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Vivacious Vinu

enchanting eshani diana jayapala

Vivacious Vinu Udani Siriwardana
Interviewed by : Ravindu Dissanayake & JaNani Ü Mitchel
She's a girl who can steal anyone's heart at once with her graceful smile and her charming beauty. And she has proved that by crowning the Miss Sri Lanka for Miss World 2012 pageant. We got a great opportunity to talk with this charming girl recently. Here is the exclusive interview that we did with Vivacious Vinu...

Vinu, First of all give us a short little introduction of yourself?
Vinu Udani Siriwardhana is my full name, and I was born in Dehiwala with a family of five, father, mother, older brother, younger sister and myself. I’m 20 years of age. Last year I sat off for the Advanced Level G.C.E examination and succeeded so well that I’m hoping to get in to University for higher studies.

Do you have any nicknames?
(Smiling) Normally I don’t have a certain nick name but my friends call me “Vinu” while some people tend to call me “Pooja”.

Vinu, dust up the memories of your wonderful childhood for us!
Because I was raised in Dehiwala I couldn’t run around on paddy field pathways nor had swamps to play off like other kids, so most of my childhood passed by playing with my older brother at home. Beside that I studied at Anula Vidyala from kindergarten till the finish of my studies and that’s how my childhood ran through.

If you reminisced about your good old school days Vinu?
School days are unforgettable. Those days were that much wonderful. Specially, I was a beloved character in school.
While giving the priority on education I also gave my time out to sports and other spare time activities. I showed special talents on sports activities, dancing and art while schooling. Talking about sports, I bought winnings on school sports meets on basketball, netball and table tennis to our house teams. I played basketball since I fourth grade. Even though I didn’t study art as a subject in school I brought winnings to the school on provincial and all island level contests.

I studied dancing as a subject till my ordinary Level class and also bought district and provincial wins from contests. Also took the captain role and the co-captain role in the Eastern band for over a year till I left the school.
I worked as Junior and senior prefect during this time. A step from that I also gained the crown in several annual New Year’s celebration events organized by our school. I was also lucky enough to be crowned as the “Anula Kumariya” in 2011.

How did you get to enter Miss Sri Lanka Vinu?
The foundation that held up the thought to enter this pageant would be the crowns I obtained at school annual New Year’s celebration beauty pageants. From the stage of applying to this pageant till the victorious moment at the end of time my loving parents and siblings encouraged me and stayed by me like my never leaving shadow. Last year also I entered the Miss Sri Lanka pageant and came to the final 12 but because I had to sit for the Advanced Level examination I couldn’t get time out to be in the pageant by my school. So because that, even with a grey cloud above my head I had to leave the contest.

Vivacious Vinu Udani Siriwardana Have you ever dreamed of being crowned as the Miss Sri Lanka?
Certainly, I dreamed of owning the crown of Miss Sri Lanka and that was the reason I entered the pageant in first place. Winning is a biggest wish I had. Especially I entered this pageant waning to represent Sri Lanka internationally, attending Miss Universe pageant and bring my mother land a victorious glory.

Because I got selected for the last year’s final 12 I got so much support and absolute hope of winning this pageant from my family, relations, friends, school teachers and everybody. That faith and my dynamic preparation of three month period afforded me the crown of this pageant.

If you were to call upon the experiences of Miss Sri Lanka Vinu?
First off I applied for this pageant and the organizers called upon 30 people for their first interview. On the same day the judge board chose the final 12. Three days every week for three months we had workshops at Thotupola Resort Piliyandala. Among the final 12 there were contestants at the ages of 17 to age of 24.

All 12 contestants spend time like sisters in a one big family keeping the time pass by harmonious and amusing. During this time there were 13 mini pageants including beautiful hair, beautiful skin, miss talent, miss popular and many more. Final extravaganza held on March 31st and also they called out the winners from mini pageants that day. I was able to be crowned as miss talent and miss popular from these mini pageants.

Preparing for a contest like this for three months, haven’t you collected any unforgettable memories?
Yeah! During this time I faced a game called Treasure Hunt, it was a really good experience. For this we had to spend a whole day in Kithulgala and we were grouped as A and B. I was on the team A, where we got the first challenge. It was to find things to build a tent. Challenge wasn’t easy as it way sounded because we had to go across many peaks and valleys. One time we had to cross the river using cable and we had to face many harder knocks.in the begging B team came to the lead passing off to the victory but the bit of challenge was to count nails n a bridge and because we succeeded from that bit, we could accomplish the win of that whole challenge.

One of the best memorable time was this period was the time we did white water rafting. While the boat we were in was passing a huge wave it suddenly flipped over and it didn’t just happened, but my friends and I did it intentionally. But when we dropped in to the water we realized how dangerous what we did was and it wasn’t so clever of us. Finally with the wave we had to come to the land by the aid of a rope which was thrown by the guides.

Vivacious Vinu Udani Siriwardana When you were a young one what was your dream to be?
To be real, like anybody else I always wanted to be a doctor. But I studied and sat off to advanced level on area of commerce. My only hope I have for future is to do whatever I will do right and with respect to it.

Modeling, dancing, acting, what do you love the most?
I’m hooked on all three of them and I’m talented in every one of it. So, simply I love all three of these fields.

As a young woman, what thoughts are held upon your mind about youth generation in Sri Lanka?
Looking at the young crowd now days, they always want to bring out something new. Because of this they get closer to success day by day and it is a good thing. But while having to step on to do a new thing it’s important to protect what ours, our cultural aspects.

Thoughts on fashion trends?
Love for fashion as a young woman is on the highest point in me. Especially the styles we like differs from the people we hang out and the environment we live in. because of this styles and fashion trends in village and city side are not comparable. Before being able to style on something new we have to see and think whether if it fits us or not. If you are a lady the shape of your body, color of your skin, height and personality are some areas you should pay attention on.

Do you follow any fashion trend that comes out?
No, certainly not. I always pick and choose before I style. I often see if it fits me and don’t shot off my culture. If it suits me I go with the flow and add it to my closet.

Vinu, tell us a little about your loving family?
My mom is a teacher at Anula Kindergarten and my dad works at the Road Development Authority as an officer. My brother works for Abans Automobile while my younger sister still studies in tenth grade at Anula Vidyala.

What is the next pageant you are steaming up to attend?
The miss international pageant.

What are your future plans?
To go on higher and do the best on my education, modeling and acting.

Favorite Singer?
Romesh Lakshan

Vivacious Vinu Udani Siriwardana Vinu, do you have a special shout out aiming you adoring fans?
Anything you do, do it with the right heart and mind. Put your best effort in to it. Like you supported me through out for this long I like all my fans to be with me for the future too.

As a young lady, what do you think about love?
Love is a beautiful thing. It’s a necessity to anybody’s life. for me I get unconditional love from my family, relations, friends and my adoring fans.

Aren’t you love-struck from a special someone?
No, currently that hasn’t happened yet.

Any characteristic aspects on that special someone you want to spend rest of your life with?
He must have a great personality. Need to be tall. He must love me more than I love him and he should understand me well while he has to control himself not to get angry so easily.

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