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Tips to Recognize a facebook Fake Profile

alt Tips to recognize a facebook fake profile !!!

At present, Facebook has nearly / over 600 million users and unfortunately like many other social networks, facebook also has been infected with FAKE PROFILES. Some use fake profiles to promote their businesses [events, pages, groups etc] on facebook, while some mentally ill persons use fake profiles to harm others' privacy and even to put innocent lives in danger. We do not recommend both types of fake profiles and here we have listed a few tips to recognize a facebook fake profile. If you notice multiple points that are listed below in a friend requested profile or in a friend request received profile there is a 99% possibility for it to be a Fake Profile. Check out the facts that we have listed below & make sure you only add a Real Profile as a friend on facebook.

Why would someone create Fake Profiles?
1. Testing Relationships : Lovers testing and teasing each other by fake flirts & messages.
2. Promoting Business : Sharing on fake profiles and force businesses to grow.
3. Revenge : People creating humiliating fake profiles for those who hurt them.
4. Psychos : Stupid pointless people who like to fool around.
5. Childhood Problems ;) : Males creating female profiles and females creating male profiles.

alt 1. Profile Picture : If the profile picture is a photo of a super professional model,celebrity, or something SEXY and only having one photo in the profile picture album, always think thrice before adding or requesting them to be friends. And also if the profile picture is a photo of a ladies footwear, never add that person if you don't have any clue about whom he/she is. There is a huge trend building on social networks with profiles who wish to be kind of a servant for girls and they use photos of high heels in their profile picture. These people are very dangerous & mentally ill.

alt 2. Too Many Male Friends : Usually guys send requests to girls if their profile picture attracts them & adds most of the girls from whom they receive requests. Usually girls don't add every request they receive and they never request unknown guys [I'm talking about good girls here ;) ]. But for fake profiles gender issues does not matter. They add everyone who request them and they send requests as much as possible. So there is a huge possibility to see many male friends [Hundreds to Thousands] in a facebook Fake Profile.

alt 3. Photo Albums : Fake profile holders never think about the privacy of the profile. So most of the time all the albums are visible to everyone. When you click on the "Photos" of a non friend profile and if you can't see photo albums there that gives you a hint that the owner cares about his/her privacy and it gives a clue that it can be a real profile. And on the tagged photo list , if you are only viewing application photos and cartoon/celebrity photos, that means none of the friends have tagged a photo of the owner and it also gives a hint that such person does not exist.

alt 4. Full Filled Profile : This is one of the most promising hints!!! If the profile information is fully filled that means there is a huge possibility for it to be a real person. Fake Profile holders hardly update their profile information. Don't expect mobile numbers and e-mail addresses there, but you can check for interests, quotes and other available information to make sure that the profile is active on facebook and it has decent likes and interests. If you see suspicious pages and groups in likes & interests list, Think Thrice !!!

alt 5. Family Requests : If you are getting family requests from unknown friends who are in your profile, don't ever confirm them. Fake Profile holders use this trick to show others that the profile is a real one. Once they got a few real people as siblings and there after when the profile sends a request to someone it makes the receiver to think that "This profile has some siblings and they seem to be real, so this profile needs to be a real one, ok, Im confirming your request"

alt 6. Status Update Comments : This is another promising hint. Some Fake Profile holders try to show that they are real by updating their status. Usually guys comment when a girl updates her status and also a few of her female friends comment in it (Sign of a real profile). But in this case only males comment & as the replies from the profile holder is numerically low, there wont be many comments by others too. Keep this tip in your mind and be sure to check status updates if you got a request from any unknown person. ;)

alt 7. Activity Feeds : If you see this kind of activity feeds on a facebook profile wall that means it's FAKE & made to promote events, pages, applications or groups. Adding a friend who promotes applications will put your profile in RISK. Clicking on spam / phishing links will risk your privacy and will trouble your friends too. There is a chance of losing your account if you enter your password in any phishing web sites.

alt 8. Friend Activity Feeds : This kind of activity feed also warns us to think twice before adding or requesting it to be a friend of yours. Usually a decent guy/girl won't accept all the requests he/she receives. But there are people who accepts each and every request they receive [at their own risk]. So if you have any mutual friends with these types of profiles better to ask one of them before confirming if you have received a request from a profile whose wall is filled with these kind of activity feeds.

We are not saying you not to add strangers. People love to make friends and social network is all about connecting people. But you must add good friends. You must not put your friends and your family members lives in danger by adding psychos in to your account. Specially if you are a girl, think thrice before adding unknown people. Life does not have an Undo button. So before something happens, be aware and inform your friends too. Our next article will be about tips on making your facebook account safe on facebook. See You Soon !!!

Copyright © 2011 Xtream Youth. All rights reserved.

Written by Ignatious Jayathilake (Creative Writer at Xtream Youth)

For further inquiries on articles please contact our administrators : Ignatious Jayathilake | Kasun Malith

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