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Miss Anishka

Anishka Nawagamuwa Sri Lankan Artist in America

Anishka Nawagamuwa Sri Lankan Artist in America
Anishka makes a tremendous beginning in her career with 'Happy Ending!' Confused? Read here about this dashing young lady who sings to your souls with her passionate voice. She'll tell you how to keep pursuing what you love..

1: So, Anishka, shall we begin with a little introduction about you ?
Well, I was born in beautiful Sri Lanka, and my parents, my sister and I moved to Los Angeles, CA when I was just 3 years old. Though I was so young, I still remember vividly how gorgeous our country is and I wish I could spend much more time there. My sister tells me when we lived there, I would be singing every chance I got, on the bus, at parties, at home. I carried that love of singing with me ever since, and I have been doing it professionally for about 2 years. I just released my debut album, Happy Endings this Valentine's Day, which you could download for free on my website

2: Any nick name ?
Oh my God, I have tons. Nish, Nishky, Nishy, Nishipoo, I could go on but it's a little embarassing. My friends, since they are mostly American like to find ways to shorten my name.

3: How did you make your way into this field ?
Well my whole family is musical. My parents are fabulous singers and entertainers. They actually have an album that is due out in Sri Lanka sometime soon, it's called Hiru Nagena. My sister, Janika is also an amazing singer, she's in an awesome band called Anokia. Sohan Weerasinghe who is quite popular I believe is my mom's first cousin, and Eranga & Prianga who have gained a lot of success are my aunt and uncle. So naturally, music is in my blood.

4: So, next I’m going to ask you about your academic side. How far have you studied? Tell us about your school life...
I have my certification in Montessori education for young children as well as some college. To be honest, I haven't studied nearly as much as my parents would like, but I have always been a person that wanted experience in the real-life job market right away. I feel like that has been an education in itself. I've worked in so many different fields, and I've learned a tremendous amount from those experiences.

5: Any fashion trends you usually like to follow? We’d love to know your views on that side.
I love vintage clothes from thrift shops, because they are one of a kind. I like to mix girly pretty clothes with more structured pieces to balance the look out. I'm trying to wear more bright colors because I love wearing black. But basically I'll wear anything I think looks good, no matter what the popular trend is.

6: You’re an artist of this beautiful island of Sri Lanka. Could we know your attitude towards your motherland?
I'm extremely proud to be Sri Lankan, it's a beautiful country with wonderful people. I can't wait to visit!

7: What do you normally do when you get a leisure time?
I love eating! Trying new cuisines, and going to different restaurants is definitely a huge pastime. I love nature, going for walks, I love animals. But I definitely feel the most relaxed just on the couch watching a TV show.

8: What is the most unforgettable incident in your life?
I don't think that incident has happened yet.

9: Here’s our favorite question which your fans also be longing for you answer.Have you got yourself a soul mate yet and what’s your view on the subject of love?
I'd prefer not to answer.

10: You’re still a young girl, yet you were able to get on to this huge field of music.Could we know the secret behind your success?
I'm still definitely a work in progress. I'm not even close to where I aspire to be. I don't think there is a big secret, just hard work, dedication, pursuing your dreams doing whatever it takes, and not giving up.

11: How many songs you've released? Are they all video songs?
I just released my debut album, Happy Endings, which is a compilation of 8 songs.

12: Have you got any special role model you follow and would like to imitate?
I definitely look up to my parents. They are the definition of the American Dream, they started with nothing and became successful through extremely hard work, taking risks and not giving up. I want to live my life the same way.

13: Your fans will love to know about your future ambitions.
I definitely have a long way to go. I would love to collaborate with major artists in the future, and in general make more good music.

14: Are you satisfied with your journey in this field so far?
I am satisfied so far, since I'm doing something I love so much, the journey is definitely a great experience.

15: You can leave a special message to your fans now.
I appreciate all the support and feedback I've been getting. I want to continue to make music that is honest and that fans can relate to.

16: Anything you want to say to the new comers to this field?
Well, I'm a newcomer myself so, I guess I would say "keep going," keep pursuing what you love.

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