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Rising Yerosha

alt Her golden figure along with the warm cute smile made an easy access for her to enter to the modeling industry in a very young age. Although she put a little comma to modeling during her school years to give a better attention to studies, now she is back on the track making a considerable number of admiring fans surrounding her. She is Bavani Yerosha Iddamalgoda or Yero in her sweet nick name. We got an opportunity to meet her, though for a short period of time and she gave us these details about her along with her charming smile.

She awakened her blooming past telling us that she came to this field in doing a photo shoot with the popular paper 'Sunday Observer' when she was 14 years old but that she had to stop the career for a while due to her studies. After completing her Advanced levels, then, in the very beginning of her tantalizing twenties she started her modeling life again by participating Ms.Lanka pageant. She uses her own styles as her fashion and added that she is very much aware of new fashion trends and that she loves them.She is concerned about the cosmetics and recommends British cosmetis which she mostly uses.

Answering our question about her idea about her motherland Sri Lanka she said “Well,its a lovely country and I’m lucky to be a Sri Lankan. Here we have lots of opportunities to go a long way from the field of fashion. I’m proud about my country”

She loves to stay at home in her leisure and to play games.Sometimes she enjoyes spending time on the beach with her friends too.

When we asked her thoughts of love she said that what awesome feeling it is to love and how hard it is to explain that specific feeling.

In speaking of the secret to her success she told that she likes having challenges in her life and that there is not secret behind her success other than faithfully believing her religion.

She mentions that she never imitates anyone but simply follow her own style..She is happy with the achievements she has got so far in her life and advises her fans to develop patience, flexibility in situations and to be empathetic towards others if they are to be triumphant in their lives too.

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