the rudest to the rude once, and she got the kindest heart for the kind once. She did what she said and love romance.

Sara's cousin sister suddenly came to her and said;

"Hey Sara I’ve got a call from this number and I have answered as well, but I can’t remember whose number is this"

Sara called back to the number given by her cousin sister to check who it was. The rings were going and someone picked the phone. Sara didn’t care who it was she talked first with a rude voice.

"Who's this? I’ve got a call from your number?"

oh..! A rough voice banged on her,

"Who.? what ? who called from my number to you.?
I don't know anyone from this number, when you got the call?
Tell me the exact time, and then I can check who you are? "

The man was just banging on her, Sara had no words for some time, and she was staring at her sister. Her mouth was wide open and no words were coming out while the phone was on her ear. She was trying to talk but after few seconds,

"eh, eh, Yes, maybe I have called the wrong number, Sorry for disturbing"

and she was about to cut the line. Then again that person said,

"Oh ok, I'm in the hospital, I don't think anyone called you from this number" and cut the line even without saying a single bye.

Sara got angry with her cousin and said,

"Oh god what kind of a person is that, he was yelling at me like hell, No politeness.
I don’t know sis, how you get calls from these kind of people… But wait he said eh... he's in the hospital"

While Sara was talking her cousin sis did not care a single thing, she asked,

"Hey common didn’t you get a single clue who it was????"

Sara just gave a NO face and she said,

"How the hell I know, who are the people calling you?
That was a stupid thing I called him back from my number and was trying to be soooo smart.
He didn’t let me to talk a “SINGLE” word, how can I just find a clue... Duh!!!! "

Sara’s cousin Rishi was laughing… Sara could not be angry anymore both of them started laughing at each other and Sara screamed,

"Damn!! You got stupid friends!!!! "

Rishi said,

"You were the stupid who called my friend!!! "

All funny gossiping moments ended when their auntie called them for lunch, but that voice of the rough man was echoing in Sara’s ears. Suddenly she realised why he told me that he was in the hospital, but any way she prayed "May God bless him, help him to get well soon may be his loved once.. I donno.. Anyone.. " and she giggled..

Sara forgot the total incident and she got a call from her mother that they were planning to go on a little trip to Galle since all of the families and cousins got some break from their routines. Then she was happy and asked Rishi, a cousin who is living far away from Colombo to join with them, but unfortunately she said she can't join because she got to go back home next day.

In the evening Sara and her cousin sister said goodbye to their aunty and went to Sara's place. Since the New Year celebrations were grandly happening and they've got some sweets as well. Suddenly again Sara's phone rang and that was that person's number and she just wanted to respond the way he did in the morning. She definitely knew he is gonna bang at her and say my call logs never had your number and you’re just lying BLAH BLAH BLAH. She prepared within a sec, took a rough deep voice and said, HELLO!!!!

It was a surprise he said,

"I'M SORRY, I treated you badly and I didn't know my friend took a call from my number while I was away to his friend Rishi. I think she is his friend because I know her very well,"

She didn’t have a quick answer since her plan was to bang at him but she made her mind and then Sara replied back,

"Oh that's okay... we figured it out, Rishi is my cousin, and... I should apologize too for... disturbing you while you were at the hospital."

Sara realised that was not an obvious thing to remind back which was none of her single business. A huge “Arrrrrrrghhhh!!!!” in her mind but she managed to say,

Well... now it’s okay and I forgot everything thanks for calling back...

Wai.. wai.. wait.. wait.. wait... The man talked; did I tell you that I was in the hospital??? Did I??

Sara was a bit nervous, and she really couldn’t figure out how would he react, but she gave a simple answer, YES...

After a silence for two, three second, he said

"That’s really caring... Thanks..."

Sara said,

"I felt sorry, because you might have fallen into a trouble and I’m just calling you to check who it is… So you know, it bothered me a bit..."

and she asked

"Are you okay now?"

He said,

Yes I am okay right now… discharged, and it was a horrible incident…

After that only Sara remembered to ask his name.

"By the way what's your name huh..?

Then he said, "I'm Mazz,"

altand he asked again what's her name and suddenly the one and only name came to her mind was “SARA” though her name is not Sara. Mazz complimented

"It's a nice name" and he continued, "Well, I’m on my way home from Nuwaraeliya,"

and… Sara’s mom called her, Sara told him,

"okay I’v gotta go, mom is calling me, ba bye… "

But Sara was confused, because he said he was coming back home from Nuwaraeliya and he was in the hospital in the morning. May be he lied. Bloody Lire!!! And she went to mom.
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Copyright © 2011 Xtream Youth. All rights reserved.

Written by Zashgal (Creative Writer at Xtream Youth)

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