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Decision Making

Decision Making

Decision Making There are six companions , who are very helpful to us.
They are honest , intelligent and clever...
So who are they? What they for?

Let me say about an English poet who came to know everything in his life with these people. Rudyard Kipling, a famous English poet. He had six honest men as his companions, and took them along wherever he went.

According to Kipling , these men were not just servants, but very intelligent people who taught him everything he came to know in life.

Well, really they are not people SIX questions which form the basis for all the intelligence in the world.


These keys can light up any dark situations.

Let us go through this concept with simple examples.

Your friends and yourself planned to go on a trip. And you are all started the journey without deciding the destination , the routes , camping places and the distance of the destinations. So not knowing WHAT you want is like the above situation. In your life too this is must. You should choose your aim and target at that only. You should know what you CAN, it is the first step in WHAT YOU WANT.

Doctors are ad-vicing to feel the sunlight from dawn to early morning about 8:00a.m. or 9:00a.m.

You can think Why should we feel the sunlight at that time. We get vitamin D from sunlight too. Vitamin D is produced in the skin of vertebrates after exposure to ultraviolet light from the sun. It is defending the body against microbial invaders. And maintains the calcium and phosphate concentration in blood stream, which are promoting the healthy mineralization, growth and remodeling of bone. Vitamin D insufficiency can result in thin, brittle, or misshapen bones, while sufficiency prevents rickets in children and together with calcium, helps to protect older adults from osteoporosis. Therefore How can we get rid of these problems? We have to feel the sunlight early in the morning for a limited times. It is not necessary but have to do to prevent from these diseases. Now you understand about the need of sunlight and it looks attractive to you. Because, we asked the questions, answered them and got the information finally.

At last let's try to solve this problem with the help of these companions. If you want to go for a movie, how will you decide???? There are variety of factors to make decision. We list some of the here.

Which theater to watch the movie in?
How much money you have on hand?
Theater's destination
What are the movies choices you have?
Do you like them?
What kind of movie do you want to see?

So by asking these questions yourself, you can have a good choice and no need get disappointed and return with a heavy heart. Therefore make best decisions with the help of these companions.

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Written by Mufariz Abdul Razick (Creative Writer at Xtream Youth)

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