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Angelic Alisha

Alisha Popat

Alisha Popat
You probably remember the inspirational music video “We found love in a whole new place” that got shared with a craze around Facebook. Well, Xtream Youth got the wonderful opportunity to get an exclusive interview with Alisha, the girl with a divine voice who did the vocals in this remake. As you can imagine, this inspiring young girl with a strong vibe in her to go really far in the field revealed us the beautiful story her real life. Here we go with the exclusive interview with Alisha who found love in a whole new place!

Hi Alisha, so let us break the ice with a little introduction about you in a few words.
I am a born and bred Kenyan girl, a real family girl, I started singing as soon as I could speak and it has always been a burning passion. I am actually a qualified journalist and did my honours at the University of Cape Town. I recently chose to put my all and everything into my music as it really is music that drives me. I want to inspire thousands through music the way I have been inspired through so many artists and songs. I truly believe that music has the potential to transcend- to change the world and I really want to be a part of it.
Have you always enjoyed this universal language of music? Tell us about your beginning of this carrier.
Well like I said I started singing from the moment I could speak- throughout my life I have always been a part of plays, the school choir, orchestra.... my career really started in Cape Town when I worked for a theatrical dining venue called Stardust. I learnt so much from there- performance and confidence. It is from there that I started gigging in Cape Town and then was given the opportunity to join some amazing artists around the world to write and sing a song on the world cup stage. From that stage I realized what I was born to do- singing in front of 80, 00 united people was an experience incomparable to any other. I knew that music was my path... I decided to go for it and follow my passion in full flight. This is what inspired me to make my world music and do what I am doing now. I sing and emcee for events around Africa and am in the process of completing my album.

Do tell us about your most memorable on stage performances including - of course - the world cup performance!
Most memorable performance was definitely the world cup but I have had so many performances that have been an amazing. I love to just let loose and preform, let myself just express through my music.

What are the music genres you love most and why?
Alisha Popat Well I absolutely love old school rock n roll and love to sing songs from Credence Clearwater revival, Eagles, fleet wood mac, the beetles... I am a real old soul musically. The music I make, acoustic blues, jazz... artists that have really inspired me.... I know people will laugh at this but I can never understand why ha-ha I LOVE BRYAN ADAMS!! Ingrid Michelson, Rosi Golan, ADELE of course...plenty others. As a Kenyan or African musician I am so inspired by bands like Sauti Sol, freshly ground, and artists like Eric Wainaina from Kenya. My way of expressing myself is my one on one time with my guitar... just jamming and improvising songs. I love to paint and write, and I LOVE to dance. I am a bit of a nerd hahaah could live in jeans and boots, love the outdoors, I don’t like to wear a lot of make up or dress up, I love the idea of simplicity and inner beauty. I love playing scrabble and bowling and girl time is super important to me. I would do almost anything for the people I love and I really believe in 'paying things forward' - a smile goes a long way.

Shall we talk about your inspirational music video "We found love in a whole new place"? What is the story behind it?
Well, Lindsey and I found each other through her boyfriend the amazing YouTube filmed Devin super tramp who was working with my cousins new social media site called Ventribe! is a social shopping site- almost facebook meets ebay... in any case Lindsey and I decided to collaborate and do a song together in Kenya. we met and had such an unreal connection with each other- she is so passionate and talented and jut a really kind and caring person o we hit it off immediately and decided that 'we found love; would be the perfect song to describe the charm of Kenya and Africa- you just can’t help but fall in love with this continent hence why half way through the song the lyrics change to 'we found love in a hopeful place'. I love my continent and I am so proudly Kenyan- This was Lindsey’s first time to Africa and Kenya and I was so excited to show her all it has to offer and she fell in love!!!!! That’s the inspiration. The charm of Africa.

Do you believe in your own lyrics and music or do you consider yourself as a "performer" of what other people write for you?
I am definitely a performer... but my quiet times with my guitar make me happiest. I write my own songs! I write as a means of expression and my music is directly influenced by my emotion and experiences.

Your fans will love to know about your personal life, about your family and siblings for instance?
I am a big family girl, a really daddy's girl too- I have the most amazing and supportive family ever. My brother and all my cousins mean the world to me. I cannot be luckier to have such amazing friends and family that show me such love and support and are always motivating me to be better, to try harder, to reach my potential and to follow my dreams.

What is the best advice ever given to you?
From my parents 'Be true to yourself always, you know who you are, where you come from and what you can do'
From a very important person in my life- ' follow your dreams and passion, reach for the stars and do everything in full flight'.

Alisha Popat How far will you go in your fame?
Fame is not the most important to me- I just honestly want to inspire through my music and message...i feel that if I can be me and stay true to myself, my morals and values and even if a handful of people appreciate my passion and music- I will be happy. I would never compromise myself. if fame comes my way, wow I would be over the moon as it means I have the ability to inspire so many more but it fame comes at the price of compromising myself- well it wouldn’t be for me.

Finally, leave few words for your dear fans.
Thank you for all your support and care; I am true testament to the fact that if you really put everything into your passion, dreams can really come true however big or small. My dreams are slowly becoming a reality. Live passionately, love with all your heart and look at all the positive aspects of your life. We really live in a magical and mystical world.

Xtream Youth sends the best of the wishes for Alisha to go really far in her field and we sincerely await for more astounding pieces of music from her.

Enjoy her recently released "We Found Love - Lindsey Stirling" video!

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