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Crazy Gang

alt In this world there hardly exist places where we are supposed to wonder alone except for life before birth and life after death. Nowadays it has become a trend to be a part of a social network in order to wipe away the loneliness in someone’s life. (Well, let’s assume that it’s the only reason that matters for now). Most of the time people find various kinds of friends from all around the world with the help of this Social Networks. This story is about such friendship, more like a family with more than 20 very close siblings like friends who met their souls through the famous Social Network FACEBOOK. 28/02/2009 was the day these friends got the idea of being for each other in Facebook; they created a group rather a gang with the name of Crazy Gang. Because they tend to do crazy things around all over the facebook messing up in others status, most of the times it was each other status comments that piled up because of their crazy comments. But those all were in a good way. Wasitha Roshan (Wazi), Yasiru Laknath (Yazi), Dulanjalee Pathirana, Tg King and Priyanga Prathibha (Priya/Piya), Madhu Panagoda (Mad Hoo), Dulanjani Hettiarachchi (Dula), Hasun Dasanayaka and Lakshan Magamage were the first CG family members.

It was like 2 months for their friendship when they decided to meet up and get together with each other’s. In search of ideas of everyone Wasitha sent a message to all of them which in facebook considered as a thread. It was subjected as “18/04/2009”. With that message they found a new source to communicate, which was better than each other’s status (But they still not given up status comments). The first message exceeded the limit in 2 days and they had to start a new message to carry on their chat. That message literally looked as a real time chat application filled with instant chat replies. Finally the first message subjected day became the first day they decided to meet up. The place was the Zoo, the best place they could think of gathering the people spread around.

Yasiru, Wasitha and Priyanga were the first to be in the place joined by Madhu, Dulanjani and Lakshan with a friend of Madhu. He was Chathuranga, known as Chathu and who became a close friend and one of the CG family. Well as you have already guessed they were too busy talking about their hangouts and they almost forgot to enter the zoo. It was 11 o’ clock when they finally decided continue their chat inside the zoo rather than in the bus stop catching every ones eye that’s passing them. The first place to explore inside the zoo was the aquarium they were now about 2 to 3 hours old after recognizing the faces of each other. So undoubtedly they felt more comfortable while walking around with the gang that might be the reason they decided to sit down near the pond of sea horses and began to sing. There a new friend joined them again, not new for all of them really, she was Sachini, Chathu’s girlfriend. After sometime someone again decided to continue their journey inside the zoo. Chathu and Sachini had some other works to attend and so they had to leave them. It was just past noon when they feel like it’s better to have their lunch. Since the place where they bought lunch packets had no space to hold them all in they had to go for another place where they all can sit around and talk while having the lunch. In Dula’s words “We had great fun while we were having lunch”. After having lunch they started walking here and there bugging everyone and talking all the stuff. Finally it was 4pm when they reached the exit. But no one really wanted to leave each other. They started a photo shoot out near the gate and lined some memories in papers for each other before leaving. That was the summary of their first get together which was awesome and unforgettable to each and every one of them.

CG became closer and stronger with those memories. Soon as they got home their Facebook profiles started flooding with numerous activities. They felt like they know each other from childhood like they really are siblings. Their craziness became more and more popular in Facebook and most of the members had great deal of friends in their profiles because of their crazy deeds in each other’s walls, and status (in a good way of course). Then some new members joined them, Rajitha Hiran, Kasun Malith, Anushani Thilakerathne, Isuru Ranganath. Their second get-together was on 09/09/09 at Viharamahadevi Park. They describe it as another awesome day in their lives.

2009/12/08 they organized another social event on behalf of their friends in Facebook. Which was named Facebook fun sixes cricket encounter. They offered two teams to the event with 6 players in each side. Gladiators and Predators, Yazi and Isuru Ranganath captained them respectively. Both the teams managed to go to the semi-finals but not further than that. That was the most exciting days of CG. After that event Shehan Randew, Sachith Kaushal, Nethaji Chandrasiri, Dinali Galanga Bimali Bhagya, Sahan Wickramarachchi, Sajith Rupasinghe joined the Crazy Gang. Crazy Gang still is in the full throttle even though most of the members are busy with the day today life stuff. They gathered some new members again with the time, Sameendra Chaturange, Isuru Jayawardana, Udaara Jayawardana, Lihini Weerasinghe.

alt Their third get-together was also had a full day of serious fun. They played cricket in the morning at People’s Park Dehiwala and had the lunch from Majestic-City food corner where they had to argue with people to arrange a table for about 20 people. Rajitha Hiran was an entertainer in the get-together being a professional Magician and illusionist. After the MC we happened to walk to Wallawaththa from Bambalapitiya in railway. It turned to be an amazing walk by the sea side. After that they played for a while in Wallawaththa beach before they went home at the end of the day. That is a really quick summary of their third get-together in order to keep this long note about them short and sweet. Winding up, this really is a slice of a huge tale of a great friendship developed with time and respect for each other. They have a fan page and a group in FB where you can get in touch with them. If you happened to see them in Facebook don’t forget to drop a line. You will find them amusing, that’s for sure.

Copyright © 2011 Xtream Youth. All rights reserved.

Written by Shehan Randew & Dulanjani Hettiarachchi with the help of YaZi El GamaGe

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