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Dunesh Dee

Dunesh Dee

Dunesh Dee Dunesh Dee is coming with his new hit single “Supem Low”, much to the excitement of his already sizeable army of fans. With the album expected to be a success and fame imminent, the exciting, new-fangled sound that he has made his own is certain to gain interest from all over Sri Lanka.

The development of his unique style is the result of a lifetime of musical influence.His first foray into music began while he was a child. He had his primary and secondary education in Carey College where he won innumerable competitions and other musical events.

In 2006 he formed a band named “Sensitives” with a couple of his school mates.Together the band did a couple of hit songs which became very popular in radio channels & radio chart shows.

Here's an exclusive interview we had with Dunesh, few days ago.

1.To start our conversation, Could you give us a short introduction about your self ?
I’m a fun Loving person who loves to be with my friends and family very lively and easy going, always ready for a laugh. I like things very sweet and simple but in a unique way. I make friends very easily and I treat others the way I like to be treated.

2. People call you as? (Any Nick name?)
My friends call me as DEE , Dune , Dush & Supem low (these days) and all my relatives call me Sachi.

3. How did you enter the Music industry?
I love anything and everything to do with music. It runs through my veins. I sang and danced whenever I got the chance to do so. Never really bothered who was around me. Just went with the flow because I am quite passionate about music, dancing and arts. I wanted to do my own solo since I was a kid and I finally made it! My first attempt or the breakthrough to this industry as I would like to call it was when a couple of my friends and i got together and formed a band named Sensitives. This was my first and the one that gave me enough experience and the potential to go solo. My first solo 'Supem Low' went on air couple of weeks back and am currently working on the other singles which will be released somewhere in the near future. Keep your eyes and ears open for that! =)

4. We would love it if you could tell us about your school life....
School memories last forever and I am one of those many people who still wishes that I was in school. I have no regrets about the things that I’ve done in school because whatever I did, I gave my best shot. I was an interactive kid back at school. I participated in almost all the competitions, concerts, sports, and of course study matters. The experiences gained out of them gave me the strength needed to go ahead with the most important decisions and all the other aspects of my life.

5. Do you love to follow new fashion trends in your ordinary life or do you prefer to be Simple ? If yes to follow new fashion what do you prefer most?
Yes. I like to create my own sense of style which is unique. What you choose should be something that you can carry off with ease and not make you uncomfortable. I believe a person should dress up to match the occasion. They say 'the first impression lasts forever', so it is a must to present yourself appropriately.

6. Your idea about Sri Lanka..? What do you think?
SL has a lot of potential in every aspect, be it music, business, economic growth.... you name it. I consider myself lucky to be a citizen of this country. We are a little behind when it comes to technology, but I think with time things will get better. It should, as these are the things that would help most of the local industries. To say a few words about the music industry, the market is highly competitive. We see a lot of new talent and most of it in a positive way, which is actually really good. And there are loads of opportunities in this industry if you are ready to invest in music as a business.

7. How do you spend your leisure time?
Pretty ordinary stuff really! I love movies, so I tend to go to the cinema quite often and I'm working on increasing my DVD collection too! A Facebooker because this is how I keep myself updated on what's happening with my relatives and friends. Then there are the obvious things I do, like singing, composing and experimenting on my music because that’s what keeps me happy and helps me practice every now and then.

8. What is the most unforgettable incident in your life?
I got an opportunity to participate in a singing competition which was held in Pune India and it was one of the most unforgettable incidents in my life. The experience and the exposure that I got out of it were amazing. That was the first trip that I made out of this country and I got to know a lot of talented musicians from countries like India, Philippine, Rumania etc. Going forward I have plans to do some projects with them because definitely it’s going to be a wonderful experience too.

9. What do you think about love & tell us about your soul mate.
Well, this cannot be described perfectly because it’s a feeling. But I shall say Love is a wonderful thing and Love is Life. I believe in love, not with just the soul mate; but also with family and friends… I need to give myself a little bit of time before I start to find someone that I can call the 'one'. I would like my 'one' to be loving, caring and supportive. She should be my strength and should be able to understand and accept me for who I am.

10. What is the secret behind your success?
I believe in dreams and I work hard to make it a reality. That is the secret behind my success. I am not the kind of person who would over pressurize oneself. I like to work on my projects with a free mind in a stress free environment because whatever I do, I have it in me. It’s just a matter a polishing what I already possess. Being talented is not enough to succeed in what you do. You need the courage and the interest too. And also I would like to take this opportunity to thank my parents for the help that they have given me throughout this journey and also my producer Amith Guruluwela for his support from the day one. My x band members , office friends ,school friends , CIMA class friends , my relatives and last but not least my fans for their wishes and feedback because you guys are my strength and I always love you.

11. Who is your role model ? & are you imitating someone?
I do not have a role model per say, and no I am not imitating anyone because I like to be unique, do something fresh and different. I have my musical influences and if I am to name some it would be Rukantha, Clarence, BnS, MJ, Ne-yo, Bruno Mars, and Boys2Men etc. Each one of these singers has their own style which makes them unique and different from the rest of the world.

12. People do have these bitter incidents in their lives.. It's the same with every human being. I'm sure you must have had the same bitter experiences in life. Would you like to share one of them with us? Perhaps the worst one from them?
No Answer ;)

13. Are you happy with whatever you've achieved so far in life?
Yes of course I’m happy with everything that I have achieved so far, but this is just the beginning. I have a lot more to achieve. I haven't achieved the biggest dreams in my life as yet but I what have gained is the knowledge about the industry. Life is not perfect. Whichever the path you take there would be some obstacle. What you have to do is, face them with a positive attitude. I have made the wrong moves as much as I have made the right moves. I learn from mistakes and make sure I won't repeat it again. I have no regrets about the wrong moves I made because that is what made me strong and got me to where I am today.

14. Advices to the new comers & to the people who are gonna join the industry ??
Never ever give-up on your dreams because that’s what will make you reach for the skies. True, it's easier said than done, but believe in yourself. Believe that you are capable of doing whatever that you want to do. Opportunities does not fall out of the sky... you need to go and search for them. Always try to make the right decision and do not let yourself down ever if you make a wrong move. Learn from your mistakes and move on. Be original because that's what is expected from you. There’s a wide range of types of music out there, but most importantly the competition now in this world and our country is very high. So, anyone entering the music industry better have something new but mainly I would like to say that if you If you do what you love and have fun doing it at the same time, nothing can really stop you from reaching for the stars.

15. What do you have to say to your fans? As a matured person in this particular industry what advices would you like to give to the new comers in the industry as well as to the people who have the desire to step in to the industry? It's the time to share your thoughts...
I would like to thank everyone who's come to the gig, listened and voted for my song and everyone else who has supported me in some way. And the feed back is very much appreciated =) It really does mean a lot to me and I really do appreciate it! Do keep in touch with me through my fan page “Dunesh Dee”. Keep Rocking!

Join with Dunesh Dee on facebook : Click here to join with his official fan page
Join with Dunesh Dee on Youtube : Click here to visit his official Youtube Channel

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