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Glamorous Karandza

alt No one is ever going to forget this face if they get to see her super gorgeous smile! Of course this is not a new face to many of us as we see her in commercials and music videos all the time. She got hit by the spot light after entering the Miss Sri Lanka for Miss Universe in 2010. It is not a miracle seeing her coming this far in all her attended fields with her strong liveliness and energetic manner. So get ready for an exclusive interview with Kelly, the sweet Tulip flower!

1.To start our conversation, Could you give us a short introduction about your self ?

My name’s Karandza Starleen Fernando. I’m 22, born on the 22nd of November. I’m a twin, and I come from huge family of 8. Got 7 siblings, and I’m the fourth from the youngest, elder to my twin. Currently live in Colombo and I’m a part time actress and a commercial model. I’m very energetic and enthusiastic when it comes to my line of work and my personal life. Have a passion for fashion, and simply love what I do and the people around me.

2. People call you as? (Any Nick name?)

My friends call me Kelly.

3. How did you enter the Modelling industry?

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been taking part in commercials and movies in the 90’s. After some time, I started doing music videos for renowned local artists and a few new comers in the music industry. Years went by and the commercials kept coming in, I was the face for quite a few local and international brands in Sri Lanka.

My modeling career, apart from appearing in commercial and music videos began when I entered the Miss Sri Lanka for Miss Universe pageant in 2010. That’s when I think everything just took off for me. I was amongst the top 12 contestants and it was an unforgettable experience. It was a great pleasure working with big names in the industry like Lou Chin… after the pageant; I got more exposure that opened up many opportunities for me to grow in my career.

So far everything has been just right. I’m very selective of what I do. Every new photo-shoot, commercial or movie etc… is a new learning experience for me. With the everlasting support from my family and with the right choices, watch out world, here I come… :)

4. We would love it if you could tell us about your school life....

Well, school life was not out of the ordinary. I schooled at the St. Sebastian's Convent, Kandana with my twin. My sister and I was the teacher’s pet in most of our classes. We’d always get in trouble for doing crazy things. It was good fun. Very active school life I’d say. I always loved speech and drama, so I always took part in school plays and I’d always give a speech on the English day at school. Didn’t take part in any sports but I was in the western music band along with my twin till our senior years at school playing bass. School was always what I look forward too. Good times, the stories still put a smile on my face.

5. Do you love to follow new fashion trends in your ordinary life or do you prefer to be Simple ? If yes to follow new fashion what do you prefer most?

It is a definite Yes. I like to try new things, set trends that go my way. The way I see it, the sense of fashion or the virus I’d call it, just hit Sri Lanka and people are more keen and selective of what they wear. With more designer brands entering the local market and with the help of magazines and websites, people are more aware of what’s happening in the industry, hence, the buzz. As I see it, the fashion industry in Sri Lanka will boom within the next 5 years or so.

6. What cosmetics you recommend?

Designer perfumes are number one on my list, a huge fan myself. When it comes to cosmetics, I always go for Victoria Secrets as I’m really confident about the product.

7. Are you being careful about your food in order to maintain the figure ? What advices can you give to your fans regarding food?

Well, not really. I love to eat and cook and I experiment with my cooking. I take all three meals for the day, and I make sure it has the right balance of all nutritions. I don’t believe in dieting for a healthy figure, and I wouldn’t miss out on the occasional pizza or burger.

8. What is the most unforgettable incident in your life?

This would be the day my father passed away. It was just all too sudden. I was 18 when this happened and it was devastating for me and everyone in my family. Felt like I lost everything after dada passed away, it was really hard for us to get back on our feet. There’s not a day that passes by with his loving memories. Love you Dada, missing you so much.

9. What do you think about love & tell us about your soul mate.

Let’s just say love is the most amazing thing and I simply love, being loved and giving it in return. ♥ ♥ ♥

10. Who is your role model ? & are you imitating someone?

For me, it has always been and will be my mother for all the right reasons. Next I would say Mrs. Rosy Senanayake.

11. Are you happy with whatever you've achieved so far in life?

I’m really happy with where I am in my life, and with what I have achieved so far. The people I’ve worked with and the decisions I’ve made has just been right and I’m thankful to all, specially my family who has always being my strength through good times and bad. I always want to achieve great things in life, and I’ll always keep at it.

12. Advices to the new comers & to the people who are gonna join the industry ??

My advice would be, never to imitate anyone, and to always follow what you feel is right. Your ways might not be accepted by everyone, but that’s what will help you stand out and be outstanding. Try new things, but think it through, if it would suit you, how it would fit your image as an individual. The right choices will get you to the spot light in no time. Always learn, explore, and ask why!

On a final note, do visit my Facebook fan page. Thanks.
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