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PULZ '12

PULZ'12 2012

PULZ'12 2012
Ananda College Information and Communication Technology Society (ACICTS) has executed various projects for the benefit of students as well as all other crowds without any age difference. ‘Pulz’ has been the most prominent of them and has become the leading school-based ICT event, which has created a new arena in school-based ICT events.

In continuing its legacy to greater heights the ACICTS has taken steps to organize the latest version of the 'Pulz' series which will be a much different version of the previous editions. ‘Pulz 2012’ will not be just another ICT event; it will be the initiative event of joining hands with students representing all parts of the unified country, taking the face of a convention this time.

Even though ICT has been developed within the schools in Sri Lanka, most of the time ICT is limited only within the school. There is no proper system of sharing, discussing and using ICT with students of other schools and professionals of the field. ACICTS will take the initiative to help students to interact with students of other schools, share and gather knowledge and discuss important matters and get solutions with the use of technology.

Students will also gain an all-round ICT experience through various programmes on cutting edge technologies, interactive activities and from the competitions. There will be intra-school as well as inter-school IT competitions in co-operation with this event. An inter-school quiz will be held at the event, in which the Pulz annual challenge trophy will be inaugurated.
The Experience
• The First 3D Event in Sri Lanka
• The HD watch-out
• Experiencing ICT in a different perspective
• Opportunity to interact with ICT
• Solutions with the use of technology
• All-round ICT experience
• Cutting edge technologies
• Interactive activities and lectures
• Intellectual Competitions
• Creative Insights
So come and experience the infinite potential of the modern mind!!
► Date: Monday, 1st October 2012
► Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm
► Location: The Galadari Hotel, Colombo.

Photographed By : Diyani Shashinika
Official Photographer at XtreamYouth.com

Photo Courtesy : ACICTS

Official Event Page on Faceboook : Click Here

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