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Hoop For Hope

Hoop For Hope

Hoop For Hope
Hope! At a point of our lives what we only have is hope.

We would have been princesses and princes of castles. we would have been blessed with comforts, love, shelter, happiness, opportunities and most of all with money to buy what we want.But think! At a poit if we lose everything we had..?? What’s left with us?? Suffering! Surrow! Tears! Desperation! Broken hearts! and among all of the negatives..a little HOPE!

Hope at a point of our lives would be the only asset we have.But if we got HOPE…we got everything. We will fight for it.We will live our lives.
They have hope. They will fight for their dreams. As young men and women who have strived to make a difference in the society through Interact , what we can do is to give them a hand to hold.To drag them out.To show them the skies they have never seen, to show them the limits they have never reached.To teach them unleash their potential.
Today, Interact and other Non-Governmental Organizations help children with potential but who don’t posess the opportunity, who are not in a position to receive proper care, nourishment and shelter. The Interactors of Trinity College and Asian International School have taken a step together in bridging the gaps to ensure that the children have the above mentioned opportunities and top of all to offer them happiness with friendship. Hoop for Hope comes to the play with this need being raised.
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The HOOP for HOPE project initiated in the early 2013 and now is on her way enriching the lives of orphan children. Hoop for hope with a refreshing theme of “Love is playing on nothing but heart” is bringing the orphan children a new experience which they could never have had unless otherwise for HOOP for HOPE. That is to speak with voice for the orphan children at two foster homes .One from Kandy and the other being a foster home in Colombo. A basketball tournament which would be played by the orphan children of the two selected foster homes.
The course has been brought to a reality not just with choosing two foster homes, preparing basket ball courts for them to compete, providing them with tools or just organizing the event but also with efforts of teen interactors who committed training the potential children who is going to be the players of the event, travelling to foster homes weekly, raising the spirit of the children, teaching them with the basic rules, letting the children equipped with the techniques of the game; which is claimed to be one of the fastest games , to prepare the minds of the little children to celebrate both the win and the defeat, and to serve something greater than themselves. Int. Naveed Saleem and Int. Adil Chatoor have taken over the reins of this project along with their respective committees.
The two teams, prepped up for game day, are looking forward for what would be an event that would change their lives. The tournament is to be held on Sunday the 24th of March at the Basketball Court of Asian International School.
The day would not only be the tournament but also there would be exhibition matches, Fun Games for spectators, food Stalls and much more are planned to be entertained the evening. Hoop for Hope is inviting you all who would like to share their time with a cause of uplifting the lives of orphan children and to let them realize that they are not alone. If that is you who they are calling for, be there on the 24th at the Asian international school premises to support the cause.
Date: Sunday, 24th March 2013
Time: 3.30pm onwards
Location: Asian International School, Colombo

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