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Hashan Fernando | The Street Magician

alt He is a magician. Not just an ordinary magician, a popular street magician. Not only his good looks but also his ability of entertaining the audience with his magic tricks have helped him to gather a large number of fans around him. Here's the little conversation we had with him when we met him on a busy weekend.

To start our conversation, Could you give us a short introduction about your self ?
I am Hashan Fernando 23 year old little boy lol who lives in Dehiwala Sri Lanka love to play cricket love to make new frends and help everyone

People call you as? (Any Nick name?)

How did you enter this Street Magic industry?
When I Was Small My father Taught me few card tricks and I practiced them very well and performed them to my frends and relatives then I got a book from my cousin Romesh Fernando I had to give him 100 stamps for that ..... so when we was small Me Romesh And my Frend Izman use find new tricks regularly ... we use to impress each others by inventing new tricks .... day by day we found plenty of good tricks and finally I wanted to do an TV performance so I called every TV channels in Sri Lanka ...... so first I got a chance to perform on Sri Lanka Ruvahini Corporation then on ITN atapattama and finally on Derana TV A series of 32 Episodes .....

We would love it if you could tell us about your school life....
hmmm I went to Prince Of Wales College and my school life is not much actually I was a silent person .... and I wanted to ply for the school cricket team .... I played around 2 and a Half years but never got a chance to ply on a cricket match ... I was the first reserve of the team every time .... I Passed in My GCE O/L but my school didn't allowed me to do my A/L so I had to keep a fullstops to my school life.

Do you love to follow new fashion trends in your ordinary life or do you prefer to be Simple ? If yes to follow new fashion what do you prefer most?
I always prefer to be charm.

Your idea about Sri Lanka..? What do you think?
Everything so far so good but ppl have to be honest if they want to develop this country.

How do you spend your leisure time?
Play Cricket with my friends

What is the most unforgettable incident in your life?
We had a Cat Call RANI ... 1 day my little brother was chasing after her and he fell down from the balcony and knocked he's head on a wall ... then immediately I took him to the hospital in a Three Wheel ohhh I was shouting inside the 3 wheel like a crazy dog ... luckily he got survived but unfortunately now he's a big headed person lol.

What do you think about love & tell us about your soul mate.
Love? hapoooo I am fed up with love , I love LOVE

What is the secret behind your success?
Five Precepts ( it's not easy it's not hard try it out u will feel the success )

Who is your role model ? & are you imitating someone?
I don't imitate others

People do have these bitter incidents in their lives.. It's the same with every human being. I'm sure you must have had the same bitter experiences in life. Would you like to share one of them with us? Perhaps the worst one from them?
when I was playing for the school cricket team 1 day I got a call from the coach and he told me that I am selected for the next day Match ... wow I was really happy then I went to the match next day with big big hopes the match was at Coals Cricket club against isipathana college ... the match started and I was the 7th player 6 6 wickets went down and am the next player I was practing that time and suddenly coach called me and told me to take off my Pads and he gave the chance to some one else .... of I was very sad and tears came off from my Eye ......

Are you happy with whatever you've achieved so far in life?
Yes I am happy

Advices to the new comers & to the people who are gonna join the industry ??
New comers should invent new tricks and concepts and also they should present the magic trick by their own style

What do you have to say to your fans? As a matured person in this particular industry what advices would you like to give to the new comers in the industry as well as to the people who have the desire to step in to the industry? It's the time to share your thoughts...
I love my fans always ......... new comers should always respect their fans as well as their fellow magicians

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Written by Rajitha Hiran (Creative Writer at Xtream Youth)

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