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Mullet Skirt AKA Asymmetrical Skirt

Mullet Skirt AKA Asymmetrical Skirt

Mullet Skirt AKA Asymmetrical Skirt
Trending Chic Monday: Mullet Skirt AKA Asymmetrical Skirt.
Girls, go to your closets and count up how many skirts you have. Find at least one right? Add this style to your closet too because you can never go wrong being stylish. This awesome new style recently hit the runway becoming quite popular for the Spring/Summer 2012. It kept short at the front and long at the back. There are so many names out there for this adorable skirt; Mullet skirt, Hi-low skirt, Asymmetrical skirt, fake maxi skirt, mermaid tail, waterfall skirt and so on.If you are a shorty like me, congrats you have met your fabulous fashion mate, because the differentiation between the lengths could make us look taller. These skirts are usually done with sheer fabrics and the lengths and patterns of the fabric vary by the makers. A killer fashionista would pair one colour mullet skirt with a super cute sleeveless patterned top.

Catherine Blair Pfander from The TreadNY says “Be the maxi or mini, skirts played an important role in this spring's key collections. For those of us who can't choose between the two, a sweeping "mullet skirt" provides a happy compromise—mini in the front, maxi in the back.” Brooklyn based designer Suzanne Rae has brought up this Mullet skirt trend from the beginning and her ruffled silk skirts took a special attention off from all.

As the trend of the Neon colours and colour block pops out this season, I ran in to Urban Outfitters here in Canada few weeks back and got myself a neon orange Mullet skirt. You can always go DIY and get a maxi skirt from your mom’s, sister’s or aunt’s closet, cut it in the front asymmetrically and sew a neat ham by hand or using a sewing machine.Whether you are classy, chic or street styled girl; going out buying or making few of these skirts wouldn’t hurt since it could be worn to any occasion anywhere. Ladies, think about getting updated for the season; get yourself a darling little mullet skirt.

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