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alt Here we meet a burning tiny spark which already is making the air so hot. She is still in her early teens but has released her first single “Sansara Sagaraye” by now and hoping to release her second single in the near future.

She is Amaya, A-me as in the record label.

She came to the music industry with the help of her cousin brother who owns Neo records. She currently studies in Visakha Vidyalaya and is thoroughly enjoying her life there among her many friends. She says that she always tries to be unique in what she does, that includes her fashion concerns too.She has understood the industry of music in Sri Lanka and states that it definitely is hard to build up an identity in the music industry here. She loves listening to music, reading and going online during her leisure.

She seems to be having this big soft spot for the teen star Justin Bieber and says that he inspires her being also her role model in this career. She is contented with her achievements in the music so far and further adds that she should be so considering there are no many 13 year old artists in the world.

We went in asking more personal things in her life and got to know that the surprise party that her sister gave her on her 13th birthday is the most unforgettable moment in her life as she told us and the death of her beloved dog has been the bitterest experience in her life so far.

She mentions that there really is no secret in her success in the field and that if you love doing something, if you have big hopes and dreams about, if you give it all you have and never give up on yourself and if those dreams are worth coming true that they will become true.

When I asked her to give a little advice to those who hope to join the music industry in future she stated that, ”It's definitely not easy. Sometimes it's frustrating. You wonder why no one knows you or listens to your songs but that's life. It has its ups and downs so all we can do is enjoy what we achieve and try harder to achieve what we haven't. Learn from your wrongs and be proud about your rights”

She thanks her fans with all her heart for supporting her with their comments for her song and for encouraging her by downloading it. Also she is asking them all to stay with her and her crew and support them in every way you can. Lastly she adds that her fans can keep in touch with her on Face book..

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