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Le'Jaz Photography | Ayesh Jazla

Ayesha Jazla Pele Photography

Ayesha Jazla Pele Photography
The art of photography lies at heart, not in the fancy cameras. With her ordinary camera, Jaz does extraordinary photography for a girl at her age. She shows that it only takes true passion and the talent to shine in any field you wish to tread upon.

So Jaz, shall we begin with a little introduction about you ?
I'm a fun, hyper shopaholic who blabs all the time, well as long as I'm awake. Straightforward & I don't hesitate to do anything as long as I know its right. Fancy clothes & expensive shoes makes me feel like I'm at the top of the world. Huge fan of anything that tastes sweet, CHOCOLATE & COKE, I love. Animal lover, can bare with anything just not cockroaches. Music is like air to me & I bustle my way around digital photography.
An elder sister to a 9yr old sibling & only daughter of my parents. One thing I'd never want to let go is my family.

Any nick name ?
Well, people call me 'Jazz' but I dislike the extra 'z' in it or else 'shorty' well I find that abit offensive though its true.
I prefer being called Jaz *wink*

How did you make your way into this field ?
I always thought of having my own camera from the very first day I saw a digital camera in year 2000 used by my uncle. Though I didn't get to mess around much with it, I used to sit with him for hours amazed & wondering how the camera works & going through his pictures. It was more like Magic then. For me, It all started when I got my first DSLR camera (sony alpha 230) as a b'day present from my parents in March 2010. (Well thats still what I have & counting days to get a Nikon D7000 soon). Anyways I started clicking right away, though I barely knew anything about photography. Some pictures were just so blurr that I couldn't even recognize whats in the picture but I made up my mind not to leave it at rest until I figure out how to handle the camera well. It took me months to know about the basics (shutter & exposure) well, what it really meant in photography.Google gets 90 % credit for teaching me most about it. My first photos were mostly self portraits & floral pictures.

I still enjoy pressing the BUTTON on the camera as much as I did then too though I really don't know what I'm aiming to. Last year, in May, I attended a photography course held at Lional Wendt Art but could not complete the course due to some incident. As for the days I attended the course, it taught me alot about different styles of photography & the whole history of it which made me gain more interest in it. We were asked to collect a series of pictures on a field trip to galle so that was mainly the beginning of capturing something which actually made sense. I'm still a beginner and I have so much more to learn & hopefully through out the years to come I'd want to learn as much as I could about photography.

So, next I’m going to ask you about your academic side. How far have you studied? Tell us about your school life...
I completed my primary & 2 semesters on my first year of secondary in Male', Maldives. Then moved to Srilanka in 2007 August. Was first at American International School but after 8 months my parents decided to put me to Colombo International School. Completed my O'level there in 2010 and dropped out from school because I didn't wanna do my A'level. Yes, All the fun & weird things I did in school are missed, & all my friends.. YOU GUYS ARE MISSED BIG TIME.
I hated spit balls on my perfectly combed hair but enjoyed throwing it at others, I used to blab during the IT & Geography class non stop. I was known as the girl who sleeps in her physics class, if not who draws with her fancy colored pens on the notebook during the whole lesson.
Whenever the song 'unfaithful' by Rihanna is heard, my friends scream my name out loud because I sang in the talent show though I suck'd real bad. The name 'shorty' was first called by my school friends because during the school social and other occasions, they say I'm not to be seen in the crowd coz of my height so they always held my hand. school life was exciting, fun & I miss it alot. I know I'm too old to join school again but I wish I could relive those days. I was at ANC for 6 months after my school & there I met some of the most passionate photographers I'v ever seen, they'd have the camera 24/7 with them & would click anything that caught their eyes. Believe me, their pictures are something.

Any fashion trends you usually like to follow? We’d love to know your views on that side.
alt Not big fan of TV unless my internet's not working but yes I love Fashion Tv. Just have to take a glimpse of it every single day. I like collecting different colored jeans specially shades of blue. Yes, Blue & Pink are my favorite colors though I think black is sexy & matches with every other color. Like wearing cartoon printed T'shirts & I always like to look my best. Its a must, the shoes or flipflops should match the T'shirt I wear, well its a thing. Big fan of animal prints & nail polish though I don't have nails at all -sigh- yes I bite them. I have a habit of emptying my moms perfume bottles, all the time.

Could we know your attitude towards your motherland?
I'm a Maldivian whose been living here for the past 6yrs. Big fan of my motherland but I prefer living here now & always.Yes, I like Srilanka, alot!!
In every field there are positive & negetive aspects but I think you should be able to handle both. I believe one must do something different to stand out & always believe in yourself in whatever you do. Having the right amount of confidence is the key to success & the attitude should be always be at its best.

What do you normally do when you get a leisure time?
I like reading,Judith Mcnaught stories over and over again. Editing & stalking best photographers online is what I do most now. Music should be 24/7 on & being with my loved ones, always.

What is the most unforgettable incident in your life?
Completing the song everytime in national competitions in Maldives for 8 times a couple of years back, when its done the clapping & cheering is what I love to hear most.

Here’s our favorite question which your fans also be longing for you answer.Have you got yourself a soul mate yet and what’s your view on the subject of love?
Well for now, I'm single & not planing on getting into a relationship anytime soon. Just want to enjoy my time being with myself till I find the 'right guy'. As for love, I'd say its the only thing which is sweet & bitter.
Patience, Trust, Care & Forgiveness are the strings of love.

You’re still a young girl, yet you were able to get on to this huge field of Photography.Could we know the secret behind your success?
There is no secret, I'd call myself blessed to have a very supportive family & friends. Specially my mom who'd always stood by me strong and helped me everyway she could.

Have you got any special role model you follow and would like to imitate?
In the field of photography, I don't have a specific one but in life, my mom is my role model.

Do you use any working out schedule to maintain your figure? Any advices can you give to your fans regarding food?
Gobble up as much as you can. EAT whatever you feel like & JUNK food is the best of all but afterwards lil bit exercise would be necessary. *wink* I don't work out anymore but used to play netball & was in athletics.

What is the saddest incident you have faced so far?
Losing my own younger sister 11years ago was the worst thing I'v ever had to face. Still tears run down whenever I think about her but then again feel happy that she is in a better place & safe.
I despite seeing others in pain, specially anyone I love and care about. I'd want them to be the happiest alive, always.

Your fans will love to know about your future ambitions.
As a photographer, I'd always be clicking..& yes, I'd try to do more different styles of portraits & others too which would hopefully impress & keep my fans entertained. Someday, I hope to open up my own studio here in Lanka & Maldives that would do portrait & animal shoots too..

Are you satisfied with your journey in this field so far?
alt More than satisfied, Getting so much positive comments & likes for my photography and then almost 800 fans means alot to me. Its a huge success.

You can leave a special message to your fans now.
An extensive thank you to everyone who had shared my page & liked my pictures. For those who hadn't seen my work yet, take a glimpse on Facebook, Le'jaz Photography. Alot more to come so keep checking for updates. Special thanks to friends who had always gotten themselves available & dresssed whenever I called out the word 'PHOTOSHOOT'. Mom, who always help me find the best and most adequate pose for everyone, love you & thank you so much for being such a sport.

Anything you want to say to the new comers to this field?
Confidence is a stain that that no one can wipe off. Believe in yourself, figure out what you are capable of and strike to be the best. Photography is not as easy as people say it is, but if you have the will and passion for it I gurantee you, nothing can stop you from getting what you want.
NOTE: Good camera's would be a plus point.

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