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The Absolute Promise | Chapter 2

alt Next day early morning Sara had to go with her family to Galle and none of her cousins who were in her age came to the tour. Sara was near to die with stupid typical jokes of her family. She was bored with the people around and she said to herself,

"Damn!!!! These people are so old, sigh! Why did I come today!!!"

Only two little kids were around who were ten times younger than her. That was the laziest trip she was ever gone. She was just staring out of the vehicle and her mobile phone rang. She yawned; she didn’t want to take calls while travelling because it made her sick but she took her phone out of her pocket and checked who it was. She could see on her mobile screen “Mazz Calling”. Eh! Now why is he calling, she didn’t have a single clue but she was just curious to know about the confusion last night. He said he was in the hospital early morning, and in the evening he said he was coming back from Nuwaraeliya. The line got disconnected. Sara just flapped her phone and yawned again. The phone rang again. “Mazz Calling”. And she answered the call.

Mazz Said; Hi Sara, how are you doing today?

Oh I’m doing great, Thanks, How are you? Sara Replied.

Mazz was quit in a good mood and Sara recognised his polite tone of communication. She was surprised; the man who was talking to her yesterday is not the man who is talking to her today.

Interesting... Mazz asked, “how’s your trip so far, have you reached Galle? Are you all going to Galle fort? Where is your cousin Rishi, she was the main victim of yesterday’s confusion” and he laughed.

Sara laughed too. She said, "oh yeah, I think she got a short time memory loss, by the way right now we are in Kaluthara hoping to reach Galle but I don’t think that we’ll be able to reach Galle if we go in this speed. Hopefully we are gonna return."

Mazz laughed again, he said "oh have you been to Galle before? Visited Galle Fort?? You know what that’s where I am belongs to."

Sara was surprised, "wow! That’s awesome, I love the rampart, and it’s beautiful."

Mazz’s voice is mixed with real happiness when he talked about his home town. He said, "if you would have told me yesterday I could have arranged lunch for you all at Galle Fort."

Then Sara giggled, "Hehehe, that’s very thoughtful but I’m never gonna come though." Sara remembered one thing suddenly, how come he knows that I came out with my family because she didn’t tell him a single word She asked him "By the way Mazz, how do you know about the trip today?"

"Well, my friend Zaky told me that your cousin sis is not going with you all today and etc" Mazz replied.

"By the way Mazz how come you were in Nuwaraeliya and you’ve admitted to the hospital?"

"Oh!!" Mazz said, "Well, I met with an accident, actually a little one here and I had to stay at the hospital one night since it is a Poya day no doctors. Zaky was also with me, I thought Rishi has told you about the total incident."

Sara now understood everything. She couldn’t catch up with Rishi because of this trip and she left early morning. Sara said;

"Oh Mazz, everything is a mess, anyway thanks for calling, I’m bored to the death with my old family and she laughed again.

"Nice talking to you too" Mazz complimented. Sara thought Mazz was going to end the conversation but he recalled his past memories with Sara, that he born is Galle fort, he loved to spend the day there, and he misses his school and so on, and Sara occasionally spoke about herself too but she was a bit cunning and didn’t tell each and every truth about herself. She said she lives in somewhere else, she goes to some other school, and she didn't even tell the true name of herself. But Mazz talked each and every single truth about him self.

Suddenly Mazz said; "those were the days but now the busy life style changed everything, I haven’t met Rishi since her last birthday."

Sara was frozen for a second. She asked, "Last Birthday??? When???? Where???? Did you come???"

Mazz said; "Yes I did,"

oh wai wai wait wait wait... Sara giggled alone, because this wai wai wai wait wait is one of his mostly used words which are incredibly adorable.

Mazz said; "So obviously you should have been there."

"Yes that’s what I was thinking too" Sara replied. Sara continued, "Well I’m the one who was always with Rishi, the beautiful cute little princess... though I’m taller than her. Haha!!"

Mazz just said "I have no idea."

Sara got angry a bit, because she thought he might have seen her and compliment her beauty just like each and every single guy. Sigh! The plan went wrong! I should have kept quiet. Sara thought alone. Mazz asked "Do you have a single clue of me?"

Sara replied rudely, "No, I’ve never heard a name called Mazz when I was there but if I see you may be I might remember."

Mazz kept on talking. Sara felt he's smart because she loves to hear nice theories about the life. Mazz knew many things about the life and he was interacting with people a lot. He shared his school memories, his sweet mischievousness with Sara. Sara loved to hear them because she enjoys with her friends a lot in the school.

Mazz and Sara became very good friends and they had many mutual friends known. But they never knew each other up to now and even never seen each other too. They kept on talking, talking and talking. Sara was in grade 12 and there were 20 students with her in the class. They had a nice teacher who is a nun called Sister Anne, and they loved her a lot. All the students called her as Podi (small) sister because she was the only one teacher who is a nun except the principle. One day she named them as NOTORIOUS Gang because they always did things to laugh and finally it became NG. This NGs' share everything with each other. Actually it’s a hard thing and it’s unbelievable. Anyone in the school knew they were the best friends and the funniest class in the school. As I told before they share everything with their class but Sara didn't tell about Mazz to them. Even she didn’t know why she hid it from them.

Sara had a very close friend called Sam. She was a member of this NGs' too. Sara wanted to say about Mazz to her. But Sam’s only advice was to tell the truth to him because she said that all the things Sara told seems to be very genuine and therefore Sam said he is not a bad person to be friends with. By the time Sara knew everything about Mazz but he knew a bit about Sara because she didn’t want to share about herself even she knew all the things Mazz said were truth.

alt Suddenly Sara wanted to tell about her to Mazz. Finally she decided, one afternoon when Mazz called Sara said,

"Well, I’m lying to you all this time my real name is not Sara" and she told him her real name, her real school, and her real residence. She thought Mazz would not talk to her after that because she lied all these time though he was telling all the single truth about him. But his reply was this

"Oh Sara, I appreciate you, because you are such a good girl who does not want to hurt people. Its fine, I'll call you as Sara and I love that name."

A sudden spark in her heart, she thought, this man is always doing the opposite always when she plans something and she was happy, because he was being the same friendly person.

Sara felt he is so religious, she felt a very nice person to have as the best friend. They didn't stop talking. Sometimes Sara calculated how long they talk and the expense for that. It’s kind of weird but she did that. Suddenly she felt to tell about Mazz to her cousin brother. He was such a friendly person and she told everything about Mazz to him. His advice was negative, he said,

"Do not talk with unknown people"

Sara didn't care about this freaking advice. She talked, talked and talked. Sometimes Mazz called her and said Sara Sara Sara, only her name with his so adorable voice, sometimes they talked about some theories, Sometimes they argued, sometimes about their dreams, sometimes about their religion, but sometimes only SARA..! It's a miracle because she trusted Mazz a lot; Sara felt this trust because of his indisputable statements and the way he cares people. She felt he is the perfect man on the earth, and he knows everything. Sara knew something is happening inside her but she didn’t want to build up hopes because she felt this man is too good for her. Of course they fell in love and this relationship begins as a miracle because nothing happened usual.

Await for the next amazing chapter, The Absolute promise.
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