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Control Acne Now! Don't Let Acne Control You!

Control Acne Now! Don't Let Acne Control You!

Control Acne Now! Don't Let Acne Control You! Are you a victim of acne? Are acne blemishes causing embarassment and lack of self esteem in your life? Well, if yes, then keep reading for some tips on controling your acne instead of letting acne control your life! The more you know about acne the easier it is to control it.

People who have lots of acne blemishes may shy away from opportunities and being very social in public. There are things you can do to prevent it. First of all, what is acne and how is it formed?

People only THINK that acne is caused by bacteria and dirt...but this is NOT TRUE. Acne is caused by your hormones and the fact that your skin is inable to slough off the old, dead cells. This is not determined by the number of times you wash your face or the food you eat, but it's determined by your genes. Medical studies say that diet such as greasy food or chooclate rarely cause acne. However, overwashing your face with various cleansers in order to 'clean' your skin can actually worsen the blemishes.

Here are some things you can do to help cure the blemishes by following a sensible lifestyle, along with the use of topical medicines. This will give your skin a better chance to avoid acne and respond to the topical acne treatments.

Tips on preventing acne:

1) Avoid excess sun exposure - When there's more exposure to sun, this will cause the plugging of pores and comedones; blackheads and whiteheads, and can make acne worse. So remember, protect your skin with sunblock with an SPF of at least 15.

2) Avoid over washing your face and acne prone areas - Limit washing to no more than two to three times a day. Overwashing can irritate the skin, produce no benefit, and lead to more oil production. Also make sure that the scrub or facial wash you are using isn't harsh on your skin, since they can tend to tear/irritate fragile skin which can affect acne.

alt 3) Don't pick on your acne! - Teenagers tend to pick on their acne from time to time. While watching tv, or while in deep thought, their fingers may touch their pimples without any knowledge! Squeezing or picking the blemishes can force the bacteria to go further into the skin, which makes it a greater infection. After you pick and break a pimple, it leaves a nasty scar!

4) Reduce stress - Medical studies show that people who go under stress are more likely to get acne than people who don't go under stress. But how does stress cause acne? Stress can raise the level of cortisol and hormones that cause increased secretion of thick, sticky oil in your pores.

5) Wear loose clothing when exercising - While exercising, you tend to sweat. When you sweat while wearing tight clothing, the tight clothing causes friction which traps sweat and bacteria next to your skin.

6) Diet - Pay attention to what you eat and drink. Drink more water! The more water you drink, it allows you to get rid of the unwanted oil on your face. If you notice any foods that make your face break out, avoid them.

Control Acne Now! Don't Let Acne Control You! 7) Avoid make-up - Now this might be a hard thing for all you ladies out there who want to look pretty all the time! Makeup, even oil free makeup, can clog pores. If you really have to use makeup, then use medicated makeup.

8) Dandruff - Dandruff (often, but not always), accompanies acne. If your scalp is oily and flaky, use a shampoo so that you can get rid of the dandruff which will give you better results if you have acne.

Acne begins in teenagers and may could also start as late as the age of 25 or 30. Teens get acne all over the face as well as their chest and back. Adult acne develops primarily along the chin and jaw line, and is deeper and longer-lasting. However, both adult and teenagers have the same case and same treatment for acne. So, if you have acne, use a good topical medicine and follow these tips to help prevent more acne from ruining your face!

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Written by Chamodya Ruhunusiri (Creative Writer at Xtream Youth)

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