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Ferocity911 : A Fierce Tide of Moves

Ferocity911 : A Fierce Tide of Moves

Ferocity911 : A Fierce Tide of Moves

They express feelings and act out stories through the movements of their bodies. Their moves are fluid and graceful, altogether creating an abstract concept that cannot be expressed in words. Today “You and XY” team got the opportunity to meet a group of dancers that has achieved and scored high already in the field, owing to their outstanding performance and skills. Meet Ferocity911, (Shehan, Danuka, Mikey, Shashi, Nicole, Rushini, Mudarshi, Raj and Ishan) the winners of The Best Dancing Group title at Tantalize ’12.
Ferocity911 : A Fierce Tide of Moves Hi all, shall we break the ice by giving a little introduction about Ferocity911 to our fans?
Our dancers follow a big variety of styles. We all are unique in our own ways. Shehan, our group leader took initiative in forming the group. We were in the same classes but actually we hardly knew each other before. Shehan brought the idea that we should create a group, he called Danuka, Mickey and others joined in and well all spoke about it and formed this team. Tantalize played the biggest role on this and it made us to be one big family. We got to know each other a lot along the way. Everything we do is unique and created by ourselves.

What or who inspires you in your dancing career?
We have our individual idols but as a team, there is the dancing group called IME which inspires our choreography a lot and there is the Step Up movie which specify the standard we aspire to be.

What are your immediate goals in the field?
Right now we want to do something new to Sri Lankan field of dancing. We don’t want to get stuck in one genre. We like to take a step ahead and make fusions mixing the styles.

If I ask you about the biggest achievement so far in your journey?
Tantalize! That is undoubtedly the ultimate point until now. There we got the chance to be ourselves and perform out who we really are. We all love dancing and that is something we take pride in doing. So, winning that title was a big achievement for all of us as a team as well as individuals. That is where we were born! Here we would like to take a moment to thank all who helped us in this achievement. Our costumes were designed by Rushini in our team and it was stitched and produced by Mrs. Nirosha Welikala with the help of Mrs. Waruni Dahanayaka and Mrs. Sumedha De Silva. Special thanks go to our parents for their guidance.

Tell us about the struggles you had to experience and overcome as a team.
(The team laughs!) We had SO many struggles along the way. At the first there were some understanding issues with the ideas. We had to understand the abilities and skills of each other. When it comes to team work there is always a struggle until we get to know what we are good at. But we sorted everything out gradually on the go.

Ferocity911 : A Fierce Tide of Moves How do your families support you?
They play a big role in this. They help us financially giving us the courage and they are always there for us when we need.

What was the most unforgettable thing that has happened so far in this journey for you all?
Again, it is Tantalize. The auditions and also the moment we heard our name as the winners are the most unforgettable moments thus far.

As a dancing group, how do you define success?
Success is not just going out there and winning a competition. The real success is when you do something worthy of staying in the minds of those who watch you, when they remember you and what you did. If one day people remember that there was a team like this and they did this, that’s what we call success.

What is the hardest thing about being a group?
Well we don’t have only one genre going in the group. We have Hip hop, B-boys, traditional dancers, Latin dancers and a lot of fusion going on in this crew. So when it comes to agreeing on one style to perform there sometimes come small issues. But we work it on a way everybody gets the chance to perform the best of their talent. Our crew manager Ishan does a lot of work in making this crew go smoothly.

Tell us about your idea on the Sri Lankan dancing industry at the moment.
We’d say that the industry is growing at the present. Redbull took a big step their by bringing 4 B-boys. But still there are a lot of talented people out there without a chance to perform what they are capable of. They should be given a chance.

Ferocity911 : A Fierce Tide of Moves What are the qualities an ideal dancer should have?
He or she should never stick into one genre. There should be flexibility both mentally and physically. A good personality is essential. Being confident out there and not caring what others think are also should be there. When you dance on the stage you should be able to make the audience feel the dance. People should be able to grab the emotion you are trying to expose.

Now that you have got the first big achievement as a team, what will be your next step?
First of all we need to establish a name in Sri Lanka. Already there are people who knows us but that is a really minor crowd. We want the whole island to know that there is a group like this which does something different. After that we will be concentrating on a wider crowd overseas. Actually already we have got a call inviting us to join a South Asian talent show representing Sri Lanka.

Let’s go to a rapid fire set of questions. Tell us about your idea on these in brief.
Friends : Friends actually mean the world to us. Friends are an inseparable part in our lives.
Love : Many of us have our own significant others and they help us in all the way they can. It means a lot to have someone in life to be there for you, support you and to be proud of what you do.
Fashion : Fashion is a big part of our lives. It’s a nice way to express ourselves.
Sri Lanka : An island worth representing If we weren’t born in country none of us would have been together and come this far. There is no place like home.
Where do you see yourselves in 10 years from now?
We will be up there! We have our individual aims as well but this family, Ferocity911 is inseparable. No matter if it is 10 or even 20 years we will always be together.
Finally, you can leave a message to your fans...
We love them. We want to thank them for all the support and to expect bigger things from us in the future. Keep dancing!
We at XtreamYouth wish this lively and talented crew to achieve their biggest dreams and to be able to take the name of our little country into the international dancing industry.

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