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Happy Father's day! You are the Best Ever!

Happy Father's day! You are the Best Ever! Every day when I was a little girl, I would wait on the steps when it was time for my daddy to come home from work and run to meet him.

No matter how tired he was, or how rough a day he'd had, he always scooped me up and made me feel like a princess. ♥

Love you thaththi! Happy Father's day!

I’m not that much of a writer.Yet, I write to show my love to others! To show I care, to show that I’ve been sitting somewhere for a while, thinking about them, putting those into words. I write to my friends, the people who are close to my heart. Daily sometimes!

Well, if I take a paper n list out most important in my life, you’re there in the foremost people thaththi. Isn’t that weird I write to u only about once a year. Only on your b’day! For years it has been almost the same. I take a paper to write a verse and after a long while I end up writing,

‘I’ve been thinking for a long time,
Yet I just can’t put my love into words!
So I’ll simply say,
I love u Thaththi”

Hmmm… I sit here today. Just to pour my love to u into some words. I don’t have a proper organization in this text. I just keep typing what come to my mind.

Couple of days ago I put my fb status on a sweet saying about you thaththi. It’s my most favorite so far. I’m gonna copy and paste it here for I want it to be reserved!

25.10.2010 @ 6.44am!

Every girl may not be the queen to her boyfriend/husband but they will always be a princess to her DAD! Which is why they say a girls' dad will remain 'The Man' in her life forever. Keep this as your status if you are your dads' princess! :)

I was almost in tears when i saw this status in another person thaththi. For I felt that it's been written just for me."My little princess" u always used to call me. I remember those sweet old days when i got cuddled sitting on ur lap. We laughed for hours. I always wanted u to relate me "looooong stories”. Which u did. they were always awesome. u never got tired being with me. May be you were. but you never ever showed. what a pesty little girl I was. I remember I’m pretending my fingers or head is aching cz i jz wanted you to come and fuss over me. Now i understand you knew i was jz pretending. Yet, you ALWAYS had time for me. You were always my hero. I jz knew that you knew everything. I boasted abt you with my friends. I don't have enough words to describe you thaththi. I jz wanna tell how much I LOVE U!!!!!LOADS N LOADS!!!!Jz haven't enough words. Don’t know how to express that. But i knew you'll understand me, as always you have been... ♥ ♥ ♥

Hmmm… even thinking of those sweet days is awesome! :)

You’re a great writer. Though you write only for your satisfaction,though some even doesn't know you're writing, I’ve always been a great fan of you. Every year I look forward for your poem in the b’day card you give me.

“Mage pana nala numbai sudu raththaran duwe
Numba magema duwa weyan upadina bhawen bhawe!”

You wrote once. You don’t know how much I loved it. I could only stare at you simply and hug you, for saying thank you didn’t help me at all to express how I felt.

We were always like good friends. I could always tell you anything. From how difficult the exam paper is to the cute guy I saw on the way. :)

We often talked about lots of things. You always had a young mind. You could always look at a problem in my point of view." Never let your emotions take over your good heart" I remember you telling. "Don’t cheat in love. Never pretend. Jz express how you feel..."

Now facing the life I understand how true you were.

“thaththi thamai meyawa narak karanne hurathal karala.”.It was ammiz favorite phrase.We got together and laughed at it always. :D

Hmmm…itz the time to bed. I’ll stop this for now from a touched moment happened lately.

Yesterday you bought me a book.

“Hama thaththekugema sithuwili”

You can’t say that all the things that were in it can be applied to me, Yet I love the father described in the book. Just like you, Filled in love and so close to the daughter.

I remember how me too,like the girl in the book waited at the door till you come in the evening when I was little. How I fall asleep on your hands, how I screamed at top of my lungs saying “thaththi mage…!!”,how I came to you when you were sad and tried to comfort you.

Now the time has a bit changed. I seek loneliness. sometimes when you come home in the evening you come to my room asking “ko mage chuti kella” as in old days but if I was in a call or something I say “tikakin ennam” and sometimes I forget. It never occurred to me how you may be feeling.Because for you I’m still your little girl. Now if someone asked me to whom I love most in my life I might hesitate a bit before giving the answer but I know for you the answer remain the same. I thought a lot of those days and now yesterday. The change that has happened.

You have come to me without me knowing. You looked at me reading and asked “api denna wage neda sudu?” and I couldn’t help bursting into tears. You never could bear my tears.

”ai raththaran?” You asked.i couldn’t give an answer.

I’m thinking of a way to end this little text. As usual I’m helpless.

‘I’ve been thinking for a long time,

Yet I just can’t put my love into words!

So I’ll simply say,

I love you Thaththi”

-Yourz little birdy - Vindy

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