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Kandy International Film Festival 2012

Global cinema is coming to the hills with the second-annual Kandy International Film Festival (KIFF) which will take place in Kandy from June 20-24th 2012. The festival will include 15 feature length films (5 from Sri Lanka and 10 from abroad) that have been completed within the last 18 months. Most of the films will have their first Sri Lankan screening at KIFF.The festival will continue to foster cross-cultural dialogue by connecting foreign films and filmmakers to audiences in Sri Lanka (students, adults, and filmmakers). KIFF is the only such festival in Sri Lanka. The festival’s mission is to provide access to independent films for local audiences, to showcase Sri Lankan films that may not get wide releases and to open a new space for creative collaboration.

In addition, KIFF will also feature short films from around the globe and particularly short films from young Sri Lankan filmmakers. The deadline for submissions is May 1st. Please visit www.kandyinternationalfilmfestival.com to find out how to submit your film.

Filmmakers will participate in question and answer sessions following their screening, panel discussions on topics in global cinema and some will assist in working closely with a group of 12 students in a 3 day workshop. The festival will also include a selection of short films from Sri Lanka and a section of international shorts. The festival is a unique opportunity for accessing the most innovative independent films and screens them for an audience that would otherwise not have access to such material.

Last year’s festival saw over 2,000 participants who attended film screenings, panel discussions, and related events over the 5 days of the festival. We expect to more than double the attendance figures this year.

The Kandy International Film Festival (KIFF) is a non profit arts group incorporated in the United States and Sri Lanka to facilitate the only international film festival in Sri Lanka. KIFF takes place in the UNESCO World Heritage city of Kandy and aims to become a premier festival in South Asia. The first festival was held June 22nd-26th in Kandy, Sri Lanka with 15 feature films (completed in 2010-11), 6 short films and participants from more than 11 countries.

Education is a central goal of the festival. KIFF held its first film production workshop in September, 2011 in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka with university students from Eastern University. KIFF received a grant for its work from the Singapore International Foundation.

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