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Tantalize 2013 Grand Finale – The Biggest Inter-University Talent Show

Tantalize 2013 the biggest inter university talent show organized by the Student Activity Club of the Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology, kick started its sixth consecutive year showcasing the immense potential and talent of today’s youth in a grander scale than ever before!
Tantalize 2013 Grand Finale – The Biggest Inter-University Talent Show

A Celebration of Performing Arts with Unlimited Entertainment

Tantalize 2013 reached its climax inthe evening of 10th November at the Musaeus College Auditorium as the Grand Finale stretched to fill four (4) hours of an entertainment packed celebration of solo and group singing, solo and group dancing, solo instrumental and band categories amidst a massive audience of over a thousand members.

The Tantalize 2013 finalists performed to their hearts content. The dancers were mesmerizing to witness; from the traditional and graceful dance moves of Chamari and Rivindu,to the unique and upbeat dancing style of the Baccara Maskers; the audience had its eyes glued to the stage from start to finish.

When recalling the fantastic performances of the singers,“Music to my ears” is the quote that comes to mind. The brilliant combinations of various songs showcased on stage by the singers were very creative and harmonic. Thefinalists’ bands owned the stage and gave it their all. “Foster” in particular staged an amazingly entertaining performance that left the crowd chanting its name and begging for an encore performance.

‘Talented’is not a suitable enough adjective to describe the amazing contestants of Tantalize 2013. These young performers have very promising careers ahead and kudos to the organizing committee for allowing applicants the opportunity to well showcase their amazing talents and for giving the audience an opportunity to witnesssuch mesmerizing performances. What is a competition without its judges? The Tantalize 2013 finalists were judged by a distinguished panel of judges in the respective fields. The solo singing and group singing categories were judged bywell-known Sri Lankan artists Mr. LahiruPerera, Mr. Suresh De Silva and Mr. Tennyson Napolean. A distinguished panel of artists coming from both the eastern and western dancing circles featuring Mrs. MudrikaSwarnathilake, Mr. RangikaJeewantha and Mr. SurajMapa evaluated the finalists from the solo dancing and group dancing categories. And last but not least, the renowned musicians in the country Mr. NavarathneGamage, Mr. DilanAngunawela and Mr. NadeekaGuruge judged the categories of Solo Instrumental and Band.

The competition among the finalists in all six categories was clearly intense as everyone showed their best performance and mesmerized the audience on the Tantalize stage that evening. Needless to say, it was a huge challenge for the judges to select the winners. However in the end the judges selected the most deserving out of the 21 finalists and are as predicted in the pictures shown below.

Furthermore, for the first time in the history of Tantalize “Social Media Award” category was introduced this year, presenting a platform to give more publicity and exposure for the talented youth in the country. The award was presented to the contestant(s) who gained most votes through the popular social media platforms; namely, Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and YouTube. After over two weeks of numerous social media promotions, the following emerged “Winners of the Social Media Category”:
Social Media Award Winners
Solo Singing Category
ThamaraGunathilake - Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology

Group Singing
The Despicables- Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology

Solo Dancing
Chamari Kudabalage - Academy of Design

Group Dancing
Baccara Maskers- National Institute of Business Management

Solo Instrumental
Anuk Munasinghe - National School of Business Management

Right Clique - National School of Business Management
Tantalize 2013 Grand Finale concluded with a fitting finale of our very own APIITiansGayanPerera and VireshCooray along-with their Daddy Band setting the stage on fire through a spellbinding guest performance. The audience couldn’t have asked for a better climax. The tantalizing moments also had some of the famous celebrities Sunil Perera from Gypsies, PoojaUmashankar movie actress, and the talented three sisters Dinakshi, Sheshadri and Shanudri joining to witness the celebration.

Tantalize has entrenched its status as the country’s biggest inter-university talent show; organized by the Student Activity Club of Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology for the 6th consecutive year. The aim of this massive project is not only to give the talented and passionate youth in the higher education sector a chance to make it to the spotlight; but also to fulfill an obligation to benefit society at large. This year’s proceeds will be donated to the Lady Ridgeway Hospital; the largest public free of charge Pediatric Hospital.

Along with the completion of another successful year, the Tantalize 2013 Organizing Committee wishes to extend their sincere appreciation to its sponsors; Elephant House Cream soda; Sri Lanka’s most popular beverage in 2013, for being the principal sponsor of Tantalize 2013.Furthermore, this event would have not been possible without its Co- sponsors Sri Lanka Telecom, L.I.C.C Jeans and its Strategic Partners; Sign-Tech, Emerging Media, Yamaha, Wijeya Newspapers, Google Student Ambassadors of APIIT, The Kingsbury- Colombo, AXE, ART Tv, Sun Fm, Read Me, YAMU, Xtreme Youth and all other sponsors of this massive event.
By Theruni Adikaram
Photographed By : Suhardha Prabash
Official Photographer at

Photographed By : Randil Dimuth
Official Photographer at

Photographed By : Dulshan Abayaratne
Official Photographer at

Photographed By : Moshan Priyanath
Official Photographer at

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