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Taking the Beat Off of Your Heart | Natasha R

Taking the Beat Off of Your Heart | Natasha R

Taking the Beat Off of Your Heart | Natasha R
Natasha Rathnayake, the gorgeous lady the enchanting Sri Lankan entertainer is no wonder one popular female artist in Sri Lanka. She who has already caught the hearts of the youth is a singer, and mainly the list would be filled with styles Soul, R&B, Jazz, Blues, Motown, Funk and she always like to add "pretty much anything really..." in the end. Natasaha in her full name would be called Natasha Marie Rathnayake, who believes being able to do what she's most passionate about as the Life’s biggest achievement is a great performer on stage as a singer modeler and also a dancer. She defines the word ‘entertainer’ to its maximum starting off as a model and being a singing sensation at present.
Recently she proved that she is one of the best artists and bloomed over the current trend in music with her new music video "Taking it off", hitting the stage. With the new style she crafted in the music video she has given a touch of international standard to the existing trend of music and music video culture in Sri Lanka. She has not forgotten to take the island's serenity on to the world as she has shooted all her backstage pics in the stunning beaches of Mt Lavinia and a some other serine scenery in Srilanka in launching "Takin' it Off"
Her music resonates throughout the world, via thousands of top radio stations for her singles such as “Runaway”, Get up on my Feet” and the most recent release receiving countless airplay globally, “Worship My Body”. All through a demo which was accepted by leading radio programming company Radio Express.
She who breaks her voice talking about her, mentions that she'd be studying psychology if she wouldn't become a singer. Natasha with a passionate voice in singing as well in speaking behalf of humanity has always been supporting many humanitarian charity events and CSR projects. Natasha mentions that she will always be a voice in uplifting humanity.
The outstanding singer natasha in printing her voice in the line is not just an upcoming singer but also a primer performer,with the potential and strength of wining the industry, So that she will always be blessed by the youth in sailing her journey of carrier.
Xtream Youth heard from a reliable source that Natasha is in talks with an Australian record company and they are interest in signing her up.. ;)
Catch a glimpse of her new music video here!

Written By Upeksha Srilal | Creative Writer at

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