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Fascinating Amanda

alt Dazzling, classy, cute, fascinating, gorgeous, lovely, stunning.... these words aren't enough to describe her. She was one of the top contestants at Derana Veet Miss Sri Lanka 2009 for Miss World beauty pageant and today, we were lucky enough to have a little conversation with her in the midst of her very busy work schedule.

She is still a novel figure in the huge modeling industry within her first few steps of a long path that she is to follow. Within this short period she has been able to take part in plenty of leading fashion shows in Sri Lankan modeling industry and to be the heartthrob of many fans whose number keeps increasing.She who possesses a unique classy and cute out looks since even her school age, says that she obtains an special enthusiasm for this specific profession as a result of her family background.

Nilukshi Amanda Silva or in her well known name Amy Silva is a full-time model and is believed to be the tallest (5' 9") among Sri Lankan models today.. She studied at Sirimavo Bandaranaike College,Colombo and is the eldest in the family with one younger sister. She has followed Modern Ballet under Kapila Palihawadana's NATANDA dance ensemble which has been a great help for her to improve her modeling career. Owing to her stunning beauty many are under the impression that she is a foreigner but as she told us she is a pure Sri Lankan girl.

Although we cannot get to see her in Tele dramas & films, we often meet her in advertisements and in entertaining feature programs which has jazzed up from her dances. It can be seen that she doesn’t intent to take hold of acting as a career quite yet.

In speaking of her day to day life, we got to know that she loves her dad more than anyone else. She favors in wearing evening dresses as gowns that goes with her beautiful figure and height. During her leisure she greatly enjoys movies, listen to music and specially, Bollywood love songs that she particularly wanted us to add.

Mentioning about the people who supported her and of the accomplishment throughout her career, she says,"I had tremendous support from my family, Rozanne Dias trained me and I have taken part in some of the most renowned fashion shows like the Colombo Fashion Week, AOD, IIFA Fashion Show and the LIFT fashion show. I have yearned to make it big in this field and now I feel that I have finally gotten there. My dream is to become a supermodel in the industry someday"

She was awarded the Best Female Model of 2010 at the pageant which was choreographed by renowned designer Brion Kerkoven and sponsored by Vasana Danthanarayana's R & V Entertainments.

Here are some more information about Nilukshi !!!

Date of birth : January 3
Favourite movie : Home Alone, Orphan, Shutter and Fairytales
Favourite actor : Roshan Ranawana
Favourite actress : Nobody in particular
Favourite food : Burgers
Favourite beverage : Avacado juice
Favourite slogan : Confidence and dedication will help you achieve your dreams

Join with Nilukshi Amanda on facebook : Click here to join with her official fan page

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