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Raffealla | A Revolution

Raffealla Fernando Fashion Designer Photographer

Raffealla Fernando Fashion Designer Photographer
She is an inspiration
A sincere hard worker
With the true talent
And passion mixed together...
She is revolutionary
In her ultimate quest
To unveil a new dimension in photography
She is Raffealla Fernando...

“You and XY” team got the opportunity to have an exclusive interview with this talented young lady who has achieved a lot in her fields of work within a very short period of time. She welcomed us warmly and we just could not help admiring her classy, easygoing and friendly personality.

So Raffealla, shall we start this interview with a little introduction about you for our fans?
Hi, I’m Raffeala Fernando and I’m 21 years old. By profession I’m a fashion designer and also a photographer.
Tell us about your initial interest on this photography field.
I had this interest since I was a kid. Even in school I was in the Photographic Society. It’s been about one year since I started practicing photography since my profession is mainly fashion designing. Photography is more like a hobby for me.

What do you mostly prefer from photography and Fashion Designing?
Designing is the path that I actually studied. So from that time onwards it has been my profession. I prefer photography as well but I like to keep it as my hobby.

Okay so we had the opportunity to go through your photo shoots and we saw that you have explored your way through many different concepts. What inspires you when you select these themes?
I do celebrity portfolios mainly, because in Sri Lanka you don’t get portfolios done like that. In Hollywood and Bollywood you see all the stars doing photo-shoots in costumes with concepts and all that. Other than that I like to work with concepts. When I do Fashion Designing also my work is mostly done with concepts. So it is easy for me to adopt that into photography.

Is there a specific goal you work towards?
Yes my target is to become a known Fashion Designer. I began my plans during 2009 and I’ve been working on it since then. And my aim is to open up my own fashion boutique one day and have my own brand name you know.

Well there’s this common belief among the society that if you have a good camera you can take good photos. What’s your opinion on that?
Absolutely no. When I started photography I had an ordinary Lumix camera. I believe that it’s all about the person who’s behind the camera. And you know there are photographers who capture extraordinary photos from their phone cameras even.

Have you studied photography further?
I got my first lessons when I was at my school photographic society. And later on I studied the technical side with Meesha Gunawardhana who I consider as my guru in this field. I learned many things myself with the practice.

What is the most favorite or the most memorable photo shoot you have done? You can name a few if you like.
I remember the one with Shalani Tharaka with vegetables. We never really planed the costume and all were done within an hour. It was really fun.

And there was Hemal’s one. We did the photo shoot in Maligawaththa in a broken warehouse. It was the time that ‘grease yaka’ rumor going around. So with Hemal’s makeup people used to think Hemal was one of them. People used to come and stare and everything. It was fun!

Let’s move on to simpler and personal things now. How do you spend your leisure time?
I love music. I get along with friends and sleep and you know. Things like that.

Tell us about your school life.
I attended to St. Bridget’s Convent. And after my O/Ls I moved on to learn Fashion Designing.

Do you follow the new fashion trends?
I do follow new fashion trends. As a designer it’s important to keep updated. I’m more of a textile based designer so I like doing prints and that sort of things.

What are your feelings towards your country, Sri Lanka?
I really love Sri Lanka especially because of the climate. It’s always pleasant to live in.

Photography is a field with more male participation. What do you feel about being a girl in this field?
Well there are times it is difficult for a girl to go and work, especially in event covering. There you have to move a lot and that equality is not given in Sri Lanka. But I personally believe that whatever the thing a man can do, a woman can do as well.

Who are you favorite photographers?
I’d say Meesha Gunawardana, Dabboo Rathnani and Venkat Ram

What is the secret behind your success?
I really do work a lot. Now if I have to get 2 photos I get 20 and select from that. It is really needed for a good quality outcome.

Tell me the first thing that comes to your mind, what’s the most unforgettable incident in your life so far?
Surely it’s the time I won the award for the Up and coming Fashion Designer. The whole experience was unforgettable.

How do you see yourself in 10 years from now?
Well of course I’ll be 10 years older. (laughs) Other than that I hope to launch my label in a proper way and also to have a fashion boutique and you know to make all the fashion scenario going on Sri Lanka.

What’s your favorite quote or the motto you live by?
Never saw better,
Didn’t want to see the best,
Unique is what I see now…
This is the quote I use for my brand and the label.

Finally, do leave a message for your fans.
I really admire the support, because they keep following me on Facebook and also leave comments. That means a lot. Some even drop me messages with their nice comments on my work. Then you get really motivated even when you are not satisfied with your work and then you get such feedback so you feel good. I’m very thankful to them.

Xtream Youth wishes her all the best for a long way to go in her field doing even better things in the times to come.

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