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Mixing machine: DJ Praveen

alt Tonight we catch one of Colombo’s most wanted disc jockeys. Earning his name around Colombo for his fast paced, high energy and sensational mixing ability spinning house, electro, progressive minimal and tech music at clubs and events, DJ Praveen Jay is the latest buzz has appointed resident DJ at Club Mojo, Taj Samudra from June 18th 2010.

Asha P.Tania : So DJ Praveen Jay, tell us a bit about yourself. How did it all begin?
Praveen Jay : Well it all began when I was a teenager. I was 15 when I first started playing. I've always had the passion towards house music and it grew me towards being a DJ and producing my own beats. Started off playing house parties and private gigs and then stepped into the Club Scenario when I was 18.

Asha P.Tania : Wow! 15? That’s really young, guess that makes you one of the youngest DJ’s in the country.Obviously all the hard work is paying off as now you’re amongst the top 10 DJs. When and where was the launch point to your career?
Praveen Jay : It was my own event - Stress Buster at Club - D's where I was the Resident DJ at the time (that was the kick off point in my career) and yeah so far the Youngest DJ in the Country to take over the Residency at one of Colombo's most wanted Clubs. And then started taking over other clubs in Colombo.

Asha P.Tania : Nice nice, so what locations have you played at, internationally and locally?
Praveen Jay : So far played only In Sri Lanka, but Club D’s lead me to Aphrodisiac, Shine, Tabu, Lush and now Going towards Club Mojo.

Asha P.Tania : So the names gaining fame quicker than hot cakes. “DJ Praveen Jay” is that your alias name?
Praveen Jay : Well Praveen Jay is my original name. Got the fame because people liked my music. Had the ability to entertain all kinds of Crowd. The commercial Dance crowd and also the Hard core tripping crowd. Worked hard.. Got it :)

Asha P.Tania : Well Praveen evidently you’ve seen to a lot of hot and happening parties and events, which would you say is the best event you’ve played at (or put on)?
Praveen Jay : Best event Played (so far) Space at Buba Beach Club. Best Event I put on - Hallucination I and II.

Asha P.Tania : What’s the funniest thing that ever happened at an event/party?
Praveen Jay : hmmm...funny things do happen a lot but nothing to be specific about.

Asha P.Tania : Seems like every weekend is full of excitement, always something waiting to happen, parties to attend or events to play. How do you wind down from all the commotion?
Praveen Jay : By the beach with some mates or I prefer playing my progressive tunes . My latest mixtape is out now ‘Break of Dawn’, it’s the perfect chill out session. Available online on :, download it, play it, spread the word.

Asha P.Tania : Two words - outstanding mix. That is definitely tantalizing. When you’re out DJing are any sets pre-planned?
Praveen Jay: No my sets are never pre planned. I always keep downloading new music and I update my file constantly. When I play I watch the crowd and decide which tracks would be suitable for the moment. It's all in the mind.

Asha P.Tania : Out of all the tunes you have, which one “never fails”?
Praveen Jay: I keep bringing down new BOMBS! all the time.. Tech house - that's my kinda music. minimal and progressive too. There are loads of tracks that will never die out :)

Asha P.Tania : Being heavily involved in the party scene, how would you rate it at the moment? Who’s throwing the best parties? and How do you see the scene 5 years from now?
Praveen Jay : The party scene is pretty good. A lot of new Party planners have come into the scene so it's kind of Hard to answer that question. But one thing is for sure, there's only one place rocking in town - Club Mojo. (Will be start playing there from the 18th June 2010). 5 years from now...?? anything could happen.. You have watched the movie 2012 haven't you!!! Lol.

Asha P.Tania : Haha. Well if we make it through the 2012 incident, what advice would you give to upcoming DJ’s ?
Praveen Jay: Well the upcoming Dj's should play for the Crowd.. not for yourself.. If you wanna make a name for yourself in the field.. Play for the crowd and make them happy.. your fans decide your fortune.

Asha P.Tania : Words from the wise so anyone considering pursuing a career in DJing should remember these. Praveen, we all know Colombo is internationally recognised for its nightlife so there is a lot of competition currently in the music industry for DJ’s. How would you rate these other DJ’s?
Praveen Jay: I respect all the other DJ's, Everyone has their own talent in some unique way. Respect all :)

Well Praveen thank you very much for taking the time out and being involved in tonight’s interview, any final words you’d like to say?
Praveen Jay: Just a shout out - House Music is not just a Genre of Music.. It's a Life style !!! Feel it :) Cheers!

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