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Angel Apzi - Apsara Senevirathne

alt Angel Apzi , A familiar name may be for some, but can be the other way around for some others. Anyway for both of you people,we decided to have a little chat with her to introduce her to unfamiliar and also to give more details to those who know her. With a ambitioned intention to go a big journey in the field of music, she told us of the achievements she has with gone so far and of the many projects that are to come in the near future.

1.To start our conversation, Could you give us a short introduction about your self ?
Me! I am Apsara Seneviratne aka Apzi. A girl who live for and live because of music.

2. People call you as? (Any Nick name?)
Nick name, well yea, everyone call me Apzi. That became my nickname as well as my artist name.

3. How did you enter the Music industry?
I entered into the music field when I was 16 years old. I did a track with pasan liyanage. Those days I was in a crew and we got together and did the track “ Suwadin” which was even played on air in Yfm. I couldn’t continue with music because of my studies. I took a break and then secondly I featured the track “Jeewethayama” when I was 18 years old with Nipuna pitigala was the male vocalist and was produced by pasan liyanage, that too was air played on Yfm. It was quite a success. I had lot of comments from everyone since I did lyrics for the song as well that was my first step to take as a lyricist. Now at present I am working with NeO Recordz as one of the main members in the crew.

4. We would love it if you could tell us about your school life....
I spent my childhood abroad. My mother school is Al-Isra international school (Saudi Arabia) when I was 15 I came to srilanka and joined Sussex college and continued up to grade 9 and then I ended my school life after my O/L’s at Royal institute. My school life in Al-isra was the best memories of my life.I still miss my friends there and the lovely moments I spent in school.

5. Do you love to follow new fashion trends in your ordinary life or do you prefer to be Simple ? If yes to follow new fashion what do you prefer most?
I am in the middle of being trendy and charm. When I have to look funky and colourful, I get that look at the best and when I have to look sweet and simple I get that perfectly. It depends on the occasion to me but I am not that madly into fashions. I choose outfits that go with my figure.

6: What cosmetics you recommend?
When it comes to this I go for British cosmetics most of the times or L’Oreal and very rarely I go for Oriflame - streetwear as well.

7. Your idea about Sri Lanka..? What do you think?
Srilanka, Is the best place to live in, being srilankan I think I am proud to be one because there can be so many other countries in the world we’d dream about to go (good for a holiday) but this land is truly a paradise I believe. We find all kinds of climates, all kinds of environments and also rich in Biodiversity. It’s a beautiful country second to none, I realize the value because I spent my life away from srilanka in middle east and I always feel there is nothing that can make you feel more complete than being in your own land with your own people. I say there is no other place for me than my Mother Lanka!

8. How do you spend your leisure time?
Ahem… In front of my Lap top, making melody’s, writing lyrics, singing, thinking of new ideas for my future projects, chatting with my best friend etc, and I Love to dance alone in my room.

9. What is the most unforgettable incident in your life?
Yea! I was on a trip with my family when I was 12 years old in Saudi, we got lost in middle of a desert on our way home and there was a sand storm at that time, we were driving for hours to find the right direction, there was not even a camel in the desert.OMG! That was so scary… I thought we could have never gone home for week’s. But fortunately we made it within the day.

10. What do you think about love & tell us about your soul mate.
Love, we all need it, we all feel it. In my life how I found my love was really weird, I never knew that neither of us would ever fall in love. But we did. I want to mention this, never try to push your self to make feelings on someone. That is not true Love and it wont work out either. Truly falling in love is when you see this one person in front of you the same time some unknown feeling just rush through your heart and you feel confused. It happens with the blessing of the nature I believe. Love at first sight never happens, at first sight its attraction. Love take’s time to grow. To me it only happened once in my life.I have met so many loves in my life but just for some Love hit me in a different way, That’s how I met my Soul mate, it took time for me to realize he is the one, and now I can never live without him. I wont mention the name but I’ll say “Teddy you will be the one forever”

11. What is the secret behind your success?
I am still on my way for success. I had so many reasons in my life to give up on what I am doing right now. But I never gave up! I some how manage to bare things and get through with any situation. I wont stop till my dream come true. Bieber said “ NEVER SAY NEVER “

12. Who is your role model ? & are you imitating someone?
My No: 1 BEYONCE. I think she is the best example as a female singer and she is the best example for every woman around the world who’s got power, guts and the will do to what she can and win the world. But I am not imitating each and everything about her even though she is the best that can be, I believe in my own uniqueness and I try to create new ideas for my self.

13. People do have these bitter incidents in their lives.. It's the same with every human being. I'm sure you must have had the same bitter experiences in life. Would you like to share one of them with us? Perhaps the worst one from them?
Hmmmmm… When I left him, and after 2 weeks I start to feel guilty and feel that I’v lost the person I really loved. I suffered a lot. I’v never been feeling so sick and blue in my life.That was the most; what can I call that??? Worst, Saddest and Baddest feeling and time period of my life. I had no way to go back. I just felt like I was living but the best part of me was dead. Then nobody was there to help me and take my side. I was alone. I’d never want a time like that in my life again. That really was a mess but thank god I am back on my feet now.

14. Are you happy with whatever you've achieved so far in life?
YES! I am taking things very slow, i am not in a rush for fame or anything. Because this field is not about rushing to the top in no time and becoming a shinning star for one night and the next day nobody remembers you.It's a step by step process.First I study, experiment and then produce new stuff with my crew. So, like wise what I’v done up to now, I can say is quite a success but If I work more hard in the future I can give the best of me to you all.

15.How many songs you've released [till now] ? are there any video songs? what about the latest release [if any available] ?
Up to now Almost 90% of the songs from NeO recordz was written by me and most of the song concepts were done by me. My first Solo track “ ma thaniwela” was the last solo track I did and had to stop because of my studies again and took a break. Now I started working on all my projects lined up and I am up on this music business full time. So all you guys can hear the Latest from me very soon. I still did not work on a music video but I am planning to do something new In the near future. I take my time and hope to give my best.

16. Advices to the new comers & to the people who are gonna join the industry ??
Now in this case I too am a new comer but I can tell them what I do, make your own artist image withen your self first, and work on it slowly, discover the talents in you and use them properly with elderly advices.There are lot of things to study about music. Just because you can sing,write lyrics or compose a melody you cant be a professional musician.Always try to go to the depth of music.Build up your unique style and always try to give something new instead of copying another big artist.Use reference tracks and get ideas and use them in your way.Like that you can one day you can do magic.

17. What do you have to say to your fans? As a matured person in this particular industry what advices would you like to give to the new comers in the industry as well as to the people who have the desire to step in to the industry? It's the time to share your thoughts...
For the people who are interested in being a music icon in the industry what I can say is, do what you do with confidence, doesn’t matter who criticize what you do or try to pull you down when your trying to take a step ahead. Getting into the industry with a good image and surviving with it for long is really hard to do. So, whatever you do you should have a good idea about it, Believe in your self and your talents, your style and in your uniqueness. People from here and there can say “ dude this wont work here, you gotta change your style” then just take the advice but don’t change your self, try to give them what you have in you in a way that they will not say no.

To my loving fan’s, friends and everybody who love my creations and my songs, I from the depth of my heart thank you for the support you have given me so far. Without your appreciation and comments I wouldn’t have been this strong to believe that I can do something different in the music industry here in srilanka. I stand up with courage because I know you all love to see me use my magic on music and do the best each day.That's my strength. I love you all so much!!!

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