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Illegal Drugs - Myths & Facts

Illegal Drugs - Myths & Facts

Illegal Drugs - Myths & Facts Myth: Everyone is doing it

Fact : Not "everyone" is doing it. In fact most teens are NOT doing it. Those who do "do it" do so infrequently, at parties or on "occasions". Most teens do not drink or do drugs regularly & some of them just pretend that they smoke, drink alcohol & do drugs, but they really do not. They just want to appear cool among people. Which is a real thing happening around the world.

Always remember that the image they give you about drugs is really not the exact thing which happens once you start taking it.

Myth: It can’t hurt to try it

Fact : Yes, drinking and drug experimentation are generally looked at as "rights of passage", some try it on the road to adulthood. But the reality is that most teens don’t try drugs or alcohol until they are in college (if ever). High school use is the exception not the norm. It can hurt to try these things. You may fall victim to addiction, may do something you regret while under the influence, you may get violent or be the victim of violence, in extreme cases you may even die. There is a high correlation between frequent drug or alcohol use and teen suicide rates. If you really think that it can’t hurt to try, think again.

Also according to the ‘gateway theory’ once you try using the basic/ easy to get / purchase drugs such as popular cigarettes and alcohol, after some time lets you to go for hardcore drugs, getting sick of using them (feeling enough). This may end up in using heroine, cocaine, etc. and getting yourself in a jail, on some street or an expensive rehab, as a homeless, selfless, less reputed person.

Illegal Drugs - Myths & Facts Myth: Only burners and freaks do drugs or alcohol.

Fact : Lots of social groups include drugs or alcohol in their chosen recreational activities. You can not avoid being exposed to those who choose to use. They may not be a majority, you may not encounter them often, but when you do you need to be prepared. What do you want to do? What are your values? What values have your parents expressed to you? What are the consequences? Have a firm grasp on where you stand on these issues before you get put in the situation to choose.

Know what you are willing and unwilling to try and get lots of practice dealing with peer pressure. Role playing with family or friends is good for this and always remember that you are not the only person who doesn’t use them. You may find lots of people like you (who doesn’t use drugs) even in our facebook community (I hate drugs)

Myth: I can quit whenever I want.

Fact : Most teens who try drugs and alcohol do so because they want to fit in with peers who are already indulging or because they are curious about what will happen. Peer pressure is a big factor. Some teens feel slighted by peers and turn to the intoxicants as an escape. Others try it when their peer group pressures them to for fear of being ostracized. It is very easy to give in to the urge to try these things and not so easy to stop once you start. People who start drinking or doing drugs in their early teens (15 and under) are four times more likely to develop an addiction. Binge drinkers are more likely to die from an alcohol related event; be that overdose, accident or suicide while under the influence. Anyone who has to say, "I can quit when I want to!" already has a problem, and this assertion is evidence of that.

Even under this myth the ‘gateway theory’ is involved, which may lead you alone and let you end up doing hard drugs.

Myth: My parents drink and they are hypocrites to tell me not to.

Fact : It is legal for parents to drink. Parents are not breaking the law when they do this. They are not hypocrites in telling you not to drink because the situations are legally different.

Illegal Drugs - Myths & Facts Also talking about the social factor, who cares if your parents drink or not? This is your life.

Even if your parents drink, you always can leave yourself without doing it. It is ‘you’ who matters the most. Sometimes they might be taking alcohol & smoking as well & they might be telling you not to (if you are doing it), well it is because they’ve made the wrong choice & they do not want you to make you make the same wrong choice and get your valueable life addicted to a useless substance(s).

Myth: My parents drank as teens, they are hypocrites to tell me not to.

Fact : While it is easy to see how teens can feel this way, the fact of the matter is that you can learn from your parents' experiences if you are willing. Think about it, your parents drank or maybe did drugs as teens and are still telling you not to, there must be something you are missing. You are probably so caught up in the fact that they did it when they were your age that you are losing sight of the more important thing - they did it and regret it so much that they now advise you not to. Before brushing aside their warnings as parental control tactics, analyze the reasons why they may not want you to have the regrets that they clearly do.

Myth: It’s the trend / fashion & will help me feel good.

Fact : That’s the myth that drug dealers use to distribute them among youth. But whatever they say is not true. The best thing their good at is ‘lying’. Because without lying how can they live? Where will they get the money from? You are their prey as well as the main source of income.

So it is your decision to be the ‘prey’ or be the ‘smart’ person.

Copyright © 2011 Xtream Youth. All rights reserved.

Written by Sinyster Pereira (I hate Drugs) (Creative Writer at Xtream Youth)

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