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Charismatic Charlotte

alt Modelling, it is something that creates a picture, a still life, perhaps something like a silent film. It is a way of conveying emotion using the flow of the body. This article is about modeler Charlotte Wambeek who is still in her beginning of this career of Modeling with definite hopes for a long journey in this.

Charlotte, nick named Princess was born in England but moved away to Spain when she was 2 years old were she lived for 11 years which made her fluent both in English and Spanish.

She moved to Sri Lanka for 4 years, then to Northern Cyprus for a year and now back in Sri Lanka. She’s a happy person who loves life easy going and she is a family person who enjoys her time spent with them. The saddest incident she has faced so far was the passing away of her baby Dalmatian.

Helping a friend out just for fun in Northern Cyprus gave her the opportunity to make her way to this field. In the terms of academic side, she has taken her ICGSE, has decided to take 5 more, and currently she’s looking at a possibility of going to university

In her leisure she watches TV, socializes with friends and family, go out and also study and relax...!

We asked her what the most unforgettable incident in her life is and she replied, ”Every moment in my life as been unforgettable even on ups and downs there’s always the good side of it.”

She likes having her own fashion with mix cultures and fashions from everywhere.

Then we came to our favorite question which we know you also be longing for her answer. That’s about love. Her answer was simple but illuminating. “Love is something comes and goes... I have family and friends that love me so having a soul mate is just living another part of life. I still have plenty of time to think about having a soul mate and finding the right one, when the time comes I’ll know it….”

Well anyway when we asked for the secret of her success she replied that if she told that, it wouldn’t be a secret anymore. Now, that was some cheeky answer but she got a point there! ;]

She doesn’t believe in having role models or getting popular by imitating someone, “I am independent and I want to be me and not try to be someone I can’t be and end up on the wrong path...”

Then we asked her whether she got any workout schedule to maintain such a fabulous figure. The answer was somewhat surprising but smart as all other answers were. “I like swimming, I don’t do any workout and believe me I eat all day i don’t stop my parents think I have holes in me feet that the food just falls straight through me. The advice i would personally give is eat and enjoy it don’t starve yourself just to make other people happy…”

Her ambition is to be a role model to everyone and help them become something in their life and she said she would like to do something more glamorous and outstanding in the future.

Her special message to all you people out there is, “Be who you are not what people want you to be, and live life with no regrets and always think outside the box” and to the new comers to the modeling field she says, “Just enjoy, be natural, be yourself and have fun to the limits but never lose who you are inside no matter what publicity you get…”

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