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Rookantha and Chandralekha with You & XY

Rookantha and Chandralekha

Rookantha and Chandralekha
Together they made a whole new era in this industry of music. His sensational voice mixed with her amazing voice gave an output which was just out of this world! Here is an exclusive interview with Rookantha and Chanralekha with “You and XY”.

In a pleasant evening, we met these two amazing people in a cozy café. We talked with Mrs. Chandralekha Perera first. It was just so beautiful the way she smiled so modestly with everyone.

So ma’am, shall we start by saying what’s new in your life these days?
We were actually abroad for about 6 months and came to SL specially for the concert that we are hoping to hold on 11th of August. On the other hand I and Rookantha work for releasing at least one album. Our fans really expect it from us since we haven’t released an album after 2005.

Now, you have seen and experienced many genres of music world wide. Can you tell us how you see the Sri Lankan music industry comparing to the world?
In my opinion, 70s were golden era for music all around the world. At the present I see confusion in overall music that is being produced. This is not only in Sri lanka but a worldwide issue.

Let’s talk about the concert that we are looking forward to. What are the differences we can see this time comparing to the widely successful “Roo Sanda Roo” concert last time?
In the last concert you could see only me and Rookantha on the stage. But this time we are happy to say that Raini and Windy will also be singing. There will be a nice mingle of both old and new songs to suit any person of any age. Last Roo Sanda Rae Concert was the biggest one we have ever done with an uncontrollable crowd present. It was a really great experience for both of us.

How do you see Raini’s style of music?
We are always beside her in this career; especially Rookantha guides her to the right way making sure she does the right thing always.

Then we turned to Mr. Rookantha Goonethilake asking about the new things in his music life.
My music life is always new. Although I may not produce new songs each day, I let new transitions to happen in my imagination every day. I do not give definitions to music. I keep my house of music in a way I can take apart and build again differently in the way I want. Even in Hip Hop music which is popular these days, I look at the musical side of it. Then I study the hidden types of music genres that are in the world. I love being with the new generation while knowing what the true taste of music is.

How do you see the Sri Lankan music industry comparing to the world?
I can see a confusion in today’s Sri Lankan music but still they have a sense on where should this go. It’s not that everything is wrong out there, but that there is some confusion. Some try to explore new things while some try to mix all the things without any knowledge of what they are doing. We can never point at a song and say it’s good. Just like the colour I find beautiful may look ugly to you. But there is a basic sense of what good music sound like. Anyway unfortunately the FM channels make a song popular by making us to listen to it again and again. So a famous song is not always a good song these days. It’s sad, really!

We can see that there is a trend going on making song without proper meaningful lyrics. And also with today’s technology, anyone can sound good in a song. How do you see these trends?
Personally, I still spend the same time and effort to make a song as I did years ago. Although there are many songs out there which have made sound good with technology, me and any person who has knowledge of music and tell apart from a natural voice and a made up voice. I see people being very much self-contented after completing just one song but personally I’m afraid to think that I know everything about music. I become a critic to myself after I make a song. The best advice I can give is to learn the basics of music very well, then to listen to good music as much as you can.

How do you see Raini’s style of music?
We still can’t give a special style for her. But she will have a unique style for herself once her album gets out.

Shall we speak about “Rookantha & Chandraleka live in concert feat. Raini and Windy”?
Speaking about Roo Sanda Rae concert last year, I feel such affection to all the beloved fans out there for the love they showed us. There will be few noticeable differences this time including stage setting, dancing, lightings and everything. Especially Raini and Windy will be singing on stage and hopefully we can launch Raini’s newest album too. A friend from Australia, Joe Starling will sing couple of songs I have earlier created for Clarence Wijewardhana as a special performance. There will be a performance for about half an hour from Mahinda Bandara. We thank all our supporters including Manchee and Evoke Internationals mainly.<

There will really be a difference this time. An experience you will never regret. Do come and witness it!

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