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I met an Angel

alt When I was little
My mom used to tell me
Stories about angels
Fairy tales she called them…
Sitting on her lap
I listened to them so keenly
With my eyes widened
My little fist on my cheek…

All those stories
Had 'Angels' in them
Strange creatures they were
Doing everything good, never bad…!
They Scattered smiles
Flooded happiness
Sprinkled hopes and
Filled everything in love…

“Oh mommy, are they real?”
I asked mom
For already I was
So much in love with those things…
“Yes of cause sweetheart!”
Mom replied with a smile
Making me so excited
I wanted to meet one at once...

“I want to meet them mommy, please!
Can I meet one today?”
I pleaded my mom
My heart was thrilled…
“Not today darling.”
She hugged me close
“But you will meet them,
One day, I’m sure…!”
My face got dark
I was a bit sad Yet still there was a chance
For me to meet them…
A question came to my mind
“But how do I know,
If I get to meet an angel?”
I asked her with a hope
“Angels are strange,
They come to your life
Become a part of your heart
But they never let you know
That they’re angels for real
But once they depart
You’ll feel inside
That your heart misses a piece…”

“Tears will flood
You’ll feel your heart aching
Then you’ll know
That it was an angel…”
I kept that in mind
Wishing to meet one before long
And determined not to let go
If an angel comes to my life…
Days went fast
I became a grown up
Little stories of angles
Soon vanished from my heart…

Today I sit here
Watching you ready to go
Packing your things,
Saying your good byes…
I know I should help you
Yet I can’t move
Tears flooding my eyes
My insides beginning to ache...

You come to me and hug me
“Good bye buddy, till we meet again”
I still can’t speak nor I can move
For you’re the best friend I ever had...
I hear a voice long ago forgotten
With a sigh I murmur to myself
“Thank you mom, after a long wait,
I know I met an angel in my life….”

(Written to my dearest friend Gishani, when she left the hostel)

Copyright © 2011 Xtream Youth. All rights reserved.

Written by Vindya Vithana (Creative Writer at Xtream Youth)

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