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The Warehouse Project

alt The WAREHOUSE PROJECT is not only gearing itself to meet the basic needs of urban communities, but is also focused on facilitating the uplifting of lives by developing new, creative methods to communicate a positive message.

Who We Are
We are dedicated individuals from Colombo, pooling our knowhow, resources, connections and passion to BE the change we want to see in Colombo.

Our Vision
WAREHOUSE PROJECT is not only gearing itself to meet the basic needs (food, shelter, clothing) of urban communities, but is also focused on facilitating the uplifting of lives by developing new and creative methods to communicate a positive message.
We want to make Colombo the model for other WAREHOUSE PROJECTS around Sri Lanka, each city, town and village helping their own community. You don’t need to travel long distances to find people that need your help, just step outside and walk down the street; I guarantee you will find many.

Our Mission
Bridging the Gap’; we believe that individuals are capable of having a positive impact on their community and Warehouse Project provide a platform in which to do so.

Warehouse Project works at community level; there are no select few individuals that make it happen. It relies on the residents of Colombo who want to contribute to making their community a better place.

WAREHOUSE PROJECT endeavors towards a culture of honor regardless of age, sex, religion or background. We welcome people from all walks of Colombo. We don’t believe in short terms fixes, we are here to impact our community forever!

What We Do
WAREHOUSE PROJECT works through its branded programs, each focuses on different aspects of community structure and involvement.

EAT was initiated not only to provide families with a meal a day but also to facilitate and provide the people of the community with access to a fully stocked kitchen where they would personally participate and contribute towards making the meals each day. This is to promote a culture of serving one another and having a hand in the development and growth of their own community.

Our Goal
Getting the local community involved in helping as many people needed by ensuring they get at least one wholesome meal a day.

Borderless takes children from all walks of life, using Arts & music as a platform creates a secure environment for them to interact and learn from one another. It is based on the philosophy that everyone is on equal standing with one another. We facilitate children to interact with other children whom they wouldn’t necessary come into contact with on a day-to-day basis. We believe that these cross social & cultural exchanges between children can benefit each one of them and positively change the way future generations interact. BORDERLESS will also create opportunities to identify qualities and attributes that make one special and go on to develop and encourage talented individuals to grow to their fullest potential.

Borderless activities and events will bring some well-loved heroes and role models to teach, motivate, inspire & encourage the next generation.

LIVE - Supports LIFE by offering free health checkups, nutritional plans for children, eye testing, education on basic hygiene and other related services that aid and promote a better quality of living. LIVE works with trained doctors, nurses and practitioners who volunteer their expertise to ensure everybody has a right to LIVE.

Contact Information
Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone : 779158442
Website : www.warehouseproject.lk
Facebook Page : Warehouse/Facebook

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