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Dear Media, Facebook Does Not Kill

Over past weeks, there have been an increasing amount of suicides, with 3 suicides relating to Facebook. Here is a skeptical and a rational analysis of these incidents and how to tackle these issues without creating useless biased hoaxes.
Dear Media, Facebook Does Not Kill

Over past weeks, there have been an increasing amount of suicides, with 3 suicides relating to Facebook. The Sri Lankan Media organizations highlighted them as deaths caused because and due to Facebook. The media tried to create a parallel and a direct link between these suicides with Facebook. The media failed in an extreme manner to educate the general population of our country to what actually caused these unnatural deaths. The media followed an unintentional propaganda against Facebook by feeding the general population with misleading headlines in papers, websites, and Local TV news. The intention of this article is to provide a more rational argument towards making sure that these types of tragic teenage suicides never happen.

We use different types of tools every day, from a knife to cut vegetables to a car for transportation. These tools that I use daily have been extremely valuable to me, I, of course could use these tools to harm others. But, I’ve never done that, I have never thought of harming anyone with the tools that I use. Recently, a popular, well-respected journalist was stabbed to death using one of these tools I use, using a tool which I use to make the food I eat more edible. This man used this tool, used the knife, to stab an innocent woman to death which in no way can be justified. Yet, none of the media organizations headlined this horrific homicide as “Popular Journalist killed due to a knife” No, they never headlined it like this. Why? Because, it would be a disrespect towards this journalist and an in justification towards morality and a breach towards the rights of the people to get to know what actually happened.

I hope you agree with my argument about the invalidity of using a tool as a cause for a death in the media. I’ve never even thought of using a knife which has helped me immensely to help make things in my life easier to use it against other people, especially to end another’s life. Why? The answer is very simple, I have been taught by my school and especially by my parents on how to handle and use this tool properly and usefully.

Why Facebook is unconditionally innocent?

Why Facebook is innocent has a connection between my argument about tools. Facebook is a tool. The knife at my home, was Made in China and has no life. In the other hand, Facebook, was made in the United States of America by Mark Zuckerberg and his friends, which is now maintained by 6,3000 employees. This tool, Facebook is written in C++ and PHP which has no thinking capacity, life or the ability to respond intelligently just like the knife. Everything that happens on Facebook, everything that happens to you on Facebook, depends on how you use it, it’s just like real life, well sorta. If you associate with bad people in real life, you are sure to get hold of some on Facebook. It’s up to you to decide whom you talk to and what you share. It’s just like using a knife, if you use it for what it is meant for, you will get the best out of it. But if you misuse it, you will get the return.

I hope you agree with me that Facebook is a tool, and what happens in Facebook depends on how the person utilizes it.

The 1st suicide

This is one of the saddest stories which I have heard in the recent past. The media instantly publicized this story as “a girl committed suicide when the principal questioned about the couple photo posted on Facebook” This is sad actually, very sad, feeding people with misinformation. Anyone who would have read her letter would have instantly realized that is much more of a complex issue than just Facebook.

She was accused by her principal of posting a photo she never did. The principal had no knowledge of the tagging feature available on Facebook, if you tag someone in a photo, it automatically appears on their timeline. Which is more saddening to me is how she was accused as a “slut” for the imaginable crime of having a boyfriend. Let me tell you, when your parents have separated, when you don’t have parents to love properly, it ain’t a crime to find someone you can have some kind of relationship with. The principal followed the military dictatorship, without understanding the emotional satisfaction the child needs.

What does this teach us?

It’s sometimes funny to me, how some people suddenly forget their teenage years, how they are suddenly born after the age of 18. The pre-teen and the teenage years are very crucial; they go out in search of identifying their personality, identifying their character. It is a time which parents should handle with much delicacy especially when it comes to relationships and sexuality. While, the parents in other countries (some in our country) and the education system in morally developed countries teach teenagers on how to manage their sexuality and their teenage tendencies and how to build self-esteem and self-respect and how to build a spiritual backbone, most of our parents and very specially our education system teach us about how we can be a doctor, engineer or a pilot. Well, learning to be a pilot or a doctor or an engineer is useful in making money but it is never helpful in social situations, especially when a teen gets thoughts of killing himself/herself. That’swhere our doctor/engineer/pilot education becomes futile and irrelevant.

The 2nd suicide

A girl of 19 years, educated in the doctor/engineer/pilot education system used a fake profile picture in her profile, to lure a boy into a relationship. This relationship continued for 5 months and one day the boy showed up at her house looking for a marriage possibility. Embarrassed by releasing what she has done, decides to hang herself. I’ve been embarrassed many times in the short period that I’ve lived, I’ve been embarrassed in front of many people, but I’ve always had the courage to get over it due to self-esteem that I had in myself. More important, I realized what I did was wrong.

The media tried to accuse Facebook of what happened, now tell me whose fault is this? No disrespect, but she is the one who used a fake photo to lure a man into being in a relationship with her. Her mom blames the mobile phone for this, but who actually is to blame for this? If she was given enough love and taught to have self-esteem and self-confidence she might not even have needed to use a fake profile picture to find someone after all.

The 3rd suicide

Not much information has been revealed about this incident as it happened during the time which this article was written. A girl committed suicide, because her mom would not let her daughter join Facebook with the phone her boyfriend brought her. Well, we don’t know what happened, but we could all agree that her mother could have avoided if a much more compassionate approach was used rather than total ignorance and stubbornness towards her daughter’s feelings.

A another teenage suicide in Sri Lanka

This suicide happened during the time period which the above mentioned suicides happened. A boy of 15 years old committed suicide in Kegalle because her mom did not let her son accompany his friend any longer at his house. The reason why this boy committed suicide is still a question to me. I’ve had far worst moments at my house, specially the day the school term reports are given but I’ve never ever thought of hurting myself, let alone hanging myself to death.

What we can understand from all these suicides?

What we need is proper parents and an education system which can teach the children to have a proper mental back-bone with self-esteem and confidence. None of these suicides are directly related to Facebook but is a clear indication of a much needed reform in our education system.

Are Facebook and the increasing suicide rates related in anyway?

In no way are they related. The increase of suicides is a justification of the need of a restructure of the social and the education system in this country.

Refer the image below.

This is the first 11 countries with the highest rates of suicides in the world. Sri Lanka is at the 11th place, a country where Facebook is not banned. Yet, we can see that China which as an extremely questionable social structure, also where Facebook is banned is the in the 6th place for the highest number of suicides.

Well, you cannot blame Facebook for any single suicide happening in our country. This will keep on going, or even increase whether Facebook is banned or not. Facebook is an irrelevant excuse for the suicides that are happening in Sri Lanka and we need to realize that and try to treat the actual issue.

Free Will is a gift;we should always try to use the free will we have for our benefit rather than trying to abuse ourselves and abuse others of their basics rights.

I hope you received a clear insight towards what’s actually happening and I hope my claims were justifiable to you. The purpose of writing this article has no intention of any person gains or benefit as I am not in any way a shareholder of Facebook or neither am I employed their but I am simply trying to provide my point of views on what is actually happening and what I think we should improve on.

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