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Let Birds Fly Free

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Campaign organized to release caged birds to where they belong!!
Let Birds FLY Free!!

To completely stop selling wild birds at pet-shops in Colombo. Together bring forth a sustainable society founded on mutual Love and Respect for all beings, nature and a culture of peace!

This campaign is organized by the TicketsLK team with the guidance of Young Zoologist Association of Sri Lanka, who are dedicated on animal welfare 24 x 7, pet-lovers and with all you beautiful hearts to give Birds their freedom!

Please show your support! Spread the word! Campaign details coming soon!

Many people derive great pleasure, fulfilment and inspiration from watching birds and listening to them. But birds are also an intricate component of ecosystems, which we need for our own survival! Ecosystems such as forests and the marine environment provide us with food, medicines and important raw materials. They keep the climate stable, oxygenate air and transform pollutants into nutrients. Birds play an important role in the effective functioning of these systems.

No matter how fascinating these birds are, think twice if you really want to bereave these beautiful birds of their freedom!!

"A forest bird never wants a cage"' & “We think caged birds sing, when indeed they cry.”

“Each individual can make a difference and everyone should try!”

Each and everyone will be a valuable part of this campaign! Birds are born to fly free! a valuable part of our shared natural heritage! Pigeons,Sparrows,Munias...ect all wild birds (apart from foreign pet birds) are ILLEGAL to be sold or to be CAGED in Sri lanka!! But unfortunately, these poor creatures are captured, harmed, being kept in tiny cages and sold in many pet shops in Colombo and these shops are rapidly increasing just for the sake of making money.

This campaign is focused on spreading awareness not to cage birds and to release birds from ALL pet shops!!
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