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Seraphic Shanuka

Shanuka Shasthri

Shanuka Shasthri Still in her early youth, Shanu Fernando has been able to capture the hearts in Sri Lanka as well as abroad by her superb singing. A Lively, fun and lovely talented girl she is and it's no wonder she made her way through to the 8 finalists of Derana London Star. With huge hopes to go a far journey in the field of music with her unique new concepts, Shanu faced this exclusive interview with Xtream

Shall we begin with a title introduction about you?
Well yah sure! Hmmm let me tell you … I am Shanuka Shasthri. I am a very happy, comical and a jowkey girl. All way’s there to help people, love to help people who are in difficult situations. I love music and performing Arts. Especially in my leisure times a while i am having cup of tea sing songs, Listen to IPod, Reading Novels or having a bit time with social networks. Recently I am an A/L student, undertaking Business and Finance to set out University.

Any Nick Name?
OHhh yah.. nick names !! yh I do have one. SHANU!! since I born to this world my family members and everyone used regards me via this name. There’s a nother name left which my UK friends used to say at school, but I cant say it in public, Oppzz !!

How did you make your way into this field?
Basically I started to sing when I was small. I was a member of English and Sinhala choir at Holy Family Convent/Kalutara; there were many programmes and activities that I participated in 2004 to 2008. I have performed in Rupawahini and Swarnavahini programmes, western province music competitions and School Musical Shows which were held at Colombo. I got many1st places from both western province and school competitions. Also Participated in School Noorthi and Falk songs competitions Judged by late musician Mr. Mervin Perera and gain 1st places of both competition’s and Sunday school annual singing competitions.

Once I move to UK I joined Derana London star singing competition which was telecasted in Sri Lanka Derana TV every Wednesday’s and Venus TV in UK. I got selected up to 8 semi finalist. Throughout this competition I was able to gain a tiny space in their hearts of Sri Lankan’s and Sri Lankan society living in the UK. Still I keep getting lovely and impressive messages from my Sri Lankan fans and many fans from numerous countries via social networks. So this how I got in to this field.

So next I am going to ask you about your academic side. How far have you studied? Tell us about your school life…
Well I was educated at Holy Family Convent /Kaluthara Up to grade 8, and then I migrated to the UK. I did my GCSE’s (O/L) and I achieved good grade’s, especially “B” for my music “A” for performing Arts and “A” for ICT.

Also I was a member of school choir, school band in the UK but no longer active due to my studies. Currently I am in my last year of my A/L’s, Doing Business and Finance. Well in Sri Lanka i used to be bit fanatical and crazy, doing really unwanted things. Bit naughty!! Hahh !!

When I was schooling at Sri Lanka i used to live in the school hostel for some time. Today I am well educated and in a higher position in studies, with the help of my Rev.Sister’s, teachers and friends who looked after me when I was a kid at school Hostel. With the hostel environment I made my self to be very independent, strong, reliable. All credits goes to my Parents, Convent Rev.Sister’s and Teachers. I think I was the high record student who was getting more detention at school being noughty, but to be honest I had immense of great time with my school friends and teachers. All ways if I had free lesson at school, I sing songs with my friends or go to Western Music classes’ and asked my favourite Akki to play the piano for me. So that’s how my academic life use to be in Sri Lanka and UK.

Shanuka Shasthri Any Fashion Trends you usually like to follow? We’d love to know your views on that side?
This is the very interesting part of my life. Yah I love Fashions specially UK tight dresses, blouses with tight jeans from my desired shops. With my out-fit I all ways come-up with my hair styles and etc... The most important thing I am concerned about is the ‘CLASSY LOOK.

Back home I love to wear charm and descent clothes, All ways concentrating about my out-fit because I know how people will judge a girl over her dress, so I was all ways concern about my image.

You’re an artist of this beautiful island of Sri Lanka. Could we know your attitude towards your Motherland?
Specially wanna say Proud to be a Sri Lankan !! As a Sinhalese , Buddhist girl, I am glad that I am a civilian of this pearl of Indian ocean. Sri Lanka is my favourite country of the entire world. I am all way’s missing my country when I am in UK. I realised how valuable my country is. Well I am and looking forward to educate myself, come up with my new concept soon. At the same time, I All ways think what I can do to my country in the future… Sooner I start to work and earn for myself , I will start helping people who really in need, and get more touch with my mother land.

What do you normally do when you get a leisure time?
Ahhemmm !! These day’s I am not having much leisure at all due to my school final year studies. Well leisurely I listen to songs, reading novels, Having cup of Hot Chocolate or being on the social networks to get in touch with my Sri Lankan friend’s.

What is the most Unforgettable incident in your life.
Ohh yah !!!When we were shooting Derana London Star trailer in Snow, we had to climb a hill towards to the camera, and we were holding our luggage’s as well. I was with a high Heel shoe. I can still retain what cameramen said “Action” we started to climb, didn’t even pass a second, I goes “Woohh” I slipped and went downhill. The contestant who was next to me he pulls me. Cardiographer, camera crue and contestant everyone was giggling and screaming, it last 15-20minutes with full of fun. Also the segment, the part I fell it was telecasted in a one episode. It was really embarrassing.

Here’ our favourite question which your fans also be longing for you answer. Have you got your self a soul mate yet and what’s you view on the subject of love?
Ahhhaaa !! well no … I am single. Proud to say that.

Firstly I would say love is a really beautiful feeling, as long as you are in love with the correct person. Love can course serious damages if you can’t handle it properly.

I hope i will find my prince very soon !!

You’re still young adult girl, yet you were able to get on to this huge field of music. Could we know the secret behind your success?
Secret !! To be honest It’s my Ammi!! She’s my Right hand.

I would say it’s a gifted talent from GOD and from my PARENT’S. My Ammi and Tatthi both sing well!!They both got a lovely voice and my first favourite singers was Ammi and Thatthi. It was a Blessing! Because I got this singing foundation and ability from my parents.

It’s Note worthy, my Sister Sudeshika (My Little Manager) who all way’s point out my errors and designs of my dresses.

Do you use any working out schedule to maintain your figure? Any advices can you give to your fans regarding food ?
Well not really. I am not on a diet and i don’t control anything. I just don’t eat very much. But drinks tea’s alot. That’s my Favourite. I never go to a jim. Frequently jogging.

What is the saddest incident you have faced so far?
Yes! The day I left my mother land with my family, relatives and friends at Bandara Nayaka International Air Port. That day is the saddest day ever. We couldn’t hold are self’s crying and hugging each other. Oh that was a nigh mare.

Shanuka Shasthri Your fans will love to know about your future ambitions.

My ambition is to be an Accountant and also a singer. I am Business and Finance student who is preparing for London A/L’s. These days i have given priority for my studies and working very hard to achieve my targets to get in to a University and qualified myself. As soon as i hit my targets ii definitely come back to my fans with my own creations.

Are you satisfied with your journey in this field so far?
Yes! Totally ! 100% .. music field is wooww.. Make’s me comfort.

You can leave a special message to your fans now !
Well my dear fans. Thank you so much for being with me so far since Derana London Star singing competition. Your valuable votes took me up to 8 semi finalist, from your decision. The day I left the competition I gave a golden promise to my fans saying that ill be entering to your lovely hearts sooner!!

So that day is arriving soon !! Not very Far!!
So please do keeping touch. All way’s you can drop a message to - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Anything you want to say to the new comers to this field?
I wasn’t in this field for very long, and I haven’t experienced very much. But I can say that nothing is impossible. If you have the ability, effort, time and heart you can achieved whatever you goal, especially through your dedication.

I would like all new comers to say that, be realistic and come up with your own creations and not to imitate!
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