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Rapes & Sexual Frustration : Where We Went Wrong

Rapes & Sexual Frustration : Where We Went Wrong Rapes & Sexual Frustration : Where We Went Wrong

Rapes & Sexual Frustration : Where We Went Wrong
I sit here reading a book, near the window of the hostel I stay in Australia. It is the time of summer around here. I see a bunch of young boys and girls sitting on the grass outside the hostel, chit chatting and laughing. Girls are wearing miniskirts and colorful tiny sun dresses to greet the summer. However, I cannot see any guy groping at their bare thighs, but they speak and laugh normally with the girls enjoying the weather. This is a hostel for both genders. Although we have separate rooms to sleep, we all have to share the living rooms, kitchen and the dining room. A girl who runs to her room from the bathroom wearing a towel is not very rare scene here. They may go through the living room while there are guys watching TV even some times and still, we hardly ever hear a rape in these hostels.

Since the amount of rapes has gone high in Sri Lanka, you can find many people who are enthusiastic to tell the opinions made in their heads to anyone who listens. One of the really popular opinions is that rapes happen when women wear revealing cloths. I happened to stop and think about that. These Australian girls who I live with wear way more revealing cloths than I have ever seen in Sri Lanka and still they are happy and safe. But our mothers always tell us that “You can wear anything there but you can’t do so here”. What is the reason for this?

Sri Lanka became rapidly westernized in many areas during the 90s. Although we embraced and got used to western culture, there was a thing we missed. As you very well know, each plant needs its own friendly soil in order to grow and give a good outcome. In other words, when we build a house, we need to put a sound foundation to hold it strongly. Similarly, if we are going to embrace trendy and revealing cloths, movies and songs from the western culture, the foundation of liberal thinking and good self behavior should be practiced. That is where this went wrong!

Rapes & Sexual Frustration : Where We Went Wrong Sri Lanka still has the framed and closed traditional thinking patterns as a foundation while a westernized culture is being formed. In between these two contrastive things, there is a big confusion among the people forcing the society to have an immature, primitive mindset.

Our media is in the biggest perplexity in this matter. They show sexual advertisements, movies and similar programs every minute of the day and ask the women who stay at homes to be within a forced traditional culture. Men who watch these half-naked sceneries in the TV and internet do not get what they see from the women in their homes. The so-called culture may have forced their heads in shame of their desires to ask from their women to fulfill them. So the sex maniacs go out there, trying to get them fulfilled from anything that even looks like a woman. Therefore, my dear readers, you cannot ask a woman to close from head to toe and expect a decrease of rapes. The solution is in the way of thinking. The foundation that we missed should be created even now containing a good sex education and self behavior in every individual. If we cannot get off from this primitive way of thinking, the number of sex maniacs will increase day by day.

“Either you should completely stop sexual sceneries, movies, fashion and ask women to close themselves from head to toe like in Arab, or else we should practice a liberal way of thinking” Are we going to stay in this already messed up primitive mindset or are we going to change in to a free and liberal mindset and go forward with a stable philosophy of living? It is yours to decide… Rapes & Sexual Frustration : Where We Went Wrong

Written By : Achinthya Amarakoon | Translated By : Vindya Vithana

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Vesak Festival

Millions of beautiful lights from Vesak celebrations bathed all over Sri Lanka last few days turning this little island into a miniature heaven. Here are few captures from the eyes of Xtream Youth photographers under the serene rays of Vesak moon.

This album cantains photos taken by Ishanka Sacintha Warakagoda, Hasith Prasanga Athukorala, Praveen Vishva Dayarathne, Roshan Premathilaka, Duminda Wijerathne, Hirosh Trazor | Official Photographers at

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Kandy City Center - Kandy, Sri Lanka

Kandy City Center - Kandy, Sri Lanka

Kandy City Center - Kandy, Sri Lanka

"Kandy City Centre" Commercial and Shopping Complex at Dalada Veediya, is the most modern commercial complex in Sri Lanka. The Complex is designed with ultra modern features yet preserving the iconic Kandyan architecture. With respect to this unique entrepreneurial marvel, The Board of Investment has granted the prestigious "Flagship Status" to this Project. Several leading banks, a fully equipped supermarket, a variety of restaurants, an entertainment zone, a well designed state of the art food court will also feature in the Complex.

Source & for more information please visit : Kandy City Center Official Website
Wikipedia Article : Click Here
Image Courtesy : Kandy City Center Official Website


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CIOCONAT Lounge Sri Lanka

CIOCONAT Lounge Sri Lanka

CIOCONAT Lounge Sri Lanka
Welcome to the world of CIOCONAT lounge.

Indulge in an exciting experience of entertainment & lifestyle retailing. A warmly created atmosphere is making the difference to any existing concept, enjoying your stay in a classic and modern Lounge environment.

We promise you excellent quality in every serving, a friendly and nice staff and a calm and beautiful atmosphere which you will just adore to meet, relax and enjoy.

Our commitment to top quality and standards paired with passion and love while preparing the product, is a key mission which will ensure every customer has tasted his special experience during his visit in one of our Lounge. An exquisite and delicious hot chocolate should appeal to all 5 senses.

Customers will feel embraced by a warm & stylish environment and feel free to taste the real pleasure of relaxing moment.

Find them on Facebook at CIOCONAT lounge Sri Lanka
Excellent and Fresh Quality for every Cup at any Time...
Outstanding Fresh Food Offering...

Location : 107 Barnes Place, Colombo 7, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Contact Number : 112679292
Email Address : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Photo Courtesy (Venue) : Piyumika Pathirana Photography

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D’Cafe - Espresso Yourselves!

D’Cafe - Espresso Yourselves!

D’Cafe - Espresso Yourselves!
Coffee shops are probably the best place to have something to eat, grab a juice to go with that, listen to some good music and just hang out with the people who matter in your life. With the latest addition to Colombo’s coffee scene, D’Cafe, you can do just that. Located right in the heart of Colombo’s art central, the new coffee house is a small and cozy brown building tucked in to Cambridge Street. Just passing the turn-off to the Lionel Wendt, you can’t miss the enormous Nuga tree on your left...and right next to it, D’s.

Walking in, you’re hit by the heady aroma of coffee brewing and sandwich bread being grilled, not to mention that irresistible scent of chocolate cake! The warmly-lit walls are dotted with a montage of pencil sketches of Sri Lanka’s heritage spots and Colombo’s important places. There’s low music playing and a very friendly guy behind the counter. It’s the perfect spot. Just above D’Cafe is its sister shop-and partner in crime- D’divas, the chic designer boutique frequented by Colombo’s best-dressed ladies.

D’s serves a variety of hot and cold beverages as well as some heaven-for-the-foodies goods. There’s everything from filling sandwiches to pastas/spaghetti to corn dogs and home-baked English pies. Then there are the deserts-brownies, cheesecake, chocolate & strawberry cake and more. D’s also serves a really interesting Russian dish called Pelmeni, consisting of dumplings and sour cream served with garlic bread, which those of you into experimenting with different cuisines will love.

As a start-up promotion, D’s now gives you a Large English Cream Chicken Pie, a side-serving of garlic bread and 2 glasses of fresh juice. The home-baked pie is the cafe’s specialty and can be safely guaranteed as being simply out of the world-melting with cheese and filled with a delicious chicken mix.

So if you’re making time in the Lionel Wendt/ Lotus Pond/ Museum area, drop in at D’s to have some fine coffee under the big Nuga tree. D’Cafe is open from 7.30 am-11.00pm and can be found at 15A, Cambridge Place, Colombo 07. Contact them on 011-2665332 or find them on Facebook at D'Cafe

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