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Enchanting Eshani

Her twinkling eyes are the sort that you get effortlessly mesmerized by, with long eyelashes that she flicked almost constantly. Her hair fell loosely over her shoulders framing her smiling face. Eshani Diana Jay, a girl who was born to be a model, consented to give an interview to out "You and XY". It was such a delight for us to talk to this cheery girl who also faced to an almost instant photoshoot you can see below. Read on for her exclusive interview with us.
enchanting eshani diana jayapala

enchanting eshani diana jayapala
Interviewed by : Vindya Vithana & Dulanjani Hettiarachchi
Her twinkling eyes are the sort that you get effortlessly mesmerized by, with long eyelashes that she flicked almost constantly. Her hair fell loosely over her shoulders framing her smiling face. Eshani Diana Jay, a girl who was born to be a model, consented to give an interview to out “You and XY”. It was such a delight for us to talk to this cheery girl who also faced to an almost instant photoshoot you can see below. Read on for her exclusive interview with us.

We are so glad to meet you Eshani! Shall we break the ice by giving a little introduction about you then?
Sure, I am Eshani diana Jayapala. My home town is Kurunagala, but I shifted Colombo to do my law entrance. My first job was at Dialog as a custom services executive, and worked there for like two and half years. It’s a different industry and once you do the same thing you get bored. So I joined HSBC as banking assistant and was working there around one and half years, well it was a night shift. Then I joined SUN FM as a marketing executive. There are so many stuff and if I start talking about it people will say this person can’t stay at one place. (laughs!)

Well for us that only shows the variety of talents you have!
Yes that’s what. But I always wanted to become an entrepreneur in the fashion industry by begin a fashion icon and I always wanted to become a stardom because I was really talented in dancing ,acting and singing Also I had a dream to become a model. From small days I was watching fashion shows, fashion magazines as much as I can even though I wasn’t allowed to watch those things. Then when I was a teenager, I went to a class at Boralla which was conducted by Nick jeson in 2001 to learn how to do the catwalk and all. I had to come to Colombo on every weekend only to attend that class. I had that kind of dedication for the industry.

When I was a teenager i featured for DSI Ranpa and it was my 1st TV commercial though It was just a small role. Other thing is even though I worked at few places, I didn’t have higher educational qualifications though i had the professional experience by working at few reputed companies in sri lanka as an executive level so i decided to gain the knowledge by doing a degree in business management. So I joined ACBT to do a business management degree, since I always had a dream to become an entrepreneur in the fashion industry. And the other thing is since I always wanted to model and so far i have been modeled for so many ramp shows ,have featured for so many TV commercials and magazines, and have done unique fashion photo shoots, I got few opportunities to go to india and I featured for two foreign commercials, one of the best achievements in my modeling career was in 2010 I took part in best female model of the year sri lanka for the international pageant and I was able to select for top five models, so it was a great opportunity for me to work with the people who are in the industry and to get a lot of opportunities. and I got a good reputation in the modeling industry .

Can you tell us about the experience of Miss Sri Lanka for Miss Universe pageant?
Well, my parents and my brother, specially my parents, encouraged me to participate in a beauty pageant. A beauty pageant is where we can show our talent to international arena. From small days I had a dream to represent my country, being a model and doing something different like being so unique. I just want to show something unique in myself to the world, not only to Sri Lanka but to the world. I think Miss Sri Lanka is a great opportunity to fulfill my dream and it is a nice experience.

enchanting eshani diana jayapala Can you share your views about the modeling industry of Sri Lanka today? How do you see it, because in modeling we have lots of prejudices, so can you give us a little explanation of modeling in this country?
Well I will start from fashion. Our closest country, India and the European countries are so developed in fashion industry when compared to us. In my opinion, fashion industry in Sri Lanka is not that much growing. But recently it started to grow a bit because now there are so many young generation who is interested about fashion field such as modeling and fashion photography, so I think now the fashion industry is growing up compared to past years.

Tell us about the people who inspire you like who you look up to in your field.
I like Naomi Campbell; she is one of my ideal. As a Sri Lankan girl I think I got a really nice skin tone like tan and for each and every shoot I can go for different looks. That’s the uniqueness in me. So what I see in Naomi is that she has also got that uniqueness, hence I always try to follow her. She inspired me a lot.

How does it affect being a woman in this path to success?
It’s good to be a woman. Women have the strength and guts to give a birth to a child and they are strong minded compared to men. Also we have seen so many women who are in the highest positions in the world for example, Mitchell Obama, Princess Diana and many more. I’m happy what I have got in my life as a woman; I’m a woman so I’m happy as a woman. I see it in a positive way.

enchanting eshani diana jayapala Tell us about your views towards following fashion trends that comes. Do you think it is ok to follow everything that comes as a trend?
No I don’t think like that because if you are going to follow some fashion it should be matching for you, and its good if you can ask from the other people as well. You have to check about your look, complexion and personality. Also what you are going to wear depends on the locations and the occasions as well. For example if you are going to the office you can’t wear all kinds of jeans, it should be very professional.

Let’s talk about your family.
I’m living with my mum and dad and I have an elder brother. My brother is a graduate at Jayawardhanapura University. He has done his marketing management degree there and has done masters in IT at Colombo University. Now he is running his own digital marketing agency and I’m working there too. I’m helping him out. My father is a businessman and mother is a housewife. and I must say where I am right now because of them only, they are my everything in this world.

Tell us about your friends. What does friendship mean to you?
From small days I had really good friends, still one of my school best friends is keeping in touch with me. Friendship is something you always try to build up by trust and care. It is all about mutual understanding. I have really good friends around me and they helped me a lot in so many ways. Where ever I go, whatever I do I am really good to my friends and I always believe Friendship isn't about whom you have known the longest, it's about who came and never left your side. to my friends.

What do you think about being in Sri Lanka?
I love my country.im so glad that I was born in Sri Lanka because we got a really good culture and ethnical background. I’m happy with my country and I love my Sri Lankan people. I like the cultural background around them, they respect parents, and they respect the culture unlike the other countries around the world.

enchanting eshani diana jayapala This is like the most favorite question of all. Tell us your views towards this feeling of love?
To tell you the truth, I don’t like to talk about it because it is so painful for me to talk about it. Well love, sometimes it is so amazing. From parents, we start to learn about love and when we become mature we expect more love from a person who can stay with us and take care of us. It is something which should come naturally.

As a girl of your age you have achieved a lot in my opinion, so what is the secret behind your success?
I never give up on anything, I used to do athletics when I was small, and sometimes I have lost but I never gave up on it and i always believed failures are the piller of success. I did loads of practices and always tried to win. That’s how I came to this industry also. I went for classes, learned a lot, did so many sacrifices. So I always believe confidence, courage, and patience. Persistent and hard work were the secret to achieve this goal and I will always follow them.

Do you have anything to say for the new comers to this field?
There are so many models, so many photographers, but they should get some exposure by working with professionals, going to classes and learn about modeling and fashion. A model should be an example for other people. They have to be unique as well.

Your favorite quotes?
Failures are the pillars of success and a person who never made a mistake never tried anything new by Elbert Einstein

Finally tell something to your fans?
I’m so glad that I got a chance to be in extreme youth. Also I hope to keep in touch with Xtream Youth fans. So I wish your team all the very best. Keep up the good work. Thank you so much.

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