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DJ NewKlear

DJ NewKlear

DJ NewKlear
A DJ is not just about matching beats. He successfully reads his crowd and makes the night completely goes off in an incredible display of audio execution. This good looking guy who always looks at the good side of the life has got all what needs to be a pro in his career. So all the rocking party animals out there, let's see what DJ NewKlear got to tell you.

Could you give us a short introduction about yourself?
My name is Sigurður Helgason, I'm 28 years old maybe a little hard to prounounce for some people, I was born and raised in the small town of Neskaupstadur, in Iceland. I have a son that's 2 years old that I love very much, my hobbies are mostly Cars and Music, I've been into cars my whole life and used to work on them for a living untill music got my attentions with good success.

People call you as? Any Catchy name ?
They either call me Zig or just Newklear since my real name is hard to prounounce to many foreign people.

How did you enter the this DJ'ing industry? and where has this journey taken you to?
Well, I started messing around with music at the age of 14, but I mostly kept the music to myself untill 2009 then I wanted to share my music and skills with other people and play good music for them so I got one gig and it was so successful that I started doing it almost every weekend hey were always successful, especially in my hometown area which kept me booked every weekend, playing at all the prestigious clubs in the area. In the year 2010 I started playing alot more and with different artists here in Iceland, another Djs, singers and more artists.

When you’re out doing your thing, is it all live or are there any pre-planned sets?
Well, of course there is always something planned. I always sit down before a big gig and go over my music to see what I should play, cause maybe I have some new tracks I would like to try and see how the crowd respond to it. but I mostly house & Electro, but only remixes of good and well know tracks from artist such as "Avicii, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Pitbull" and many more.. But there is a live set as well, it kinda just goes with the flow of the crowd if I would like to play another song that I haven't already decided to play.

Do you produce your own music too?
Yes, I produce my own stuff.

What was the most happening event you’ve played at/put on?
New years eve 2010-2011, there was sooo many people and so much fun. Everyone was singing their lungs out, I don't know how many times I turned down the music just to hear the crowd sing. It was amazing.. There is such a good feeling to hear people enjoy music that much that they actually sing their hearts out.

Out of all the tunes you play or have heard people play, which do you think “never fails”?
Well, for me I would have to say... "Final Countdown and Scatman" I have a very good remix of those two track and they have never faild me yet, I love playing like old classic stuff in between in a new remix. The dancefloor always go crazy when they hear an old tune that they listened to as a kid being playd by a Dj on big gigs.

Any advice for upcoming DJ’s , Advices to the new comers & to the people who are gonna join the industry ??
Yeah, never give your hopes up and keep on working on music. It's never to late to become a good Dj, the world needs more music and without the DJ's we wouldn't have such great tracks that make people go wild.

What’s the funniest thing that ever happened at an event/party?
It happened last year(2011), I was playing at a big Tuborg party that I had and I had two confetti bombs to blow on the crowd, when a drop came in a track my brother jumped onto a table and got ready to blow it on the crowd, then when the beats started on the track again my brother blew it... But unfortunatly he had it the wrong way so he blew the confetti bomb all over himself. That was kinda funny moment that neither i, him or the crowd will forget.

What is the secret behind your success?
Well, there are two things. First of all I do play good music for the crowd, tracks that most people know and also I would say good marketing, I really like get into advertising myself and make cool posters and stuff like that for each gig I have. Good marketing and cool posters along with good and cool text that really sells a Dj.

Who is your role model ? & are you imitating someone?
I would say so, alot of the younger DJ's here in Iceland look up to me and always asking me questions and showing me stuff that they are doing and trying to get my help and oppinion for their stuff. I of course love helping them out as much as i can. I don't smoke and I have never used drugs and never will so I would say I could be a good role model. I can't say that im imitating someone cause for my point of view, every Dj has their own unique kind of style. I would say I have my own style and im always open to suggestions.

Are you happy with whatever you've achieved so far in life?
I am always happy, I look on the bright side of life. I have a wonderful son, great friends and my life is very good. So I can't say that im unhappy with anything. I try to live my life to the fullest and always waiting for a chance to tryout new and exciting things.

What do you have to say to your fans?
First of all I would like to thank them for all the support they have been giving me, I never would have thought when I started DJ'ing I would get so many awesome fans that shared my stuff all over the internet and supporting me through everything I do. I send out much love to my fans and I want to say to them that it's never to late to make your dreams come true, you might have to work hard to get there but it will be worth it in the end! So to those who are trying to make their dream come true, I wish you the best of luck and keep working hard.
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