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Experimental Action Short Film | Infiltration

The short film “Infiltration” was made entirely as an experiment to test various Special Effects techniques used in many memorable movies. Although the effects used in this movie are in their very basic forms the end result of all those little effects coming together made for a very entertaining six minute video. The story of the film revolves around a spy and the action he gets into as he completes a mission, but that’s all that’s needed to be said about the story really because this short focuses on the action more than it does on the story and so there lie its entertainment.

“Infiltration” was produced by Regail Studios, a group of artist who has been doing visual arts mainly CG Design and artistic video production for about 6 years. Being involved in many diverse projects over that period of time the Regail team has garnered many skills needed to make this short movie. The total production time of this short was about three weeks; the whole thing was shot in one day using a Sony DSC-W270 digital camera. Then another week to do all the editing and VFX, to clarify a bit more about the some of the effects in the short the gun fire effects were all done in Adobe After Effects and the helicopter shot was done with both 3D Studio Max and After effects. The remaining two weeks were spent for Music and audio mixing which was done in Adobe Audition.

The Cast and Crew of the short movie consist of Chathuranga Fernando (Directing, Editing and VFX), Hashan Godakanda (Music, Acting and Production) and Rashel Fernando (Production and Acting).

This is just one of the first experiments done by the Regail Studios team to do much more better stuff in the future, so anyone who’s interested can look forward to much more entertaining stuff in the months to come.

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Written by Regail Studios

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