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Mesmerizing Gayesha

Life is what we make of it. She is an actress, a dancer, a presenter and soon to be a singeress. When true beauty meets the true talent,it becomes simply IRRESISTIBLE! Get a glimpse at her gorgeous face and there can hardly be a person among you who doesn't know her.

Meet GAYESHA! Xtream Youth presents an exclusive interview with this beautiful and talented Sri Lankan artist.

Shall we start this with a short and sweet description about you then?
2006 was the year where I kicked start in this field. My career started with the Miss Sri Lanka pageant. That led me to my first tele drama ‘Nim Walalla’ which was produced by Mr. Bennet Rathnayaka and directed by Kristy Shelton Fernando. That was my first tele drama and I’ve been a part of more than 13 tele dramas by now. I’m an actress, a dancer and a presenter now. In the near future I’m hoping to come to you as a singeress with the launch of my debut song.

Any nick name?
My closest pals call me ‘Gee’.

If we go back to your childhood a little bit?
I was such an innocent kid. A model student in the school. I participated many stuff at school as a child, became the monitress in the class in higher grades and then a prefect. I was a girl scout and the Band leader in my school. Those are the memories of my school.

What is the first approach to the media field?
There is nothing special. When I was working I got a little invitation to join the Miss Sri Lanka pageant by the GM in the place I was working. That led me to this field otherwise there was no that much of an approach for me to this field.

So that means getting into media field was not a dream you had?
Nope. There wasn’t much of a hope. I wanted to be a pilot.

alt Then ‘being a pilot’ dream belongs to the history now?
I had to leave that dream you know, because of the career I am in now. I always want to do whatever the thing I do in a perfect way. Now the career I am in has got into my life deep. So I think this is the best path for me to go far.

No regret in your mind about that?
No. Now I feel that I’m in a better place than a pilot.

We have seen you as a dancer, an actress and a presenter. What’s your favorite from those three fields?
mmm… my favorite……. There isn’t a special one. But I guess I got the best talents for dancing. But my favorite field is acting. Don’t misunderstand. I meant that my favorite subject is dancing while my favorite field is acting.

What do you think about the youth crowd in Sri Lanka?
We got a really creative youth. We all want to create something new. It is correct if we say that behind many achievements today there is the youth crowd.

What do you think about fashion?
Fashion is an experience. We should make it a priority as women because we love it. There are many varieties of fashions we can follow. It’s varies with the time too. It’s a really interesting thing.

When we speak about fashion, is it okay to follow any kinda fashion that comes?
I don’t wanna make anyone uncomfortable by saying so.

What about you? Do you normally follow all the kinds of fashion that arrive?
Honestly, I can’t say no. Yes, I do, because I love fashion. I always keep myself updated with the world fashion. I look for the trends that go with the present because it’s a must for us to keep in touch with them as celebrities.

Let’s move on to your family now? Tell us about your family background.
There’s me and my mother in my family. Mom was always behind me in the first days I got on to this field but when she got to understand more she let me to take my own decision and go forward.

Is there anyone else other than your mother who gives you hand?
There is my boyfriend (my future husband!) He’s behind my success always these days.

alt Wow! Then you’re going to get married soon?
Soon means around next year.

We all know that your exceptional beauty has made your way into several special pageants. If you could mention them?
I won the Miss Sri Lanka for Miss International 2006, and i have represented Sri Lanka at Two major world pageants so far, Miss International Pageant held in Japan 2006 & Miss Tourism Queen International Pageant held in China 2009. Most Importantly my biggest achivement so far is, winning the Mini Title, MISS TALENT at Miss Tourism Queen International 2009

Any special and unforgettable memory in your life you’d like to share with your fans?
My first movie ‘Flying Fish’ is an unforgettable memory in my life because that’s my debut movie. It got the award for the Best Movie in countries like China, Russia, and Korea. I’ll never forget the whole period of shooting that movie. I dedicated many things for it.

If we talk about your ambitions for the future?
I’m going to release my song in the near future. That will give me a chance to come to my fans in a different way. Then there’s another very special task I’m planning to do. That is to build a school of acting to all my brothers and sisters out there who hope to come to this field. That’s what I’m giving most of my time and attempts these days. I was a dream I had for like 2 years now. I’m inviting you all to join with us to make this a success.

We would like to know about your favorite musicians.
I like Mr. Victor Rathnayaka among Sri Lankan musicians and internationally I like Shakeera the best.

Any message you want to give to your fans?
The tele creation of the book ‘Manuthapaya’ is in the making as ‘Dooli Pinthaaru’. It’ll be telecasted from 18th of September. I do the main role there which is Lisa, from her childhood to the youth of her. I just want you all to be with me always.

As a successful person in the field of media, there can be people who imitate you. As a role model, how do you encourage them?
I’m a person who has won everything in life. A person who has never being defeated. I’ve always being strong in the problems that came to me. When I was pushed down a little bit, I always try to go forward even future than I was. What I want to say is if we fall once, twice or even more times than that we are able to stand too. If you take that advice, you’ll never go wrong.

Last question, if god gives you 3 wishes, what will you ask for?
1. An international award as the best actress.
2. The strength to make my acting school and being able to help thousands of students there.
3. Advice the youth generation in Sri Lanka to make themselves a very good life.

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