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Anada Abhiman - 125th Anniversary Exhibition

Educational Cultural & Trade Exhibition organized by Ananda College to celebrate its proud legacy of 125 years. Leading with the theme of "Magnetizing the globe through phenomenons of Ananda".

Our objective is to mould young Anandians with totally creative insight to meet the future challenges of the fast moving world courageously and confidently.

Date : March 26th 2012 - 31st March 2012
Time : 9:00am - 9:00pm
Venue : Ananda College Premises

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The Ananda College 125th Anniversary Exhibition commenced on the 26th of March 2011 9.00 am at the Ananda College premises. Chief guests for the occasion were, Hon. minister Bandula Gunawardane, Hon. Minister Patalie Champika Ranawaka and some other diplomatic representatives. For 125 years, she moulded the spirit of the next generation... Mother Ananda, portraying 125 years of excellence and pride, proudly celebrates her 125th anniversary. 'Anada Abhiman educational and trade exhibition organized in connection with the 125th anniversary of Ananda College. from 26th to 31st of march at the college premises.An earnest invitation to witness the majesty and grandeur of mother Ananda...

This album includes photographs taken by Ayodhya Perera, Hasitha Karunarathne, Isuru Pathiraja & Ishanka Warakagoda | Official Photographers/Media Correspondents at

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