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A $435 outfit wiped out. Is it really worth it?

alt Just as the clock approaches 5 pm, the dog starts barking for his daily walk but its pouring down rain in Melbourne’s north. I waited until it was a slight drizzle before stepping outside, the wind blew strong and cold but that didn’t stop me or the neighbourhood from taking our 4 legged friends for a walk (we Australians love our pets!)

Anyways you get the picture about the weather, after all it is winter in Australia, so I got out wearing real cheap clothing - $50 outfit from Jay Jays (jeans, tank top and jacket) and a pair of $20 runners from Kmart. Nothing fancy because I have no intentions of getting good clothes dirty just to walk my dog in a muddy park!

Obviously from the rain the long grass and dirt paths along the creek would be wet and muddy – even a 4 year old kid knows that! This lady walking a small white western highland dog was dressed up like she was going to some A-grade marathon race. I didn’t take notice of her clothes at first because I was too busy laughing the at small puppy trying to jump 30cm long grass, he was no bigger than a basketball. It was hilarious, he’s curly white coat was just brown muck. Just watching him hopping like a bunny was one of those cute things you saw “awwww”.

When she got closer to me that’s when I noticed her shoes, a $240 sexy pair of candy pink Nike Zoom Vomero 5 (I only know that because I was at Footlocker wanting to buy the same pair). As exchanged glances and nods our heads to say hi I saw the small puma logo on pants and huge Nike tick through the semi open zip of her Puma jacket. I looked at her has if this was some kind of joke. Each step she took splashed puddles of muds onto the expensive shoes and pants while the rain soaked the newly bought jacket.

As we walked past again she was looking at me like some low scum on the street wearing non- branded clothing, but I looked at her like some mentally retarded woman just showing off her dollar value. No I’m not being envious of her because I do wear a lot of branded sporting and casual wear, but when I’m going out to places in good weather – shopping centres, meeting friends, just places in general. When an item of clothing at a cheaper price which is comfortable to wear at a good quality, what difference does it make whether it has the Adidas triangle, Nike tick, Reebok logo or Puma logo? In the end all clothing gets worn and torn then thrown away.

Why this is lady wearing branded clothing totalling almost $440 in awful weather? I mean it’s not just this lady who does it. I’ve seen it multiple times in different situations. I admit I’ve done it once or twice but that’s because Melbourne weather is unpredictable at times. You never know when it might rain, however this lady clearly knew it was raining and muddy outside her posh house! Her outfit : $240 Candy Pink Nike Zoom Vomero+ 5 shoes, $80 Puma Sweatpants, $80 Puma Lightweight Performance Jacket and $35 Nike Women’s Tank top Vs My outfit : $25 Dunlop shoes, $20 Jay Jay’s Denim Jeans, $20 Baby pink Jay Jay’s hoodie and $10 white Cotton On tank top. Which would you have chosen? And why?

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Written by Asha P. Tania (Creative Writer at Xtream Youth)

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