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Fox Hill Supercross 2012

Fox Hill Supercross 2012

Fox Hill Supercross 2012
The Fox Hill Supercross is one of the most exciting and thrilling motor cross events in the island. It completed its successive 19th year in 2011 and is moving towards completing its landmark of two decades which indeed is a substantial achievement. This fascinating journey began way back in 1993. The notion progressed in stages into an organized plan in which the key figures were the German official Hans Ralf and the then Commandant Maj. General Gamini Gunasekara. The year 1993 marked the official origin of Fox Hill Supercross which was founded by the Sri Lanka Military Academy and has continued successfully to this day.

The famous Fox Hill Supercross is located in the vicinity of the hillock named ‘HMS FOX’ which dates back to a history of about 98 years - almost a century. The aforesaid hill was named after the ship ‘HMS FOX’ which docked at the harbor in Sri Lanka in 1913. It was the captain of this ship who had come forth with the idea of leaving the emblem of their ship on a hillock as to remember their visit to this beautiful town Diyatalwa. Thus, with the assistance of some war prisoners he placed pieces of granite which depicted a fox and below it the name of the ship ‘HMS FOX’. Hence, the nameless hillock received an everlasting name.

This racing track which runs two kilometers long, is set with a high standard of facilities for both participants and spectators. Hence, the Fox Hill Supercross became not only an attraction of the locals, but also of the foreigners who visit the island. The thrill and excitement that is created by this super cross is actually inexpressible. The feeling of being surrounded by a magnificent backdrop of a pine rich terrain and a breeze brushing past the spectators now and then, undoubtedly gives a feeling out of this world.

Our next Fox Hill Supercross is due to be held with much grandeur on 21 April 2012 and a day spent among the green hills and valleys mingled with excitement with readily available food and beverages is not a thing to be ignored. It is undeniably a place to refresh one’s self and enjoy to the limit. So the saying ‘The FOX HILL SUPERCROSS if once visited, will always be visited’ is definitely not an exaggeration.

Source : Fox Hill Super Cross
Captured By : Hasith Prasanga Athukorala
Official Photographer at XtreamYouth.com

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