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Interact Premier League 2013

Interact Premier League 2013

Interact Premier League 2013
Interact Premier League (IPL) is a fun filled 6-a-side cricket tournament for Interactors which carries throughout one day. Though only a few from each club get to represent their school on the field all present are given a chance to have fun by taking part in the mini games organized for them, to enjoy the music, to get to know new people and to cheer on their respective team towards victory.
We believe that these day of getting to know other Interactors, who like all of us, work towards building a better Sri Lanka, is important as this gives them a foundation on which they can build and get to know the problems others face in achieving their goals and share their ideas and help each other overcome the hurdles they may face. We the organizing committee for IPL 2013 believe that unity is a vital instrument our work as Interactors and that together we can achieve better results which help the citizens of Sri Lanka.
In Sri Lanka we see the youth working for a better tomorrow. And we can see that a major part of the driving force behind this step towards a better Sri Lanka comprises of school going Interactors. And to better strengthen this force we believe that the bond and communication between all Interactors should be better strengthened because quality demands better fellowship.
That is why we as the Organizing Committee of ‘Interact Premier League 2013’, widely known as IPL 2013, have set out to organize this project baring the main goal in mind of Interactors getting together for two days to battle it out to be the kings and queens of the pitch while getting to know members of other interact clubs and thereby strengthening the bond and relationship between Interact clubs.
In the end no matter what our beliefs and opinions may be, no matter what backgrounds we may come from, no matter what school we call our alma mater, in the end you and I, we are one. And this is the mission the committee of IPL 2013 has set out to accomplish.
Date: 24th of March 2013
Time:9am onwards
Location: CH and FC grounds
Photographed By : Ashen Savinda Senarathna
Official Photographer at

Photographed By : Lavan Harshanga
Official Photographer at

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